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ROSES: bagels and chilltime, friend is coming today, chill time midday yesterday, Saturday parent time and I am one of them and so are you, we aren’t graduating yet, turned in my last paper yesterday, magic, paper done, walked down charlesfield with Margaret, things are coming together, I’m having a good time, documentary about the two oldest twin prostitues in the world and it was an interesting reminder about finding joy and ale, it’s finally time for fun, donuts.

THORNS: weather forecast, voice is messed up, totally lost yesterday, leaving keeney, freaking out about graduating seniors and déjà vu, I’m like in the relaxation mode but still have things to do, storage boxes, done but don’t feel better, she didn’t come to the meeting, Louis at 5, I’m late, who am i?, a week is not enough, have to wake up early.


  1. tech was successful, everything is on schedule
  2. runtime approximately 50 minutes
  3. #TODO: Jenny, opening the blue room lesson
  4. we’re opening the blue room at 11:59pm tonight
  5. programs, posters are all getting printed
  6. #TODO: Everyone who can: 11am tomorrow, Tuesday
  7. House Managers
    • wed may 22 7: jenny, Skylar and 10: Marty, Thom
    • thurs may 23 @ 7pm: Conor, Andrew
    • fri may 24th @ 2pm: Becca,
    • Saturday may 25th @ 6pm: Alex,
  8. #TODO: Ursula, send out email about HMs
  9. strike is on the 25th around 7pm
  10. Skylar will run El Sueno strike


  1. we had our first production meeting
  2. finalizing designers
  3. there are a couple of assistant positions open still but we’ll offer those to freshmen
  4. #TODO: make sure that Sink people come to El Sueno strike
  5. #TODO: set up show packet meeting


  1. happy endings in the upspace 7-9pm, getting into the space around 5.30 today
    • come and go as you please
  2. Sunday shows archives are happening


  1. IAOOTASAY was here last night
  2. If it rains, we could have it here again, Conor would monitor
  3. we did the lottery and chose the first four slots


  1. #TODO: Jon, please print the photos Becca sent you
  2. #TODO: Skylar, get food for denish
  3. Does anyone want to DJ? Yes, Becca does, Becca will do it
  4. Setup: Saturday at 3pm
  5. Renish is at 4pm
  6. El Sueno will warm up in the space


  1. Liz is new works, the money is done for the semester
  2. open jar: el sueno didn’t apply so there is still some money left
  3. #TODO: Margaret, send photos to Becca from Super Secret


  1. Today @ 2pm: Capture the mammoth
  2. email has been sent out to the rules


  1. #TODO: Jenny, talk to Diane


  1. several of the lights in the upspace are out
  2. #TODO: Conor, put in a service request


  1. let us think about GroupMe?
    • is email enough?
  2. Vibrator play EPs should be chosen after
  3. push El Sueno on facebook for realz
  4. budget for events should maybe be reconsidered, maybe have a budget person for each event
  5. early fall we should have a money visions meeting
  6. visions conversation about what constitutes ‘full length’
  7. let us have an early visions meeting next year
  8. we are gonna have to win mammoth this year
  9. spring weekend is now in conflict with a show weekend and we need to redo the calendar
    • #TODO: Becca and Emma, look into this
  10. #TODO: Adam, Austin coordinate to install the new things in the shop so shop is useable for the summer
  11. when the sun comes up the music should go down


NEXT MEETING: next year

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