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ROSES Friend visiting, banana breakfast, PW thangs, friend also visiting, weather, PW stuff, auditioning for things feels better, my friends, this

Thorns: Pulverizing myself with alcohol, I feel like shit, babies, nonstop doing things today, nothing, procrastinated all week


  1. Blue Room is working again.
  2. Marissa will set things up this week.
  3. On a wall that hasn’t been seen since trigger hand, it looks bad.
  4. Board should paint it some time this week.
    • TENTATIVELY: Tuesday night @ 11
      • Shouldn’t take long
  5. Renting a couch from Nostalgia
    • Need someone who is van certified
    • #TODO: Skylar will get van certified.
    • Going to advertise for Nostalgia in the program
    • Can we do that? Ask SAO.


  1. Had first day of auditions.
  2. We have an SM
  3. #TODO: Thom will send a pw gmail email to freshman to encourage them to audition.
  4. Do we need ASM’s?
  5. Good to have some, not time sensitive.
  6. We need LD and SD.
  7. Austin will set up plot and speakers?
  8. Need someone to design and run.
  9. Vibrator strike will be long FOR THE BOARD.
  10. We need to stay late to help 3C2C.


  1. Nudity is over!
  2. Eli is going to Rome after all.
    • What to do with the space?

• Use it for 3C2C directors? • Board show in the upspace? • Frantic facebook event? • Dark week to get the space nice again. • Good chance to fix the walls. • Can make a facebook event for just the weekend, submissions due Wednesday. • Eli’s backups may still come through, will find out tonight. • #TODO: Thom will find out if Eli’s collaborators can use the space, or if we have to auction off the space for next weekend.

  1. Walls are uneven paint-wise

o Future coats will come off easier if we don’t scrape it off. o We should scrape off the excess paint. o Seems like a pain, but probably something to do. o Should it be done now? • Should be done before we repaint. • Work dat? • This week we will do the best we can without going crazy. • IT WILL BE FUN YES LIZ

  1. Upspace lottery still happening

o Promote!

  1. Do we want to give away a finals period week?

o No, ain’t nobody got time for that.

  1. Two slots in November.
  2. We should wipe down these seats…

o #TODO: Conor will talk to Becca about the painting and seat wiping still to be done.


  1. BMC in here tonight
  2. Marty will be here all night.

o Someone should come give him a dinner break. o Let’s check it out!

  1. Next Sunday Show is NUDITY REPRISED

o Alex will pray to fucking god they won’t use plats this time


  1. #TODO: EVERYONE update google doc with when your buddy is proposing.
  2. #TODO: Alex and Emma will discuss rescheduling.

o Various Pros and Cons for any option o Nothing will be perfect, we need a best


o Skylar is doing fine, conors gonna watch movies o Josh is doing swell o Nick Healy is awesome Liz thinks he’s cute o Evan loves that Jenny is his buddy, he’s on track o Michelle is deciding between two plays, only for December, looking for a team o #TODO: Conor/Andrew look into rights for The Seafarer o CELESTEEE is proposing Medea now o Patrick Madden is blazing his own trail right now o Anna is busy, but good


  1. We reimbursed Austin, he should be getting a big check.
  2. Can Austin beg for a Monday PO?

o Nope. o Should have told Jenny and Andrew in advance. o Now Jenny is yelling at him. o Why didn’t you think about this on Friday Austin? o Didn’t think it would fit in Alex’s convertible. o Jenny has to stick to her morals.

  1. #TODO: Andrew should input budget stuff. He knows what this means.


  1. Jake and Cherise are applying to New Works
  2. Open Jar is alive and well, may have gone to Becca’s box, saga is continuing
  3. Jake and Cherise are applying to that too.
  4. Tell your friends.


  1. We are safe
  2. New sign on the shop, people have to be trained by Austin
  3. Austin is happy to come over and train anyone at most hours of the day

o No he’s not joking

  1. EHS may be doing checks on our shop

o We will have to get strict about cleaning up the shop if we want to keep our shop privileges for our build crews.


  1. Door handle on Upspace is getting finickier and FINICKIER.

o #TODO: Austin will submit a report to someone


  1. Reregistered PW as a group, needs us to sign SAO forms
  2. Drafting a letter to TPOC

o We’ll read it this week. o It’s weird and possibly problematic but we have to do something.

  1. Liz feels weird about press stuff that got us all wrong, and distanced us from Nudity
  2. We should all fill out the visions spreadsheet.
  3. Let’s set a visions date SOON.

o #TODO: Liz will send an email.

  1. We are allowed to send our buddies old proposals.
  2. Jenny will make jobs chart for homecoming.
  3. Is bartender training a thing?

o It’s very confusing. o But we probably shouldn’t serve alcohol to minors. o Austin is not party trained. • He should go it’s fun, like a play about party training.

  1. People need to stay after the meeting to move the piano pieces

o #TODO: Conor will burn the piano in anger

  1. Nudity was an unprecedently exciting thing

o There are now people who see it as an event o This is probably for visions

  1. Austin is going to build a new server

o Going to put owncloud on it. o We’re going to have our own dropbox that will be HUGE AND have a backup o It costs like $300, we’re ok with this

  1. Austin met with the head of campus of IT security

o He convinced the guy it’s ok we have a public IP o It was compromised a decade ago o But now they’re chill with us having a server! o Another PW victory against the administration o #TODO: Andrew add website to visions • We want a better greenbook • Linked cast and crew info • Do we still want a wiki?

  1. We need printer Ink?

o Or just a laser jet.

  1. 3-Part council: University, UFB, and us potentially, each pays for a third of a capital investment for new risers

o We don’t need risers anymore, but the council may have allotted us THIRTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS so we’re going to check into that. o We will have to find out restrictions o Don’t need risers, we could use railings

  1. Piano in the butt

o We will try to sell it, if it’s there for Vibrator strike we just throw it away? o Marty will contact the guy to find out this week what the sitch is.

  1. #TODO: Austin Skype with Ben, don’t wear pants, ask about DUV!
  2. February phone banking – is Skylar writing a thing?

o We are committing as board members to sit and make calls to alums for

  1. Someone has to go to city hall still?

Minutes: Alex

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