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ROSES Love doing stand up, Boston sport teams, very good weekend, lost my cellphone and it is great, Simon Henriques, 3C2C shirt day, Vibrator play opens yay, went to RISD to see Avatar the Last Airbender artist, cast my show and vibrator play is fun to do, going away this weekend

THORNS First panic attack, fucking this book, no thorn, reaching the end of American history pretty soon, Jenny and struggling with work, stressed, Vibrator play opens oh shit, did not have time for that, pretty shitty few days but I am putting it in a box in a sea and now it is gone, going away this weekend


  1. Plats – TOMORROW at 11
  2. #VISIONS – How do we support our directors, especially in the final stretch?
  3. #TODO: Emma – write email on behalf of board to Karin
  4. Champagne toast Friday night @ 10:15 - #TODO: Alex will buy


  1. We have a lighting designer
  2. If she can’t be there at strike then we should just hand her a plot to work with
  3. We will be setting up the plot after strike, also hanging duv
  4. We still need a sound designer
  5. #TODO: Evan ask second stage manager if she can use qlab
  6. #TODO: Austin email Leandro about sounds
  7. Show times
    • 8pm every day plus an 11pm on Saturday
  8. #TODO: Chris/Evan email directors and playwrights and tell them to come visit us at our next meeting


  1. Lottery this weekend, promote?
    • Or just push it back a week
    • Good for our proposers who don’t make it
    • Nevermind, lottery will be the weekend of 3C2C
  2. #TODO: Mad men table slip for Upspace
  3. Becca W and the nudies did not come in to paint
    • Have to paint it at 3C2C strike
  4. Jake and Cherise are planning to use projectors, need cables
    • Austin is talking with them
    • Music video in the upspace?
    • Polar bears use during off hours?
    • No, this is dangerous
    • Tell them it’s at each upspace slots discretion


  1. Nudity again, has coordinated with hair tech


  1. Skylar – doin grand, everyone watch oceans 11!
  2. Jonathan – White album
  3. Josh – doin good
  4. I can’t keep track, everyone’s doin good though.
  1. Rights
    • Sam French has sort of screwed us over, we will get them the money
  2. Proposal meeting
    • start at 7:30, warms and cools on the board as sticky notes instead of out loud around, goal will be concision


  1. We have a jobs list
  2. Liz, Marty Andrew and Jenny are doing decorations
  3. #TODO: Conor will get liquor license
  4. #TODO: Conor and Chris will buy alcohol
  5. Right to choose as far as pf pic


  1. We are fundraising in February.


  1. New Works has money, Phoebe Nir has submitted to it for Sleepy Hollow
  2. Open Jar has lots of money


  1. Paint room is not safe.
  2. Piano is something we’re working on


  1. Did nudity windex the chairs?
  2. #TODO: Conor ask (?)


  1. Alex:
    • Becca is here!
    • Wizards: Lizzy didn’t happen but it still could
    • Could we have Lizzy do it next week?
    • Corina could do a costumes Wizards?
  2. Liz:
    • If there’s a props list for 3C2C can you send it to Liz?
    • New Mems: is it time yet?
    • We are feeling like visions on our own right now
    • Let’s schedule visions
    • #TODO: Conor will schedule Visions
  4. Meercamel (what?)
  1. Thom
    • Impulse wants to use costumes, but the week overlapping with Hair
  2. Jenny
    • Emails? When can we do that?
    • Can we email our new freshman?
    • Mailman should come back this week
    • BULK ADD
    • #TODO: Email the freshman
    • #TODO: Marty – Update the front page, check out your relevant pages
  1. Austin
    • If you have ideas about what the new website should do email them to Austin!
  1. Conor
    • Storage place that is going to be emptied
    • There are D&D books
    • Plug 3C2C in HM speeches
    • EP could send HM speech template via email?
    • #TODO: Marty wants to let us know about other theatre on campus
    • Conor is going to add visions to the spreadsheet in meetings more
    • Marissa should keep coming to meetings through Hair
    • Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of close listening.
  1. Andrew
    • TPOC letter has been written, next step, send to Jose and JonJon?
    • Should we send a letter at all?
  1. Skylar
    • Smile and we will feel happier
  1. Marty
    • HM Saturday night at 11
    • Wizards alumni grant? Can we figure that out?
    • Hobbits
  1. Simon


Minutes: Conor (right?)

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