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HERE: adam, Margaret, chris, jenny, becca, ben, perri (visiting), emma, conor, Austin, skylar, zack, brette (visiting), ursula

ROSES: madeleine and michael, donuts, everything is coming together, people yelling about lobsters and good hour on wed, splinter came out, getting to dance todo el tiempo, auditioning, the aliens right now, excited for this semester’s classes, sometimes all the planets seem to align, jared rosa, proposal, feelings I haven’t felt in a long time, when you laugh and can’t stop, super awesome dry tech, he is here he says I say (come see it!

THORNS: bad Saturday and unstoppable tears in jo’s, lies, computer is falling apart, I hate them and their earnest lifestyle, x-ray is bs, senior freakout in the middle of the night, auditioning, done nothing this weekend and could have used that time, hard times withdps, still have a splinter, sometimes I don’t have a telescope, filling heinous concentration requirements, happiness and the unhappiness of others connected?, very bad experience for friend’s friend abroad, wet tech.


  1. everything is on track
  2. we need 3 house managers for bag check
    • bag check will be in the hot room, third house manager will be in charge of that
  3. HMs
    • F8 - HMs: Becca, Conor Bag check: Austin
    • S8 – HMs: Emma, Zack Bag check: Skylar
    • S2 – HMs: Chris, Margaret Bag check: Conor
    • S8 – HMs: Ben, Jenny Bag check: Chris
    • M8 – HMs: Adam, Austin Bag check: Becca
  4. ben wants to have a place for audiences to leave comments
    • can be
  5. runs are open, let brette know in advance if you


  1. applying for grants
  2. gun committee still looking for the gun that got away
  3. poster tip from G&TT: print on one big paper, cut in half


  1. Lottery is Live!
  2. PW writers’ week
    • we received around 30 submissions
    • committee meeting to schedule today
  3. the aliens has worked it out with equus so they can build during the day


  1. scheduling is going well, getting a lot of responses, trying to figure out the logistics of dates


  1. buddy check in
  2. in general, reach out to people who might want to design for commencement slot


  1. we may reschedule meeting, will be decided later


  1. new works is meeting after this meeting
  2. margaret got an email from the benefactor
    • yes to money
  3. oj
    • check is being sent
    • official terms were sent


  1. spring slot feature in the bdh?
  2. wizards?
    • fight choreo
    • something in relation to G&TT and set (maybe scenic painting)
    • we need to set up dates for guest wizards
  3. Chris and Zack will buy clothespins and set up the bag check
  4. #TODO: Wizards committee meet up specifically to settle G&TT wizards and Guest wizard
  5. when do we want to start scheduling the Outer Space festival
    • before we advertise it, we need to figure out scheduling things, etc.
    • Outer Space committee: Margaret, emma, jenny, conor, skylar
  6. the dimmers are busted, because there is a problem with the power going into the dimmers
    • we need to tell someone about that, how do we do that?
    • SAO?
  7. Sound board in the underground?
  8. mid-year activities fair, anyone who wants to should come


NEXT MEETING: Sunday Feb 10th at 11am

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