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HERE: Alex, Jon, Jessie, Serge (visiting), Skylar, Zack, Chris, Jared (visiting), Margaret, Becca, Ben, Adam, Deepali (visiting), Lana (visiting), Jenny, Ursula, Emma, Brette (visiting), Conor


ROSES: donuts, yesterday, sleep, Ordet and British people in my house, really happy, two days in NY, great concert, visiting heyy all the people and bagel, extracurricular activities are great , Yermedea is going, bringing donuts, Emma’s shoes and socks and fun night with RISD people, first amazing taco, being back, farmer’s market which made me feel like a better person, creation.

THORN: owing donuts and a song, covered in terrible bug bites, crying all the time, not getting into class I wanted, don’t have a job and hair is greasy, I wanna owe donuts, tense meeting, tired, too much work still, someone threw up on my doorstep and had a couple too many green jello shots, not knowing what I’m doing post-Brown, new food truck with veggie steak but no credit card, expectation.


  • Show was successful
  • toast was successful
  1. strike Monday at 10.15 pm
  • Margaret: chairs, space coordinating carrying lights
  • Becca: take apart set
  • Adam: take set apart
  • Jenny: props, box office, space
  • Ursula: costumes, space
  • Emma: costumes, space
  • Jon: electrics room
  • Skylar: lights
  • Chris: paint, chairs, duve
  • Zack: chairs
  • Jessie: running strike
  1. tea cup smash
  • safety is always a priority, PMs and EPs should be on top of this
  1. #TODO: EPs talk to Lee


  1. #TODO: Jenny, email Ben a copy of last year’s program
  2. Jon is doing poster
  3. plats need to be set up on the opposite side
  4. Emma is also EPing now
  5. 3c2c is a festival for playwrights
    • we should try to facilitate playwrights and directors getting in touch directly
  6. facebook page will be up soon, push for it
  7. house managers:
    • F8: Alex and Chris
    • Sa8: Margaret and Jon
    • Su2: Adam and Jessie
    • Su8: Ben and Jenny
    • Mo8: Becca and Ursula


  1. everything is going well
  2. instruments and microphones from MF is figured out
    • new contract with MF


  1. Becca will buddy Alejandro
  2. #TODO: Buddies, talk to people proposing and encourage them to propose for November
  3. decision meeting is October 6th


  1. nothing happening this week, cheno has next slot


  1. all slots but one have been filled
  2. #TODO: Margaret, send out email to everyone doing Sunday Shows to clarify responsibilities


  1. new works:
    • in touch with the benefactor
  2. open jar
    • 450 $ in open jar now


  1. we have to pay for the phone to be repaired, approximately 300$
  2. UFB: in the policy manual, it says they provide supplemental funding (25$) for each event
    • Jessie submitted it
    • mainly for advertising


  1. substantial space maintenance in the weeks to come
  • because of the flood and consequences of that


  1. things that need to be implemented
    • platforms are going to need railings
    • the door to the outside can never be blocked
    • new platforms?
  2. #TODO: Jessie, Adam, Ben: meet up and compile a list of all the things they ask us for


  1. Becca
    • late seating is a problem, so we should put up a sign that makes that clear
    • for shows where it is especially important that people do not enter, we can have a board member outside
  2. new members meeting: November 3rd
  3. Conor
    • website – how can we make it work?
  4. Skylar
    • liquor license processing for homecoming
    • Jenny has an event form started
    • PWAQ should be started soon
  5. Jessie
    • we should find a time for visions and workday
  6. Visions: October 20th
  7. we’ll be in touch with MF about dates for workday, possibly early reading period
  8. Alex
    • October 13th: PW/MF hangout around 10pm
  9. Emma
    • Homecoming will be November 2nd


NEXT MEETING: Sunday, September 30th at 11 am

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