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ROSES: listening to music, done with half my classes, bat boy, I don’t need anything and am happy, donuts and bat boy, weather, getting stuff done, this week I realized that I can do this, woken up in a weird way but then watched mad men, went to seattle and it’s gorgeous, future theatre, reading period, figured out the summer, bat boy.

THORNS: there are some games I never learned to play, my room looks like a pigsty, sleeping through my alarm, also perhaps don’t feel responsibility, drank way too much on Friday, lack of vocabulary to describe diarrhea, stinky ass trees, complications, getting drunk and making questionable decisions, that was my fun for the rest of my life, pulling together strings I need to now to make it happen in the future, I need a haircut, I’ve been sick, I let my body go and feel bad.


  1. it is happening
  2. jessie monitoring tonight, zack tomorrow
  3. strike is tomorrow
    • be here for strike at 10.30


  1. it is a cast of four
  2. they are having a workshop on Friday may 3rd from 4-6pm in Ashamu
  3. #TODO: Chris, ask if they be having rehearsals during workday (Friday the 10th)


  1. #TODO: ask your buddies for hard copies of the plays
  2. #TODO: Zack and Alex, send out schedule


  1. Saturday first slot monitors
  2. three monitors at a time
    • tech table, ‘stage manager’, crowd manager
    • arrival time around half an hour before first show in slot
    • #TODO: outerspace committee send out monitor jobs
  3. Outerspace is now running Thursday through Saturday
  4. equipment will be taken inside at the end of the day
  5. #TODO: Chris, make facebook event
  6. #TODO: Jon and/or Evan, make a poster for Outerspace
  7. #TODO: subcommittee, talk to the neighbors


  1. #TODO: conor, make facebook event for lottery


  1. we have an open slot Sunday may 5th
  2. later: celeste with ‘happy endings’ and last Sunday show: Karin’s female comedy show


  1. individual outerspace shows can apply to open jar and new works
  2. after that, the outerspace festival as a whole (tarp, cable, etc.) can apply


  1. schedule needs to be made with mf
  2. #TODO: Austin and skylar, schedule and plan out with mf


  1. we got two new trashcans
    • we need to take out the trash from them
    • perhaps emptying them after the Sunday meetings?
    • maybe making it the responsibility of the show and checking after our meeting
  2. watch for rain and flooding in the lobby
  3. maybe nara is giving us a sound thing?


  1. we are safe and sound


  1. #TODO: Margaret, make facebook group
  2. we have everything we need for wizards


  1. jobs bbq will be Sunday may 5th at 5pm
  2. #TODO: adam, romeo and Juliet post mortem figure out
  3. madmen should make a clearer schedule for what needs to be publicized when and how that works with the budget


NEXT MEETING: Sunday May 5th at 11am

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