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ROSES: delicious bagel and labyrinth, end of the year get-togethers, all the pw time in the end of the year, coffee exchange, weekend, sink, am I now that guy who wants to wear collared shirts?, my tummy is full of loui’s, slept for the first time in three days #festivalofdance, kiss from a rose #seal, I’m here for roses and thorns, grapefruit juice, we’re graduating, coffee exchange and my family is getting a dog, I love anagrams, solo in a capella concert, i went to sakura and left full, love you guys, summer and pw, directing.

THORNS: too lazy to shave, strep throat, some are better than other, summer, lotta work not done should have, non-existent, am I now that guy who wants to wear collared shirts?, perpetually crazy lack of sleep, festival of dance is ending and I’ll miss marty, no time for engineering design project, no donuts, two broken headphones, I wish it were easier to eat – I just eat muffins every day, sad, I’ve been mixed up recently, no work, headache, I have a lot of words to write, I am late and miscalculate how long it takes to walk anywhere, my final.


  1. first design run and second production meeting at 3pm
  2. 100$ missing in budget, either trying to apply for additional funding or cutting budget


  1. auditions this week
    • Wednesday 1-4, Thursday 6-10, Friday 4.30-7.30
  2. callbacks Saturday time tbd
  3. will probably need board monitors for auditions
  4. #TODO: Thom, send out email about board monitor times


  1. Lottery happening on the 15th
    • push submissions since we don’t have too many yet
  2. no word from the piano man


  1. Celeste with ‘Happy Endings’
  2. Maybe Miles later in the semester


  1. plats need to be put inside
  2. succesful!


  1. Austin and Skylar are meeting to plan
  2. workday is Friday May 11th at 10am


  1. New Works has some money left
  2. 225$ still in Open Jar


  1. money from UFB, spending from workday will make sure we spend it by deadline


  1. we need to collect photos
    • Jon can maybe print again?
  2. #TODO: Skylar and Becca, collect photos and do invitations


  1. eventually, the floor will be painted by el sueno
  2. the smelly window is going back up


  1. we bought the new scaffolding

INTERJECTION: Ben: “thanks guys, it’s been… fun.”


  1. we need supplies
  2. #TODO: Adam, get food and things, borrow Chris’ car
  3. #TODO: everybody go over the jobs and think about what you want


  1. #TODO: Alex and Margaret find dates
  2. #TODO: Emma and Skylar, write the declaration of war
  3. #TODO: zack, bring it back.
  4. we should recruit
  5. #TODO: win.

INTERJECTION: Yay JKuritzkes show jackets!


  1. madmed will be 6 positions
  2. 3c2c posters = pw
  3. fundraising: think about it
  4. it is our job to keep rooms clean, after strike and in general
  5. the furniture room has been cleaned a lot of times, we need to take better care of it and keep it organized
    • reorganizing during workday?
    • throwing away things during workday?
  6. #TODO: adam, get a dumpster for workday


NEXT MEETING: Sunday May 12th at 11am

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