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ROSES: wrote a raw-ass poem, really excited to go home for thanksgiving, officially being a board member at the meeting, new mems, simon giving hm speech and maybe we have a house, productive day and thanksgiving, I didn’t set an alarm but woke up right when I needed to, got gloves, went through great time when I thought I was done, we are here, and les miz gisp, I’m like doing okay, tomato soup and thanksgiving, the episode on fish in the life series, First pw board meeting and thanksgiving, I'm beginning to see semester long project take shape and it's pretty exciting.

THORNS: sad afternoon, losing track of myself, my windows don’t keep the cold out of my room, circuit breaker is thrown on the saw and no one is coming, mixed signals, sometimes I stop feeling like a human being and I don’t know why, sitting in the german studies dept but didn’t have the work I needed to do, nightmares, I am actually not done, interview didn’t work out and everything is a mess, had to give speech and it was bad and someone was morally aghast by it, December deadlines and stress, I wish I hadn't bothered to book flights home for Christmas because just thinking about going home makes me tired and sad, Missing the first part of the first meeting and being up at the time that I am sending this email, this really is my last semester and in missing the new mems first meeting.

HERE: Thom, Jenny, Celeste, Conor, Simon, Alex, Andrew, Liz, Evan, Fletcher, Ursula


  1. Contract is very strict and has been signed by the SAO
  2. sent letter to Beckett estate and got a negative response
    • repercussions could be grave, PW and Brown could be unable to do a Dramatists play
  3. Patrick is here and has been part of the process
  4. Because of the situation, Patrick will be moving forward with an all-male cast
  5. auditions will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday weekend after the Queen plays.


  1. Design run tonight at 8pm
  2. things are moving forward
  3. we got free lumber and so set has not yet spent any money
  4. dry tech and wet tech Sat and Sunday after thanksgiving
  5. #TODO: Conor/Austin: look into when microphones can be moved
  6. #TODO: Conor, check up on drum shield situation
  7. Sam and Andrew are painting floor and back wall when we are back from Thanksgiving break
    • Andrew will send out details


  1. we should finalize the calendar before we set the lottery times
  2. it would be end of January slot if we pull this round
  3. WIL coinciding with Writers’ Week?


  1. do we lose more by pushing it back or by rushing it?
    • other option would be going into MF’s week, have tech on spring weekend (be shittier overall)
  2. we will keep TWITS where it is now
    • TWITS will have to audition next semester
  3. #TODO: Jenny, make a TWITS event. Proposals will be due at noon December 17th
    • Plays/Scripts due on the 14th
    • proposal meeting will then be at 5pm or around that time on the 17th

-Conor will be point person for now, people should email him for buddies


  1. We are overloaded on events this semester and will have to visions and board wizards to next semester, as these are the events that do not strictly have to happen this semester
  2. visions and board wizards will be a good way to start next semester off right
    • we will schedule those dates this semester
  3. #TODO: Thom, send email for scheduling
  4. December 7th will be jobs BBQ
  5. December 11th at 7pm will be the Christmas party
  6. Workday is the 12th
  7. #TODO: Conor, look for online secret santa generator or figure out how


  1. Nothing till Skylar (15th)


  1. Liz will put New Works in Morning Mail
    • generally we will be pushing New Works more


  1. board wizards will be happening next semester
  2. sound wizards in here today


  1. keep an eye on the drain, leaves collect and it clogs
  2. DS heat got fixed


  1. Marty, Liz, and Austin are certified scaffolding people
    • there are now red tags when scaffolding is unsafe or ‘done for the day’
    • red tags should never be lying around


  1. jobs bbq hamburger fridge.
    • #TODO: Team Save-the-fridge, Save-the-fridge
  2. we should pull the upspace lottery after TWITS, probably on the 19th

-props room will be cleaned on work day

  1. #TODO: Skylar, check up on fundraising. When will it happen, what do we need to do?
  2. Simon found some keys and someone lost them and they will be reunited and it will be beautiful
  3. We should have ‘attending’ in the minutes


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