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ROSES: waking up with celeste in a twin bed, Streetcar went well and felt good, friends, the space downstairs is great and the air smelled good, really excited about my Sunday show, baking fest for the last three days, all the people here and chris’ hair and hair and streetcar and slam poetry, slept a lot last night, roommate also locked out, hair and streetcar, hair, chris’ boots, second place, my parents are coming this afternoon, in a good mood, figured out some major things about my life this week, friends and trader joe’s, new boots, water pressure, nice person at health services, jesse and peter in hair, last night was fun.

THORNS: I don’t know what I did last night, twin beds are not meant for two people, computer science, I don’t know what I’m doing with my life, my capstone is due, all I’ve eaten for the past four days is baked goods, won’t see my girlfriend till thanksgiving, still v tired, was locked out at like 4am, the extent at speed with which I got drunk, thesis due in two weeks, shaving – don’t love it, freezing, was gonna bring donuts but overslept, haven’t done any work, have to drop a class and just feeling weird about not having done anything for it, confusion, the bagel gourm takes cards now, bombs, I think I broke my finger, alarm problems, always late.


  1. going well
  2. tickets are going fast
  3. bag check maybe open both doors?
  4. passed their inspection
  5. strike tomorrow at 11pm
    • Austin will run strike


  1. trying to expedite the late night fund process
  2. people contacting about getting involved could be build crew or be sent to godot?
  3. applying for more money, props budget and set
  4. production meeting tomorrow at 5pm
  5. we are definitely having a Tuesday show, six total performances


  1. michelle is working, probably will apply to open jar
  2. jake and cherise gave key to Austin


  1. cheno is next then tpoc in the upspace
  2. no more slots to fill


  1. issue with the vibrator play, didn’t get the funding they thought they would
    • or rather the money didn’t come in yet
    • we need to follow up with them/departments
  2. #TODO: Chris, email Marissa and figure out what the deal is


  1. there is an application from cheno but since it’s a curated Sunday show can’t actually apply


  1. austin has talked to Stephanie
  2. austin got an estimate about the outlets in the downspace
    • will go follow up on the estimate, appealing it
  3. the elevator is not to be used to move furniture
  4. scaffolding training will happen soon


  1. the upspace door still doesn’t work right


  1. board wizards should happen
  2. #TODO: Everyone, respond to the email about board wizards!
  3. #TODO: wizards people send out when2meet for the dates proposed
  4. maybe a sound design wizards the Friday before thanksgiving – the 22nd
    • #TODO: mad men, once that is set, publicize


  1. New member meeting is scheduling on the 16th
    • #TODO: Chris, send new email asap asking about moving to the 17th
  2. Let’s keep the box office clean
  3. 250th anniversary ideas
    • possibly a big wizards, an ongoing ‘master wizards’
    • applying for funding to fund their travel
  4. #TODO: Skylar, send email about who/what you are thinking about
  5. DJing at homecoming and similar events should probably not be a paid gig
    • solid DJing as a part of building a ‘brand’? case by case basis?
  6. Visions needs to be somewhere else – December 7th
  7. #TODO: Jenny, ask housemates if you can host
  8. Thursday December 12th will be workday

Minutes: Ursula

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