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HERE: Becca, Zack, Adam, Evan (visiting), Liz (visiting), Jessie, Marty (visiting), emma, Jon, Conor, Alejandro (visiting), Celeste (visiting, Austin, Margaret, Alex, Ursula, Sophia (visiting)


  1. wet tech is happening
  2. perri is learning how to use the blueroom
    • email Perri reserves by tonight
  3. we can’t do plats Monday, but we will have it Tuesday 3/5 at 11pm
    • we will also take the plats down from the upspace
  4. HMs
  5. F8: Thom, Jessie
  6. S7: Ben, Becca
  7. S11: Conor, Zack
  8. Su8: Jon, Ursula
  9. M8: Margaret, Austin


  1. callbacks are 5-10pm tonight
  2. production meeting and read through tomorrow
  3. will most likely be applying for grant


  1. we should help advertise for designers
  2. will go in email this time


  1. Sappington! Has a cast
  2. #TODO: conor, start thinking about setting a date for the lottery
  3. WIL happened, it was a successful week altogether and people were excited
    • next year we should push advertising more


  1. BMC is in here today
    • Margaret will let them in at 8pm
  2. #TODO: Margaret, get in touch with Karin about comedy thing in the upspace


  1. will happen.
  2. #TODO: think about it.


  1. #TODO: Becca, reserve a room in New dorm – Emma, Chris, Becca check in and make schedule
  2. meeting will be at 9am on Saturday
  3. #TODO: be there on time and awake


  1. rebecca maxfield applied for open jar
  2. spread the word about new works grant


  1. the thing is due march 8th
    • #TODO: Jessie, Jenny meet and figure it out


  1. building has been smelling strange, like natural gas
  2. we should call facilities again, whenever you notice this – call them
  3. mice: facilities put up traps



  1. wizards workshop scheduling?
    • sam kusnetz is coming up from new york
    • probably doing an intro to sound design + an advanced workshop
    • should be Sunday, shouldn’t overlap with R&J or Visions
    • trevor’s wizard workshop won’t be this week
  2. We should update the website much more regularly
  3. there is an ADOCH activities fair, do we want to be represented
  4. on Monday the 15th of April we are having a ‘not-a-barbeque barbeque’
    • Zack sent a blurb and it will go in the literature
  5. Adam will man the table at the activities fair if no one else can
  6. Austin will be the liaison for Bat Boy
  7. We should not leave out the audience chairs
    • they shouldn’t be in the downspace or the box office, we should use them as show chairs only
  8. MF has requested that work day will not be the weekend of bat boy
    • in general, we should attempt to avoid work day and shows overlapping
  9. we need to set a calendar for next year
    • #TODO: Jessie and Ben meet up about setting a calendar for next year
  10. pw is out of black paint
    • can we paint the floor black again?
  11. #TODO: Becca, get in touch with Jenny about P.O. and Chris about borrowing his car


NEXT MEETING: Sunday March 10th at 11am

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