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HERE: Zack, Skylar, Becca, Ursula, Adam, Margaret, Alex, Chris, Emma, Brette (visiting), Jared (visiting), Austin (visiting), Conor, Jessie, Ben, Zack, Jenny


ROSES: the weather, happy to be here, lost silver necklace and then found it, got to see people, piracy, remembering why I’m doing what I’m doing, pineapple, crush slept over, piracy, nice email, Ordet is going smoothly, building puppets, finally almost fall, I know how to swim, my room.

THORNS: my dryer doesn’t stop so my clothes were drying for ten hours, up late for no reason, cousins still have a cute puppy but I’m not there, not awake, small shitty things, lacking self awareness, blackberries, crush slept on the couch, hated all the shopped classes, tired, exhausted, yesterday morning, swimming constantly because of humidity, boys.


  1. Zack is meeting with Gabe Lozada this afternoon to talk sound/speakers
  2. Grants
    • Still looking for money
    • maybe late night fund?
  3. show times decided
  4. talkback after the Sunday show
  5. still looking for an asm


  1. audition times are decided
    • Saturday 3-6, Sunday 2-5 in Wilson
  2. Jenny and Jessie made a chart
    • #TODO: Emma, print out the chart and put it up in Lyman and around there
  3. auditions will be in different rooms
  4. #TODO: Ben, reserve rooms for auditions
  5. we are extending submission deadline till 11.59 pm tonight
    • meet to pick plays tonight at midnight
  6. #TODO: Jenny, check the email and print the plays/fix the envelopes
  7. stage manager
    • two people have expressed interest
    • #TODO: Adam, email them
  8. still looking for light designer


  1. auditions are this week
    • EPs should be around at auditions
  2. they are using the mf mics
  3. #TODO: Jessie, send the names of people interested in playing in the pit to Brette


  1. buddies
    • Conor is buddying Sisa
    • Chris is buddying Jenny
    • Skylar is Margaret’s buddy
    • Ben is buddying Phoebe
    • Jon is buddying Ari
  2. #TODO: Everybody, talk to people about Winter @ PW, push applications


  1. set monitors for Nudity events
  2. monitor times:
    • M8: Ben
    • T6: Becca
    • W7: Emma
    • Th6: Margaret, Chris
    • Th8: Adam, Ben
    • Fr8: Jessie, Jenny
    • Fr10: Jessie, Skylar
  3. Sa8: Chris, Zack, Conor
  4. for the Saturday Nude Cabaret/naked party: max 120 people
  5. make it clear that photography is not allowed
    • larger performances: put bags in the dressing room
  6. Sunday show:
    • #TODO: Margaret, email bmc people about potentially being in a Sunday Show


  1. new works
    • still haven’t heard from the benefactor
    • haven’t gotten any applications
  2. open jar
    • still waiting for the check
    • haven’t gotten any applications


  1. Ben: “No one hurt themselves this week.”
  2. cleared some stuff out of the hallways to make it safer


  1. spreadsheet is beautiful


  1. 64 tails done
  2. final deadline is when Ordet starts hanging lights, probably around Tuesday
  3. #TODO: whoever can, show up Monday at noon or Monday 11pm to help
  4. dimmer rack has been put back together
  5. wisconsin dimmer pack will arrive on thursday


  1. Becca
    • we should set up the PWinter
    • seating plats should be painted black?
    • the lights in the downspace need to be taken down – Monday at noon or 11pm
    • #TODO: Jessie, sort the freshmen into different listservs
  2. Adam
    • #TODO: Chris, put up posters in the silver box
    • spoke with bmc, decided to let them know when the shows are + make laminated signs to hang when shows are happening
    • Sunday show should be added to agenda
  3. Margaret
    • unclear about exact responsibilities of ambassador at large
  4. Skylar
  5. bringing back PW Homecoming
    • It is going to be November 3rd – maybe making it a Halloween party
    • #TODO: Jenny and Skylar will plan this
  6. green book
    • adding people after they have worked on shows
    • it will be the job of the EPs to do this after each show
  7. we should have a point person to pick up wood from TAPS department strikes
    • this will be Ben
  8. Alex
    • still trying to figure out the website
    • bbq with mf: ball is in their court
  9. Emma
    • the production workshop flag only says production worksh
    • #TODO: Adam will call Abby
  10. Jessie
    • we ditched the old chair rack, should we buy a new one?
  11. Jenny
    • #TODO: everyone, write a bio if you don’t have one yet


NEXT MEETING: Sunday 9/16 at 11 AM

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