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HERE: Emma, Jenny, Austin (visiting), Becca, Zack, Margaret, Alex, Ursula, Jessie, Serge (visiting), Brette (visiting), Grant (visiting), Jon, Liz (visiting), Evan (visiting), Skylar, Chris, Conor

MISSING: Ben, Adam

ROSES: it’s not the 18th century any more, taken last standardized test ever and secrets, alex is in next to normal, jenny thinks I’m hot, friends and music, great day in boston, got a job, first pw meeting, it’s getting colder = sweaters, good quiche in the ratty, ugg slippers and friend visiting, skylar’s roses and thorns, obsessed with improvidence babies, slept all weekend, when I’m sick I can talk in a baby voice and not feel bad about it, skylar’s spinach dip and pizza, wake up call from alex.

THORNS: feel bad for benedict arnold, this coming week will be a lot, people not getting into a show, only her, feeling cranky, still sick, that jessie’s sick, 3 am fire alarm in keeney, it’s 12.50$ to eat at the Ratty with cash, didn’t study for anthro midterm, Justin left and it’s sorta raining and uggs aren’t waterproof, god awful week, lack of donuts is killing me, slept all weekend, austin’s sick and I am too and huge paper, bedhead.


  1. next design run is on Thursday at 8 pm
  2. posters are being made
  3. Friday October 26th at 10.15 pm
    • Jon will get pink wine


  1. posters are going up, facebook is up
  2. #TODO: Skylar, inform cheno that she needs to be at our meetings and check on TD situation
  3. Skylar will send out an email about monitors for auditions
  4. applying to new works, religious studies or something along those lines, possibly Hillel
  5. #TODO: Skylar, check on assistant positions so we can put it in the email


  1. mean boys happened
    • they need to strike the space
    • did they coordinate with nudity?
  2. Margaret is in here next week
    • no house managing is needed, but there should be a board member in the space
    • push on facebook – people will get clues if they put it in their status
  3. HM
    • 2pm: Jon
    • 3pm: Ursula
    • 4pm: Skylar
    • 5pm: Conor
    • 6pm: Jenny
    • 7pm: Jessie
    • 8pm: Becca
  4. Upspace lottery due date: probably Friday of this week


  1. Nudity at 2 pm and 8 pm today
  2. two weeks from now is dark because of company’s tech
  3. we are looking for someone to be in the space for next week’s Sunday show
  4. in the future, maybe wizards as a Sunday show?


  1. new works: Margaret has contacted them but hasn’t heard back
  2. grants should be used for their designated purpose
  3. gupta/colella: in touch with them, figuring out the details


  1. Jenny wrote event management plan
  2. we have a liquor license
  3. we should eventually have decorations and food committee
  4. theme?
  5. Starts at 10 pm ends at 2 am, 3$ at the door


  1. buddies are all set to meet
  2. apps are due the 31st of October


  1. 9 am Saturday October 20th at 248 Williams street
  2. #TODO: Jessie, make a new document about Visions


  1. 25th and 26th at 4 pm: safety meeting in the uspace


  1. Ordet went over budget
    • do they need to give money back?
  2. #TODO: Jenny, get in touch with Jared to figure out the Ordet money situation


  1. Alex, Jessie, and Becca will be in charge of meeting with MF and scheduling workday
  2. #TODO: Alex, send email once you know who MF’s representatives are


  1. what’s going on with the hot room?
    • Margaret and Adam cleaned out the room
  2. dressing room smells


  1. #TODO: Jessie, reconnect Skylar to the dropbox
  2. Zack
    • schedule laser tag
    • #TODO: Margaret and Zack draft a letter for MF
    • we will figure out the dates via email


  • legacies – we should make sure to follow through
  • Zack will put up Patrick’s curtain
  • Hotel Nepenthe pictures are now up on facebook
  • undertaking: Adam and Emma have begun the process, asked for responses but no deadlines
  1. Chris
  • upspace lottery: each person can only submit once
  1. Jenny
  • archive stuff: photos on facebook, archives now exist for Ordet and 3c2c
  • #TODO: Jenny, set up external harddrive for photos
  1. Austin
  • the board came back from Barbizon and is now beautiful
  • we should really make sure to keep food and drinks away from the board
  • we should ask people not to set things on top of the boards
  1. #TODO: Jessie, figure out a cover for the board in the upspace
  2. #TODO: Zack, bring back the mammoth head
  3. Brette
  • we need to tell people when meeting times change


NEXT MEETING: October 21st at 11 am

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