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ROSES: wanting to do things, great weekend, feeling alive, optimistic about a cappella stuff, classes, takes three minutes to get to pw from house, feel good about the year, excited about classes, videos stop motion and wayland square bookstore, loving house – sorry for missing roses.

THORNS: sad and don’t know why, sick from no sleep, early start for no reason, self doubt, not enough time, someone set off fire alarm, ten minutes to campus, just don’t know how to make walls in here white, some days are just bad, fox song stuck in head – sorry for missing thorns.


  1. hanging lights today
  2. will apply for new works grant specifically for costumes
  3. new works meeting Tuesday
  4. design run 9.45 on Wednesday
  5. new works grant meeting could potentially happen Tuesday
  6. #TODO: Austin, send out times for hang schedule so we can get fresh(man) hands to help


  1. auditions next week
  2. making sure not overlapping with Sink
  3. grants from Sarah Doyle,
  4. we need a prop piano, most likely one that will need to get played
  5. BMC has multiple upright pianos
  6. they’ll let us know about audition monitors


  1. activities fair Tuesday
  2. pwizza party immediately after that
  3. we need a couple of people to bring up couches, maybe Christmas lights etc.
  4. #TODO: Evan, put Pwizza party in morning mail
  5. Madmen put on table slips Facebook and Twitter


  1. EPs for 3c2c function as SMs and PMs
  2. you coordinate schedules between different shows
  3. the board does lights and sound
  4. we hang lights after strike
  5. designers can be non-board members, maybe reach out to freshmen
  6. Chris will be definitely be an EP, possibly Evan, possibly Emma
  7. Wednesday 25th by midnight plays are decided
  8. directors applications will be accepted until Sunday 29th at 11am
  9. mini list serve for 3c2c?


  1. Conor and Emma will solidify performance times and send out email about audition monitors
  2. they will be painting the walls
  3. Improvidence: open practices
  4. will do a long show from Friday to Saturday
  5. deciding about board monitors for that event 10pm to 8pm ish
  6. announcing truncated upspace weeks makes sense (homecoming)


  1. no one today
  2. Cheno is doing a drag show in November
  3. Skylar – magic
  4. hopefully dance show
  5. Maybe happy endnings?


  1. advertising money
  2. we need to figure out Madmen budget and figure out how much to request for next year
  3. Fundraising
  4. Skylar is organizing this, we all need to put in the time when it happens
  5. most likely February
  6. Nudity got 80$ from Open Jar


  1. will be November 1st
  2. Jenny can send request but can’t be floating because of Streetcar


  1. If something breaks, tell Austin, he is putting together a list
  2. We have to go to the meetings
  3. We are having a walkthrough of the Sink set and railings
  4. scaffolding: we need to set someone to be a scaffolding officer


  1. Maybe Vibrator play will do a set wizards
  2. Lizzy maybe a sound design wizards


  1. Austin wants to do an inventory of keys
  2. #TODO: everyone send an email with what keys you have to Austin
  3. Friday is reimbursement day
  4. Liz and Jenny meet about how reimbursements work
  5. boys slumber party
  6. another blackboard for Silver box
  7. Marty downloaded stuff from dropbox off service
  8. winter proposal deadline?
  9. we can’t push back December slot, we need to give them time so we’ll figure out which date makes sense
  10. Eventbrite as an option for website?
  11. #TODO: Liz, look for New works grant and find a way to get a blank app out
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