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HERE: Zack, Jon, Ben, Jenny, Perri (visiting), Ursula, Becca, Alex, Adam, Emma, Chris, Austin, Leandro (visiting), Jessie, Margaret

ROSES: life’s pretty good, emma in Phaedra and Ned, won’t have to get up early on Sundays, how smooth the goose and tomtom shows have gone, really lovely dinner with old friend, slept a lot, screenplay being filmed, leandro’s here, Phaedra is going well, going to the hospital was a reality check/adventure, I smell like rosemary (new shampoo), I’m going to France, cleaned out my bathroom and pulled out hair from drain which means nothing’s ever going to be as vile in comparison, leandro and abby and coconut water, this weekend, new mems.

THORNS: not always pretty good, so much I didn’t do, won’t be here as regularly, poor kevkel, deepali forgot phone now tired, missed all the fun things, all the midterms, hungover, I have this thing on my mind which is inconvenient, so much work to do, I smell like rosemary, I have so much work, kidney stones, collision of insanity.


  1. we’ve had all good shows
  2. incident at the 11pm show
    • kevin was kicked by jack, taken to hospital by zack
    • it was an accident and a superficial laceration
    • zack is a hero
  3. fight calls are important
  4. strike on Monday at 10.45pm
    • focus on rooms – the shop is especially messy
    • we will not be throwing out a lot of stuff, a lot reused for R&J
    • #TODO: Adam, send out email about strike


  1. rehearsal is starting Tuesday
  2. set budget is what we will apply for grants for
  3. R&J will be out of the space at least for a couple of days, Adam will be building in the evening
  4. rather than a Sunday matinee, planning on two Saturday shows at 5pm and 10pm
    • that is the Saturday of prom, so we are moving prom to Friday the 12th


  1. still looking for set and costume designers


  1. #TODO: Conor, get in touch with Sappington!, let her know she needs to be out of the space at 11pm Wednesday
  2. Lottery submissions due March 20th
  3. #TODO: Zack, make an event for it


  1. BMC was in here, had a good show
  2. Karin will take a later week
  3. There might be a free slot March 17th
  4. The 31st: Cheno is doing a drag show


  1. Subcommittee:
    • Emma, Margaret, Jessie, Adam, Austin, Christopher Fitzsimmmons (+car)
  2. #TODO: Skylar, send out email about meeting up


  1. we are registered but need to shift to Friday
  2. Austin, Thom and new mems need to be party trained
    • April 3rd 12pm or 5pm
  3. fun, viral marketing campaign
  4. we need two new party managers/roamers, this will be Becca and Margaret


  1. new works still has money to give
  2. open jar is fine, will email after next lottery


  1. submitted the budget for next year
  2. decisions will come back on the 20th, appeal after spring break


  1. #TODO: LEANDRO (yay) send out story keywords
  2. #TODO: Chris, tableslip for
  3. #TODO: Alexander Ostroff: check in about availability for workday for the weekend of the 4th
  4. #TODO: Conor, send Ursula details about Sappington! performances etc. when you have them
  5. Filling in for Jenny
    • show packet needs to be updated
    • someone needs to be the second signatory
    • someone needs to help plan prom
  6. Jessie got alumni email about photos of sets at pw
  7. things to get:
    • black extension chords
    • ice pack to keep in fridge
  8. setting up a contract with MF about prop guns and in general borrowing stuff
  9. wizards: sam is going to do a sound design wizards workshop on the 14th of april
  10. #TODO: Mad men, do extensive advertising (including poster) for this wizards workshop


NEXT MEETING: Sunday March 17th at 11am

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