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HERE: Jenny, Simon, Liz, Marty, Alex, Fletcher, Chris, Skylar, Celeste, Thom,

ROSES: the English language, premiere, thanksgiving was big and quite pleasant, maybe have a house for next year, winter is here and I feel grounded in my physical body, dominoes, singing music, it’s my birthday week, not as much happens the week after, magical thing happening when I came to SQ yesterday a la santa’s workshop, doing mics for snow queen, the cast of mary stuart, SQ.

THORNS: Lost keys, graduation, I’m tired and stressed and it won’t end for a while, not sleeping enough and needing a shower, disconnected from the argument of my thesis, didn’t have time to eat, little thorns all around, everything happens this week, doing a horrible job at the things I care about, today was a hyperventilation kinda day, I don’t dream just run the show again and again in my head, up too late.


  1. little setback in set building because saw gave in/breaker went out
  2. EPs will check in on building progress and safety etc.
  3. we are doing plats tonight and we should stay and help with painting too
    • there is a lot to be done, and people should check in and come by later in the night if able to
  4. stuff will be moved away during rehearsal
  5. we aren’t moving mics and won’t be buying/using a drum shield
  6. push the show on facebook
  7. HMs
    • F8: Celeste, Liz
    • Sa8: Thom,
    • Sa11: Chris (?)
    • Su8: Liz,
    • M8: Celeste, Chris
    • T8: Fletcher, Skylar
  8. champagne toast will happen around 10pm after the show on Friday
  9. skylar will run strike and we will set strike jobs on Sunday


  1. auditions can’t be in upspace on Tuesday and Thursday is work day
  2. probably moving auditions to somewhere else altogether
  3. callbacks can be in the upspace
  4. had show packet meeting a while ago
  5. can we get audition info in the silver box?


  1. upspace done for the year
  2. michelle needs to paint it back Thursday morning
  3. #TODO: Austin, can you copy the upspace key?
  4. Lottery will be covering almost all of firs half of the semester, will happen on the 19th
  5. #TODO: Thom, make an overview of the weeks
  6. Writers’ week: it seems that if we’re trying to make it add up with WIL will be stressful, a lot is happening at that time between our shows, twits, and undergraduates being able to audition for WIL shows
    • what about the week before tech week for April slot for Writers Week?


  1. Skylar is doing a Christmas Spectacular


  1. buddies are in touch with their buddies
  2. skylar will be the point person


  1. jenny, conor, Andrew will have a ‘how do finances work’ meeting about the budget immediately after the meeting Sunday and anyone is welcome to join


  1. Jobs meeting will be this Saturday, December 7th Jenny will send out When2Meet
  2. Celeste and Skylar will be on Jobs food committee
  3. it’ll be in the afternoon so people have time to get to their calls
  4. Christmas party is on the 11th, 7-10pm
  5. Laser tag: 13th, 14th?


  1. door fixing is the most pressing, it has something to do with the card update, chris has been in touch with them, should be working soon


  1. chris called facilities and outlets in downspace are fixed and outlet for saw works now
  2. chris flirted with a facilities woman, we have a good relationship
  3. #TODO: alex send out email about the meeting this Sunday
  4. austin will meet with stephanie santucci
  5. #TODO: Austin, make a spreadsheet for workday jobs
  6. Jenny is trying to get photos from Vibrator play and 3c2c


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