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HERE: Emma, Brette (visiting), Jenny, Conor, Margaret, Skylar, Jessie, Jon, Adam, Alex, Zack, Chris, Ursula

MISSING: Ben, Becca

ROSES: it’s getting colder so I won’t sweat on my quick walks to class, weather, cast party, improvidence babies, shiny shoes, reunions, did all my laundry and dad’s birthday, good morning good day, all the food I’ve eaten and massage (not eaten), I think I had fun last night? I had two blankets and it was awesome everyone should get an extra blanket, 3c2c and parties to follow, junior year.

THORNS: have to write 2 pages in German today, a family of skunks died outside my house, paper, fok de hatahs, I just don’t want to have to keep eating the same oranges, not knowing when the next one will be, being late, being off the hill and staying downtown, I really feel bad – so many thorns, I’m trying to figure out what I wanna do and can’t separate near and far future, got locked outside standing in the rain, I keep falling asleep with my contacts in and might go blind.


  1. set designer sent cut list
    • they need a P.O.
  2. company cast is coming for strike
  3. only using the six mics, only mics for some people
  4. want to have talkback/reception in the upspace


  1. ticket sales have been slow especially for matine
    • in the future we should consider a late night show instead
  2. For the HM speech we don’t

-Strike: 9.30 pm on Monday

  • chairs, plats (staying in the space), duv, carrying stuff for company in from the shop, getting our rooms clean
  1. Margaret and Skylar will be the Pizza People
  • strike will be short so pizza should be prompt
  1. Post-mortem (also for ordet) : Emma and Adam have started figuring it out
  • the post-mortem should be about ten days after the show closes
  • it will consist of an email with questions
  • it is entirely optional, and if you don’t want to answer the question you can schedule meeting
  • aim: creating a space for feedback, which will then be reported to the board


  1. #TODO: Everyone with buddies, push for them to submit scripts on time
  2. can we figure out a way to help with pairing playwrights and directors?
  3. Zack requested the Chandelier room for the decision meeting, hasn’t heard back yet


  1. 3c2c has it right now
  2. Cheno has it next: is planning a drag-performance and impersonation show
    • performance will be on Thursday


  1. last open slot is yet to be completely settled but will be soon


  1. open jar:
    • we received the check
    • becca started the update-summary thing
    • Jenny has figured out receipts with nudity
  2. gupta-colella
    • #TODO: Zack get in touch
  3. New works
    • still waiting to hear back
    • no one has applied yet


  1. #TODO: Ben, Adam, Jessie: write list of long-term list of safety stuff


  1. Jessie had the UFB talk
    • they gave us 25$ for publicity for each event, including Sunday shows
    • all things in the upspace: presented by pw
  2. we were charged 400$ for having a phone line, some sort of residue fee


  1. facilities came by and had a walkthrough
    • they are trying to fix the mold


  1. homecoming is happening November 2nd for sure
    • Jenny submitted event registration form
    • we need to update the event plan, including a person who checks Brown IDs and signs in guests
    • btv is interested in co-hosting homecoming
    • we need this event in order to raise funds in the fall
    • main event-coordinators: Jessie (21+) and Skylar
    • #TODO: Skylar, Jessie – go through the event plan with security
    • #TODO: Jenny, update event plan. Adam, read through and submit
    • #TODO: Jenny, email possible DJs
  2. Workday
    • Workday will be December 9th
    • we should have a very well organized plan for Workday
    • possibly assigning people before workday
  3. Ben
    • workday: we should put up pictures in the hallway
  4. Margaret
    • Margaret knows a girl who’s interested in production managing
    • SOTG is trying to organize an audition workshop
    • wizards
    • writer’s group: #TODO: Margaret, Conor, Ursula meet up and talk about it
  5. Ursula
    • meeting time next week?
    • #TODO: Ben, reconsider meeting time for next weekend (fall weekend) as people might be gone, we should figure this out via email


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