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ROSES: the vibrator play, the sandwich, respectful meeting yesterday, simon and emma in vibrator play, wonderful vibrations and seeing dance show, seeing parents, best performance ever at 11pm, 8 hrs of sleep, pw, last night I slept for 10 hrs, I’m here and scared you!, pw.

THORNS: money probs for hair, they might have put cheese on it, homework, lonely semester, seeing parents, the other performances might not be like that, wet shirt, this week, 2.5 hrs of sleep, need to sleep till Tuesday.



  1. all is well
  2. under budget, since costumes only spent 40$
  3. strike is on Monday at 10.30, emma will lead it
  4. floor painting will be at the strike after 3c2c


  1. we set the order
  2. #TODO: EPs for 3c2c, invite the 3c2c people to Vibrator strike - remind them abt closed shoes
  3. 9.30 pm on Wednesday is a tentative run of 3c2c
  4. shows are Friday at 8pm, Saturday 8pm and 11pm, Sunday at 8pm, Monday at 8pm
  5. #TODO: Evan, Chris include Ursula on email for directors
  6. #TODO: EPs, ask directors for special thanks
  7. poster done by Tuesday/Wednesday
  8. #TODO: programs should be drawn up and printed, ask a past PM


  1. auditions will be soon
  2. evan is meeting with jenny soon
  3. looking for a bit of time in between auditions and rehearsals in order to revise script
  4. need sound designer, scenic painter
  5. show needs to find audition monitors


  1. lottery next week
  2. have a couple of submissions
  3. promote on facebook
  4. buddies should remind their proposers about the upspace


  1. we’ll have to set monitors as we get closer to next nudity Sunday show


  1. Liz, Andrew, jenny, marty are on decorations committee
  2. conor asked about trashcans
  3. conor and chris/thom will get alcohol
  4. DJ? Do we have a DJ
  5. #TODO: Alex figure out DJ


  1. “our sink is on the fritz still”
  2. we passed random inspections


  1. pizza: possibly rethink which and how much cause it is very expensive


  1. liz will meet w austin and look at new works proposal
  2. open jar check hasn't arrived
  3. #TODO: thom, send follow up email
  4. we have 145$ in the open jar


  1. emma
    • we need to create a space for the director to debrief with cast/crew
  2. chris
    • benches are great to have in lobby but can't be left there overnight
    • HMs can bring them into downspace between shows
    • lots of leaves in lobby, watch out for drain clogging
  3. alex
    • we need to talk about april slot and spring weekend
  4. updates on the website in lieu of weekly email till mailman is up
  5. evan
    • can we have a tuesday show?
    • if there is no sunday matinee snow queen can see Mary stuart and vice versa
  6. liz
    • workday will probably be the wednesday after snow queen
  7. #todo: conor, send out email about dates for visions and new mems


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