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Roses: 11 oclock of SQ, SQ, seeing maryy stuart, ad libbed a line and it killed, probably gonna be super cold and do no work, getting to go home soon, don’t have to take math final, maeve is here and storytellers was awesome, audience was great, the view from the top, skylar’s face in MS, there was a puppy, violet, last night was fun and energizing, last piece of work, I have a goal and will do everything in my power till I accomplish it.

Thorns: I have a semester left and that’s scary, stupid, my bed is too comfortable, was gonna wake up early and have breakfast w dad but instead did nothing, not enough sleep, have harder final instead, cop stopped me and asked if I found my dog which means someone who looks like me lost her dog, can’t stop wearing crocs, walking uphill in the snow, making up work from concussion times, crappy little big things, I’m late, haven’t done work, I’m way too late.

Here: Jenny, Andrew, Margaret (visiting), Liz, Perri (visiting), Skylar, Alex, Marty, Simon, Fletcher, Celeste, Ursula, Marcus (visiting), Cheno (visiting), Evan, Thom, Chris, Emma, Conor.


  1. the neck of the electric violin snapped for the first run yesterday
    • since there was no contract signed, Cheno will be contacting the owner of the violin and get a quote for how much repairing it will cost
  2. strike will be on Tuesday,
    • Skylar will be running strike, will be in contact with Sam
    • for midnight organ concert: cheno will get a list of time slots and people will be leaving 10 minutes before they need to sing and come straight back
  3. We have five gallons of black paint and will be painting tonight


  1. Auditions are Tuesday-Thursday 1-5pm
  2. production team will be at strike
  3. #TODO: everyone push
  4. #TODO: Liz, put audition poster in silver box
  5. callbacks can be in the upspace


  1. #TODO: Austin, copy the key
  2. lottery: we will give away the two weeks, and then have writers’ week is the week before spring break
  3. #TODO: Thom, make the event for the lottery


  1. Simon and Skylar are in here on the 15th
  2. if monitors are needed we can set them next week


  1. new works still has money


  1. meeting will be on the 17th at the duck and bunny
  2. people who are unable to be there can send thoughts via email
  3. #TODO: Conor, check the rights for Venus in Fur asap
  4. buddies are in touch with buddies and shadow buddies are being cc’ed
    • #TODO: buddies, update spreadsheet when you know what they are doing
  5. #TODO: Thom, buddy Emma


  1. we are rescheduling the money meeting, hopefully before end of semester
  2. skylar is on top of applying for funding for 250th


  1. christmas party is at 7pm this Wednesday
    • bring food things if you have them
  2. Laser tag is December 14th
  3. #TODO: Emma/Conor: can you ask if we can borrow any of the 248 williams cars
    • we should go to laser gate and need to check that it’s open
    • jenny will look into groupon, she will be laser master


  1. facilities came twice this week and fixed what needed fixing
  2. #TODO: chris will send in request for men’s bathroom tp dispenser to be fixed
  3. light board is really problematic and unstable
    • #TODO: Andrew, look into light board options


  1. first aid kit will be filled
  2. we are safe


  1. Skylar will send out email about Writers’ Week to set up meeting
    • applying for new works for WW
  2. Will it be possible to try to have the meeting/conversation about board commitment?
    • can it be after next Sunday’s meeting?
  3. #TODO: Alex, send out email about extending next week’s meeting to include this meeting
  4. jenny's updating show packet and sm kit
  5. #TODO: Celeste and Liz set up a time to meet about PWAQ
  6. We should remember that margaret's grant exists. It works like New works and doesn't have to be for shows at pw only
  7. our calendar the weekend of spring weekend is free
    • can we do Week In The Space in that week?
    • if yes, it would have no budget and would rely on grants
    • it would be with spring weekend included
    • the alternative is dark week, and maybe projects could be specifically catered to that week
    • we should think of what the pros/cons of filling that time would be
    • maybe can't be called week in the space
    • discussion should happen at the early visions meeting next semester

Minutes: Ursula

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