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ROSES: Seeing Jomama Jones, capstone is done, excited about new mems and fun with movie, had a good time last night, have a job interview, snap chat, I love building and am having fun TDing snow queen, shoutout rose to ImProvidence, Murder on the Orient Express 1974 version, last night was fun and Wesleyan today, Gold was great, currently seeing my best friend from home in the Seagull,

THORNS: Have to leave soon, tyre flat on my bike, fighting back senioritis on all fronts, what is on my arm and need something fried, not snap chat friends with board people, mom lost her job and financial aid complications, B has to read capstone, MS is stressful, I’m late, confusion, bad sinus infection.


  1. still waiting for Late Night Fund
  2. possibly bringing in students from Central Falls high school for design run, in contact with Erik Ehn
  3. Scandinavian studies maybe too?
    • Ordet got funding from them and HC Andersen is a very famous Dane
  4. Build schedule still not set
  5. Budget has to be set, then schedule, then possibly a build wizards will happen
  6. #TODO: Andrew, create and plan build wizards
  7. there is possibly a design run on Monday
    • board members are encouraged to come to second design run, which will most likely be Monday or Tuesday of next week
  8. band problems are being solved

INTERJECTION: Emma is like actually obsessed with this show and cannot wait


  1. anna is in here now
    • Liz will monitor tonight
  2. next week is Michelle, last of the semester
  3. we need a more organized system for returning keys for upspace
  4. we should hold another lottery by the end of the semester
  5. maybe we need to have fewer lotteries to give more time for more ambitious projects


  1. cheno is in here on Sunday with the drag show
    • monitors: conor and jenny
    • no plats will be needed – will do benches and chairs instead
    • tickets: will do ticketing through Eventbrite – maybe releasing 80 online
    • there should be a table downstairs to check tickets etc.
  2. #TODO: get showtimes for TPOC so we can set monitors


  1. Lizzy can do a wizards this Friday 22nd
    • possibly afternoon, maybe 3-5?
  2. #TODO: Alex, email Sam and figure out what makes sense with the SQ build schedule


  1. #TODO: Everyone double check that you have their phone number and LET THEM KNOW THAT THE MEETING IS NOT TODAY so they won’t be waiting for phone call.
    • also double check that you have their phone number


  1. #TODO: Chris, check in with Marissa about the missing money for Vibrator play
  2. #TODO: Chris, if you want to be reimbursed for the thing from this summer, get in touch w Jenny
  3. We should include finances in board wizards


  1. open jar has money and an application, maybe will get another


  1. Jenny put in two requests, door and heat
  2. #TODO: Andrew, send in facilities request for toilet paper dispenser
  3. speaker in the downspace still needs to come down


  1. we need to remember to fill out the fire safety sheets


  1. #TODO: Everyone, fill out the Boards Wizard When2meet
    • perhaps we need to reconsider the dates because that week is already very PW packed?
  2. we should make Writers’ Week happen again, and should try to set dates so we can set aside an upspace week
    • maybe lining up with Writing is Live?
  3. We should possibly try to organize the upspace calendar further in advance?
  4. combination of Writers’ week and Outerspace?
  5. We should send an email this week
  6. Visions Spreadsheet – everyone should look at it and add to it
    • tag on to the ones you want to talk about the most so we can spend time most effectively
    • Jenny and Conor will run Visions
    • maybe set a date for visions and final date for when spreadsheet is done
  7. Ursula is leaving the country on the 12th and will have to miss workday. She is sorry.

Minutes: Ursula

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