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HERE: marty, jon jon, chris, zack, alex, jenny, Andrew, becca, Margaret, emma, Austin, adam, ben, thom, liz, ursula, skylar.

ROSES: party hiding tubberware and pasta theft, ice cream date with becca balton, excited about the work I’m doing, relearning to do a lot of things, Westminster street at night, st paddy’s day and lots of green clothing, Wednesday night being the cure for any headache, Friday night poetry slam cried forever sat went to boston so good and this week from hell is over, having a lot of fun in SWM, new mems, had a really fun Improvidence show and fight sequence yay yay loving it yay, saw the glass menagerie in boston, slept eleven and a half hours last night, glass menagerie with black goop, sleep, here, weather.

THORNS: sad when going to sleep and waking up sad also, going to explode, shoulders sore, develop extremely semi-intimate relationships and not sure how to deal with that, evan is sick and can’t do anything, nightmares and being afraid to go to sleep, sick, not trying to live in the past and uncertainty of the future, girls and coffee makes ya crazy, could not find my wallet this morning, always tired, stupid girl problems, nightmare about may fourth, had to wake up at seven this morning, don’t know how much stuff I have to do this week, yesterday decision meeting hard and two midterms and bad audition, ten minutes is still not long enough, sick, late.


  1. first design run this Tuesday 8.30pm

-still applying for grants -everyone should be off book tonight

  1. borrowing lights from all sorts of places


  1. #TODO: EPs, follow up on getting in touch, have the show packet meeting
  2. skylar is set designing, marty and evan is assistant set designing


  1. michael chiboucas and madeleine heil are in here for game show week
  2. we need to get the key from Emily garrison
  3. shows: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 11pm, Wed and Thurs midnight
  4. HMs
    • T11: Becca and Margaret
    • W11: Thom
    • W12: Skylar
    • Th11: Adam
    • Th12: Ben
  5. upspace submissions for next round will be due Friday March 22nd at 5pm
  6. #TODO: Thom, make a facebook event for applying + email ursula when you have
  7. #TODO: zack, get in touch with starla about the upspace


  1. Ari is doing a last minute Sunday Show in here today at 9pm
    • Thom will monitor it
  2. we have confirmed all slots, still figuring out the logistics


  1. small stage space
  2. if we do it during reading week, we will probably be able to use the lights
  3. shows should not be running past 10pm because of neighbors
  4. #TODO: skylar, send email to committee + make facebook event for submission
  5. we are looking for a variety of performances
  6. we should be very clear about the noise policies, restrictions, etc.


  1. austin, thom, and new mems have to get party trained
  2. #TODO: Get party trained April 3rd at 12pm or 5pm
  3. roamers are becca and Margaret
  4. #TODO: Adam and chris, get a liquor license
  5. should we coordinate between opening night for R&J and prom?
  6. #TODO: Prom planning committee: meet up – Evan and Liz will join the committee


  1. open jar still have 410$
  2. new works still have 1000$
  3. encourage people to apply!


  1. we submitted the budget
    • UFB is looking over the document today
  2. we need a new second signatory
    • this will be mister Andrew Ganem
  3. #TODO: Jessie, get in touch with Andrew to introduce him to the responsibilities


  1. paint room:
    • continuously messy, EPs should be adamant about making sure that clean paint room is a priority


  1. four very safe days
  2. rescheduled safety inspection for tomorrow at 3pm
  3. we should go back through and check/clean up rooms today


  1. wizards:
    • fight choreo possibly in the upspace during the week of R&J?
  2. lights wizards: Thursday 21st of march 5-7pm
    • #TODO: Margaret, make a facebook event asap and email Ursula when you did
    • how can we best have wizards during shows? Making sure the focus stays on learning.
    • making a transition between the learning process and the specific hang/build for the show?
  3. new mems
    • we still need to share stuff with the new mems
    • #TODO: adam, share the rest of the stuff
  4. Visions: Saturday April 13th, 10-4pm approximately
  5. #TODO: Skylar, move the picnic table out of the upspace
  6. #TODO: Chris, update silver box
  7. #TODO: Alex, update the website
  8. Building Brown: should pw suggest that brown builds rehearsal spaces, getting other student theatre/dance/a cappella/improv groups to sign on to suggest building more rehearsal spaces?
    • this would be written by pw and endorsed by other groups
    • making sure that this need is known, and that classrooms are not adequate
    • the focus would be on making rehearsal spaces available
    • could we discuss a draft at visions?
    1. Becca will make the calendar (with help from Jessie) for next year
    • #TODO: Becca, email Jessie and set up a meeting about this
  9. #TODO: Ben, set up 1st meeting back from Spring Break
  10. light board will be back the second Saturday of Spring break. Cost approximately 250$
  11. #TODO: Chris, email Mad Men (Evan will join, Marty too)
  12. #TODO: Becca help Jenny move her dorm furniture back to new dorm
  13. Emma will be in charge of facebook

INTERJECTION: Marty found a piece of wood at strike. Marty was confused about what to do with this piece of wood. Marty asked other board members what to do with said piece of wood. Everyone was mean and horrible to Marty. Marty had an epiphany and realized that he was now a board member and could make the decision himself. Marty chose to keep this little piece of wood as a reminder of this epiphany. Marty shared the story.



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