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ROSES: adventurous lately, housemates done with work and happy, I’m going home for a few days to surprise my mother, mother's day/shark tank/circuit website, fun night, feel good today, kindness of strangers, sink, alex ostroff, eyecontact, my day yesterday was supreme, joke: an actor walks into a bar and he says “hey can I get some glo-tape on this?”, zack’s reaction, cast, ate a whole pint of half-baked, done with college and it feels good, my housemates and I discovered ‘splash’ on ABC, Idyllic, Ideal, Idea, ID, the finish line is nearing, got to see my girlfriend, archives!

THORNS: seaweed before bed gives me nightmares, two weeks is not enough, haven’t even opened the document, no thorn, paper not writing itself, son troubles, finals due montuesweds, things are falling into places but not quite yet, avoiding eye contact, haven’t done laundry in like two weeks, finals, too much talent and hard decisions, eastside creamery only had two donuts left and I still gotta figure out my life, feeling sad, Idle, Idol, Eye, Doll, the finish line is so far away, my memoir will be called ‘lost in east providence’.


  1. second design run tomorrow
    • tomorrow, Monday at 10pm
  2. show schedule
  3. wed may 22 at 7m and 10pm
  4. thurs may 23 @ 7pm
  5. fri may 24th @ 2pm
  6. Saturday may 25th @ 5pm
  7. strike is on the 25th


  1. we have a cast
  2. Skylar will be the second EP
  3. production meeting + cast meeting will happen this week
  4. might be building in the space over the summer


  1. happy endings in the upspace 7-9pm, getting into the space around 5.30 today
    • come and go as you please
  2. Sunday shows archives are happening


  1. two applications
  2. subcommittee will meet after this
  3. open jar: maybe el sueno


  1. can’t be Tuesday, Wednesday
  2. Monday @ 2pm: Capture the mammoth


  1. UFB budget is spent and done
  2. we can reimburse through the summer


  1. renish is at 4pm on the 25th


  1. the toilet paper holder is broken


  1. #TODO: chris, send list of hazardous materials


  1. can we take a new board photo with the new mems in it?
    • yes.
  2. exit interviews with directors?
    • could undertaker/postmortem be combined with an interview? visions conversation
  3. we should finish workday
    • still a lot of things that need to happen
    • #TODO: adam, if help is needed send out email
    • workday schedule/overview should go out to mf and pw earlier
  4. #TODO: Ben, reschedule next week's meeting
  5. #TODO: Skylar, get in touch with BUGS
  6. call your mothers
  7. upspace archiving: if you know anything about any shows get in touch with Marty



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