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ROSES: things in shapes, Frisbee with baby on beach, seeing brother, jonjon and meeting cool people, applied for a job with the beyonce of graphic design, leandro zaneti and abby colella, conor and adam’s set and relationship, group fitness class/spin class/I am accomplished/I can do anything, spring break, transition into spring/”everything is going to be great” attitude, Skylar is a materials concentrator, google keep, the kid who I tutor got into his dream college, great outside today and I didn’t go to con law, elias shaved his head, james franco in spring breakers, spring break, IN LOVE and BEST APRIL FOOL’S EVER #poorchiboucas

THORNS: sickness, sad, inability to get work done, the people I’m meeting are seniors, spring break was “spring work the whole fucking time”, broken phone, today, I am having a hard time being happy with all of the wonderful things in my life, this week, bad cold, temperature increase is expanding floor, paper to write tonight/nightmares, gotten really casual about sleeping 4 hour nights, cold during the break and covered in fake blood, not enough sunlight, we don’t have a pit (except for Skylar, we love you Skylar), spring breakers was the worst, lotta work


  1. Got an extra 450$
  2. Austin may need extra hands; Adam does not want extra hands
  3. tech is spread over Friday and Saturday
  4. Austin is borrowing equipment from the department, there is a strobe and haze light
  5. Borrowed equipment means that we need to be careful about locking doors.
  6. show schedule: 8 on Friday, 6 and 10 Saturday, 8 on Sunday, 8 on Monday


  1. we went over the show packet
  2. At the meeting, she was waiting to confirm with Alex Lee about costume designing, Alex wants an assistant


  1. Super Secret is this Saturday
  2. 3PM Becca
  3. 4PM Conor
  4. 5PM Jessie
  5. 6PM Skylar
  6. 7PM Ben
  7. 8PM Thom
  8. #TODO: Marty, keep us posted about the piano


  1. the committee will have a meeting this week, will make facebook event with details asap
  2. grilling?
  3. we’ll be advertising it as a versatile event
  4. we could group them together by categories
    • skylar: “for example ‘funny things’ night”
  5. we will set up the stage during strike of bat boy (29th) and run from 30th to the 5th
  6. we will need tarps to cover the lights, possibly the stage as well


  1. logistics with R&J
  2. prom can get set up earlier in the day
  3. everyone is here, ready, at 10pm
    • we will wait till R&J ends and the first hour of admittance happens through the parking lot door
  4. R&J cast will get in for free
  5. can we have prom starting at 11pm instead?
  6. #TODO: Christopher, make the facebook event por favor
  7. the theme is masked ball
  8. #TODO: Mad Men, make poster dankeschön
  9. #TODO: Alexander, talk to Miles


  1. TPOC in the upspace is happening this Sunday


  1. new works has two applications
  2. someone else should get on the new works
  3. open jar is full, has an application


  1. jessie will teach Andrew the ways of the finances soon
  2. budget’s good and we won’t appeal


  1. natural gas smell is still there
  2. continue to call facilities and tell them about this smell in the lobby when you smell it


  1. we will buy a base for the scaffolding
  2. we should also buy some new planks soon
  3. ten new plats for the upspace would be 4000$
    • they would live in the elbow
    • this does not have to happen right away but is good to consider
  4. safety walkthrough went well, a few minor things


  1. sound wizards happening weekend after next
    • we want to do this on Sunday because visions is Saturday
    • it should happen in the upspace, around 1pm
  2. #TODO: Ben and Margaret, look into applying for money
  3. #TODO: Mad Men, advertise this lots


  1. becca made the calendar, will run it with Jessie
    • finals are earlier this fall
  2. we should schedule fall at pw decision meeting
    • it will be May 4th (may the fourth be with you)
  3. #TODO: Alex, get in touch with MF about new workday date
  4. #TODO: Everyone, respond to Alex’s mail about MF dates
  5. Pwaq layout
    • #TODO: becca, send jonjon the pwaq stuff and reminder email
    • #TODO: Jonjon, do the layout
  6. tell people not to put things in the piano
  7. MF contract committee
    • they are meeting with three of the MF people to renew contract
    • Alex, emma, ben
  8. #TODO: freshmen make your bios on the website
  9. #TODO: everyone, add each other’s phone numbers
  10. #TODO: renish committee begin coordinating


NEXT MEETING: Sunday april 7th at 11am

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