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HERE: Zack, Chris, Jenny, Adam, Jon, Brette (visiting), Jared (visiting), Becca, Ben, Jessie, Skylar, Emma, Conor, Alex, Ursula, Margaret


ROSES: being and those who are present, great summer and a nice weekend in Amsterdam, Yermedea is fun even though it’s about genocide, people, living in a house, donut, watching sixteen year old girls being champs at theatre bridge, I’m here, relaxing, Maine was awesome, learning how to cook, buying school supplies at target, hilarious theatre orientation rehearsal, great summer, house is great and silly, being back in glorified childhood.

THORNS: being and those who are absent, menstruating on the plane all the way from Amsterdam, I’m a lazy fuck, the holes that people leave behind, bwwwaarrhh, cousin had a rare reaction to a pain medication, so not ready for tomorrow to be tomorrow, I think I’ve become lactose intolerant, switching places, cousin has a puppy but not there to play with it, humidity, too many classes to shop, house but no furniture, stress about coming back to Providence, no more free engineering printing, imminent adulthood.


  1. Jared’s here
    • working on grants from various places
    • we are going to refer to the show only as ‘Ordet’
    • #TODO: Zack, help Gabe with hanging speakers
    • still looking for another ASM


  1. 3C2C is coming up very quickly
    • rehearsal process will be very short, about a week and a half
    • deadline for submitting plays: Sunday 12 PM
    • application for directors due Tuesday 11:59 PM
    • auditions on Thursday
  2. #TODO: Emma and Jenny, make an overview of audition/callback times for all the shows
    • they will decide audition times
  3. we’re still looking for stage managers and light designers
  4. we need a poster design early


  1. Brette will send audition dates and times in an email
  2. still looking for assistants for all positions except stage manager
  3. it is possible for actors who are in Ordet to be in Company


  1. scripts are due October 1st
  2. proposals are due October 3rd
  3. meeting on October 6th
  4. #TODO: Zack, make a facebook event
  5. buddies:
    • Skylar is Margaret’s buddy
    • Conor is Sisa’s buddy
    • Chris is Jenny’s buddy
  6. we need to push for proposals, especially for November slot


  1. Nudity in the Upspace
    • we need monitors, two people for the days with larger events
    • we will decide monitors next meeting
    • we should have an area for checking in bags and belongings
  2. Sunday show
    • we need to figure out the dates


  1. Theatre Orientation
    • we’ll meet in the Upspace at 6 PM, go to Leeds 6:45 PM
    • #TODO: Adam, print flyers
  1. Activities Fair
    • Margaret, Skylar, and Becca meet at 6:15 PM at PW
    • #TODO: Jon, find photos from past shows and give them to Becca
  1. MF/PW brunch/barbeque
    • brunch/introduction: Saturday September 8th at noon in the Upspace
    • possible barbeque times: early evening Friday 14th, 5 PM on Saturday 15th
    • Alex will mail MF
    • #TODO: Emma, buy food for the brunch


  1. New Works
    • Margaret sent a year report to the benefactor, asked for money again
  2. Open Jar
    • Becca is in contact with them, will ask Justin about the specifics of how to deal with checks
    • Becca Wolinsky has applied for the open jar grant
  3. Deepali and Abby’s grant exists
    • once we figure out what it is, we should put it on the grants page
    • Zack is the Weird Guy for this grant


  1. Ben: “We’re gonna try and be safe this year.”


  1. 1800$ accidentally returned to UFB, turned out not to be a problem.
  2. Jessie has made a lovely new spreadsheet, which will make finances clearer
    • this will live in the dropbox


  1. dimmers
    • we are fixing them, one dimmer is in Wisconsin
    • Adam bought 90 new female connectors
    • we’re about halfway done
    • whoever can help should, needs to be done before Ordet hangs lights
  2. flood
    • there was a big flood in TF Green during the summer
    • Adam and Jessie will talk to the SAO


  1. Zack
    • visiting classes to introduce submissions for 3C2C within the
  2. Emma
    • is PW writer’s group still a thing?
    • Margaret and Ursula are doing it
  3. Conor
    • we should make it known that writers can also direct for 3C2C
  4. Jenny
    • Updating the PW wiki
    • #TODO: Everybody, check your jobs pages on the wiki
  5. Adam
    • we should update the webpages so we can refer people to the website and have it be accurate
  6. Chris
    • the proposed new members meeting date conflicts with Yermedea
    • toxic waste training
  7. Margaret
    • Margaret met with Erik Ehn, he is interested in working with PW in the future
  8. Jessie
    • #TODO: Ben, make sure there are event safety sheets in the box office, filled out
    • Faustus donated 200$ to us


NEXT MEETING: Sunday 9/9 at 11 AM

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