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HERE: Alex, Emma, Zack, Adam, Deepali (visiting), Jessie, Becca, Ursula, Margaret, Jenny, Brette (visiting), Ben, Perri (visiting), Skylar, Conor, Austin, Chris, Thomas Finley

ROSES: equus, mountain man boots in snow and cupcake date with Ursula, beautiful campus, little good things, sexy funny cast of g and tt, big mac, my own resourcefulness in the poster department, scratched eye gone, running screaming power back on, conveniently timed visit to providence, beat the defending pool champions, run of the aliens today is exciting, ralph lauren pony shirt for equus weekend, little sister is coming to visit, many great activities, very great week, equus is really fun, thomas’ moustache.

THORNS: huge thing of ice, it isn’t 10pm but 3am, people don’t like when you’re near their kids – I don’t know, general donuts, donut blocked, can’t print, eye was scratchy, sicky, trying to do homework like popsicles, every other Sunday I wake up in time for pw and miss out on sleep, I don’t own sunglasses, I have thinker’s block which is probably the same as stupidity, can’t wear sunglasses because of broken nose, drowning in liquor, not much sleep and snowblind, couldn’t fall asleep because it was so fun.


  1. equus is great
  2. more shoveling? Do we need more shoveling? What about ice?
  3. Strike: Meet on Monday at 10.45
    • Jessie will run strike
  4. HMs: make sure people don’t step on the sand
  5. Sunday:
    • 2pm: Chris, Margaret, Conor
    • 8pm: Alex, Ben
  6. Monday 8pm: Austin, Adam, Becca


  1. Downspace is a litter box: Now is the time.


  1. the show is cast!
  2. submitted some grants, waiting for others
  3. looking for assistant costumes designer, build crew


  1. aliens gets into the space Monday
  2. after aliens: writer’s week
  3. WW: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday will be longer plays
  4. Saturday March 2nd: short plays in a marathon from 12 onward
    • we might need people who can keep things rolling on the 2nd
  5. the idea is that people can come for an hour or so at a time
  6. we should coordinate with taiko


  1. set is going up and will continue to
  2. need to talk to taiko
  3. will take care of rights Monday
  4. we will help with plats


  1. march is completely scheduled
  2. april still has a couple of weeks up in the air
    • Margaret is working on having people confirm


  1. apps are due in a week and a half
  2. ask your buddies for scripts if they have them so we can start reading early


  1. the 9th?
  2. #TODO: Emma, Chris, Becca make a facebook event


  1. new works met last week, gave new weird America 350$
    • this finished up our money from last semester
    • tell buddies who are proposing new work to apply
  2. writers’ week will apply for a small sum of money from new works
  3. open jar
    • becca has emailed them


  1. Jenny went to the meeting
  2. New rule: if you are applying for 115% of your allotted budget you have to write a short app
  3. #TODO: jenny, finish the budget


  1. ice?
    • ben will figure something out


  1. jaquepo’s mouse trap has been ordered online


  1. we should mention the Thomas Finley list in the HM speech
  2. festen borrowing seating plats?
    • would be the 21st-24th, they’d be responsible


  1. #TODO: Chris, make a poster with the schedule for writer’s week
  2. #TODO: Skylar, send out schedule for when plats will happen
  3. #TODO: Emma, Chris, Becca make a facebook event
  4. #TODO: jenny, finish the budget
  5. #TODO: ben, figure out how to deal with the ice
  6. #TODO: Austin, email Stephanie about set
  7. #TODO: Margaret and alex meet for wizards


NEXT MEETING: Sunday 02/17/13 at 11 am

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