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ROSES had a great weekend, brown and crash bang boom sumn’s going on in nora’s room, had a wonderful pirate weekend, a lot of fun things coming up this week, good weekend, 3c2c and the future, simon h’s 3c2c play and snow queen auditions coming up, the weather, 3c2c, excitement, andrew’s hair, visiting brown, spooktastic hallooween spooktakular, tomorrow Mary Stuart rehearsals begin, no thorns and many roses.

THORNS way too much writing to do by Friday, just don’t do homework, not-wonderful pirate hangover, a lot of fun things coming up this week, a lot to do, I wish there were sleeping times, doodlejump – will it happen?, mixed signals, really ugly todo list, excuses, chapped lips, have to leave really soon, I feel bored in my soul.


  1. strike will be on Monday at 9.30pm
    • maybe this is the time for chris to teach someone about the paint room?
    • conor will order pizza


  1. auditions are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  2. there are audition forms in Leeds breezeway
  3. everybody promote promote on facebook
  4. we have two ASMs, they are covered for audition monitors
  5. still looking for assistant designers, can possibly be filled from audition pool


  1. jake and cherise are in here with ‘kim and jessie’ at the beginning of this week


  1. nudity’s Sunday show, they are figuring it out with Kate


  1. we are not going to set a date yet, but it looks like December 7th is an option


  1. New mems meeting will tentatively be on November 16th
  2. #TODO: EVERYONE RESPOND TO WHEN2MEET and confirm that you are available
  3. applications will be due the 13th
  4. #TODO: Emma, make facebook event
  5. Chris, Emma, Ursula are organizing the meeting
  6. Wednesday November 6th is schmooze


  1. we have a decorations committee
  2. chris, conor, thom will get alcohol on Thursday
  3. madmen are doing publicity campaign, individual for profile photos
  4. DJs: Miles will DJ for us – alex is picking him up and figuring out if he’ll DJ the whole time
  5. the event is costumed
  6. Let us be here by 8.30pm to set up, latest by 9pm (unless in show, auditons etc.)
  7. #TODO: Decorations committee, be in touch and find day to buy decorations
  8. #TODO: Austin, get change for the bar


  1. Finances are good, gave out reimbursements for Sink and 3c2c
  2. Open Jar check is in


  1. we are safe, Austin trained some people to use the shop
  2. austin is getting scaffolding trained


  1. the tp dispenser in the men’s bathroom is broken
  2. the sink is still plugged
  3. #TODO: Austin send estimate for outlet to conor when you get it


  1. chris
    • paint person to take over for chris: Liz
    • #TODO: wizards committee need to talk
    • post-mortems – are they happening, should they?
  2. Liz
    • working on figuring out workday, needs to happen when there isn’t a downspace show


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