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HERE: Chris, Alex, Ursula, Zack, Jon, Austin, Timmy (visiting), Becca, Thom, Skylar, Jenny, Jessie, Jillian (visiting)

ROSES: timmy’s here and the aliens, jaw’s not hurting, primary connection, time’s moving by so fast, awesome mood and awesome email, the aliens and saw a bunch of faces I haven’t seen in a while yesterday, it’s a new day, awesome day, missed the meeting, visiting becca, old and new pw, set, the aliens, eco dad and consumerist mom, zack in the aliens and Romeo and Juliet.

THORNS: hurt my head on the box office door, sick since thursday, need to say something and don’t, good time this semester, woke up sad and woke up so recently haven’t figured out, have to do it all the things, academic work on the back burner, upset and don’t know why, there’s a set, recurring back problems and no track, rain, poster problems, slept through, existing in a body, Phaedra tech and time.


  1. the set exists
  2. lights are in the process of happening
  3. we need to make
  4. #TODO: Thom, make the facebook event through PW’s facebook – get in touch with Perri


  1. Emma made audition posters
  2. will be applying for grants
  3. #TODO: Jessie and Alex coordinate auditions
  4. things are moving, we will set audition monitors
  5. #TODO: Jessie, send out email about setting audition monitors


  1. #TODO: Chris, Alex – contact Kate Brennan and let her know to come to meetings later


  1. Strike is tonight, will begin right after the show approximately 9.30 – come as soon as you can
  2. we will tentatively leave half the plats in the upspace
  3. the next time we do TWITS we need to make sure the PM is at the meeting
  4. #TODO: Ursula, contact Brette and tell her to contact the production team


  1. we have a poster
  2. #TODO: Jessie, send Chris PO info
  3. Start pushing the overall facebook event
  4. we should set a monitor system
  5. #TODO: Conor, email MF about borrowing music stands
  6. monitors should be in the building
  7. #TODO: Skylar, send out an email with the showtimes to set monitors


  1. Sappington
    • possibly reaudition?
  2. #TODO: conor, get in touch with Emily and discuss


  1. sometime in May there will be a Shakespeare swap thing, middle or late May
  2. we’re on track for the coming weeks


  1. #TODO: Chris and Becca get snacks and drinks for schmooze + check for cups
  2. #TODO: Adam, can you bring your computer for music?
  3. schmooze is happening this Wednesday at 10.30pm
    • depending on how late the WW show goes, we will come and set up
  4. Chris will table slip and text before he does, come if you can
  5. #TODO: Mention applying to the board in The Aliens HM speech


  1. #TODO: Becca, send follow up email to make sure it’ll get here
  2. New Works: we have money left, so tell people to apply


  1. Jenny’s working on the budget, will be done today
    • we have to meet with the person who is our person, email the budget draft by feb 26th
  2. #TODO: Jessie, email Steffie Hennings (?) and set up alternate meeting time
  3. in order to print at Metcalf you need a P.O.


  1. mice:
    • it’s important that no one leaves empty food containers in the Box office or the downspace
  2. #TODO: Austin, email Adam and let him know about emailing facilities


  1. the safety counter was reset because Zack got the tiniest cut ever in his finger and a sparkler thing in his eye and also real things happened but no one complained


  1. possible dates for sam kusnetz’s wizard workshop would be april 13th-14th
  2. #TODO: Zack, email Margaret and coordinate
  3. fight choreo wizards
    • possibly afternoon on Monday or Tuesday of next week
  4. #TODO: Alex, write an email to Trevor

INTERCEPTION: Jillian is here, she is looking fly in her JKJ (Justin Kuritzkes Jacket)!


  1. when missing meetings, make sure to send an email
  2. we need to make sure not to miss the Sunday meetings, and to start meetings on time
  3. #TODO: Conor, email out new works app about WW food budget
  4. #TODO: Skylar, email the playwrights for WW and coordinate
  5. We need to schedule visions
  6. VISIONS will be April 13th, starting at 10am, keep your afternoon free till 4pm
  7. #TODO: Jessie, find/make visions spreadsheet
  8. Becca: is pre-strike something we should do?
    • this would consist of cleaning out rooms, prepping for strike for an hour after the Sunday meeting before each Monday strikes
  9. once we figure out the joint council thing we need to bring up the dimmer problem
    • there are a lot of them we just can’t use right now
    • is there something we can do about it before the council becomes a thing?
  10. Writers’ week strike will be after the meeting Sunday
  11. Zack emailed ADOCH people to get in the flyers and things
    • we’ll have a bbq/schmooze/’meeting’ – probably 4-5pm on April 15th


NEXT MEETING: Sunday March 3rd at 11am

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