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Roses: Hair tech and not just snacks, hair dry tech only took 11.5 hours for 300 cues, Snow Queen excitement, also Snow Queen, definitely Snow Queen, also Snow Queen, Snow Queen, good weekend.

Thorns: New York drive, feel disgusting, pre-registration for last semester, I have to do more streetcar, electricity and magnetism, computer science, donut problems, indifferent to all things always, shitty fratty no shower, baked goods isn’t detailed enough.


  1. dealing with nudity in the upspace by only being upstairs so we won’t interfere with Hair
  2. there will be a bag check at Hair
  3. there are no plats and no duv
  4. Hair will most likely run around 2.5 hours
  5. send ticket reserves by Tuesday
  6. we’re not going to need a House Manager Monitor, HMM because Liz can unlock
  7. potentially need help with house managing because


  1. #TODO: Thom, email Cheno and tell her that she needs to come to meetings
  2. rehearsals will happen mostly in Wilson before Snow Q gets into the space
  3. first rehearsal tomorrow, Monday 4/11
  4. we are on the way to clear rights
  5. applying for new works
  6. applying to Dean’s discretionary
  7. the Late Night deadline was when proposals will due, might be doing December
  8. #TODO: Conor, get in touch with Michael Smith


  1. kim and Jessie happened and was cool
  2. anna muselmann is next, she is doing workshops
    • maybe needs monitors
  3. lottery happened, small mess up but we’re fixing it
  4. michelle is the last slot this semester, we should talk to her about rights


  1. HMs for nudity:
    • 7pm: Jenny, Thom, Ursula.
    • 11pm: Jenny, Thom, Alex.


  1. facebook event was made
  2. emma is making photos to put on the page
  3. schmooze will be Tuesday the 5th at 11pm
  4. we will set up during the day
  5. pizza and vino? In vino veritas
  6. we need to be on top of the ‘buddies’ thread and meet with buddies quickly
  7. remember meeting is November 16th


  1. Austin, do you know how much money we made from monster’s ball and where exactly it is?


  1. new works gave 100$ to phoebe, and she sent photos
  2. kim and Jessie applied for open jar


  1. #TODO: Ursula, fill the first aid kit in the box office
  2. Austin, do you know where the Shop first aid kit is?


  1. waiting for godot wants to do auditions the week of reading period
    • this means they would not have a cast by strike
  2. work day will be Thursday, December 12th
  3. can we email emails and should we?
    • yes and yes
  4. #TODO: Ursula, add freshmen, send email
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