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HERE: Zack, Adam, Conor, Alice (visiting), Liz (visiting), Evan (visiting), Jon, Brette, Max (visiting), Jenny, Celeste (visiting), Thom (visiting), Emma, Ursula, Becca, Jose (visiting), Margaret, Cheno, Jessie

MISSING: Ben, Alex, Skylar, Chris

ROSES: I can sing really low this morning, lovely concert, getting to watch zack destroy everyone at pool, super productive, parents are here x 2, got a destructive weekend, super secret, midterm review, best friend x 2, theatre stuff last night, pied in the face for the first time, good happy a capella song stuck in head also fun, skyped with a puppy, fun night, super secret, Salem and baby leg like a rabbit’s foot, air in my tires.

THORNS: I passed out with both my windows open and just a tiny thin blanket, can’t hear anything this morning and brakes on bike don’t work, fell asleep on the couch in the middle, got up early and had to, restaurant cute on the outside but bad on the inside, do not have a voice right now, ignored all the work, no gym, exam, essay, no work done, doing work but nothing else and Ipod is on the fritz, no time for mimosas, the company music stuck in head, have to read 3 books and write a 10-page essay, having to do everything else, thorny and ipod, broke my watch and it’s going to Texas.


  1. #TODO: EPs, update facebook stuff
  2. painting is happening Monday and Tuesday after rehearsal, approximately 11.30
  3. design runs are open, 8pm through the week
  4. toast: 10.30 pm on Friday
    • Jessie will get Pink Wine
  5. HM
    • F8: Jenny, Zack
    • Sa8: Emma, Jon
    • Su2: Adam, (Emma)
    • Su8: Becca, Ben
    • M8: Jessie, Ursula


  1. they need a piano for the rehearsal process
    • a contract would need to be signed but they can probably use MFs
  2. #TODO: Zack, be the ‘sound mentor’
  3. do we have wooden ladders?
  4. first production meeting happened, everything is going well
    • they are applying for grants and maybe food from bakeries
    • grant money will go toward set and consumables
  5. advertising in the program?
    • #TODO: discuss our policy on and the rules about advertising in the program
  6. paper chains in the space can’t actually happen, fire hazard
  7. TD: we need to set it soon
    • #TODO: set TD via email
  8. cast will have to come to strike, 10.30 on Monday


  1. a fourth week will be added in the end of the year
    • lottery is happening later today
  2. the space will stay red for Romney the musical and will be painted back this week


  1. Romney musical at 7pm and 8pm tonight
  2. #TODO: Adam, Zack or Conor: let them in at 6pm
  3. Zack: HM at 7pm, Margaret: 8pm


  1. New Works:
    • Super secret got money
  2. Open Jar
    • Becca is making a pretty thing with photos etc.
  3. Weird Guy is in touch with Gupta/Colella, nothing is really set


  1. everything is going well
    • posters are made
    • jobs list will go out to everyone soon
  2. subcommittees:
    • decoration: Jessie, Jenny, Skylar
    • alcohol: Zack, Ursula
    • food: Conor will get chips
  3. #TODO: Jenny, send list of what alcohol and food we need to Zack, Conor, Ursula
  4. clean up: the night of or after new mems


  1. buddies: all are up to date, most have met
  2. Schmooze is happening this Wednesday at 10.30pm
  3. #TODO: Becca, reserve SmittyB room


  1. EHS and fire safety when we did the walkthrough: Adam got a draft for health and safety reqs
    • they felt that there were a number of surprises and wanted to prevent this
    • EHS is doing a lot of check-ups and safety needs to be a priority


  1. Ordet overspending – half of it already paid back, waiting for the rest to be settled


  1. hot room?
    • we haven’t heard anything yet
    • it was cleared out but nothing has happened
  2. rainstorm on Friday: drain was unclogged in time but it still flooded somewhat
    • adam is trying to deal with it


  1. committee meeting is happening after this meeting


  1. Becca
    • remember to go to the safety training thing
  2. Margaret
    • will paint the upspace back to black by the schmooze
  3. Adam
    • #TODO: Adam, deal with the 500$ deposit thing
  4. Jon
    • Pwaq
    • #TODO: Skylar, Becca, Jon – work on and figure out pwaq
  5. Conor
    • will send out Wizards plan
  6. next meeting needs to be rescheduled
  7. #TODO: Ben, find a different time to meet next week, since yermedea people are in Boston



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