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HERE: Chris, Adam, Zack, Margaret, Alex O, Ursula, Skylar, Becca, Alex (visiting), Simon (visiting), Conor, Emma, Jessie, Phoebe (visiting), Ben Chesler, Ben Freeman (visiting), Brette (visiting), Jenny


ROSES: I had a fun weekend, crisp fall air, lack of restraint, adventuring, food, youtube happiness, best friend’s here and food, awesome weekend, secrets, published poem, everyone’s back, beautiful beautiful fall colors, excited to be here, excuse to be here, fun people here, socks in birks, show was passed.

THORNS: only had one appletini, beer tasted like tootsie top center, lack of restraint, stupidity, I don’t do my homework, I hate everything, food, ate too much and leaving tomorrow, clarity, garlic hands are bumming me out, scared sleeping nearly alone in house, my back, boots are dying, not off book, feeling like I don’t know what I’m doing or what I want, generally doing a lot of things I enjoy and very little I really care about.


  1. EPs: Conor and Skylar
  2. #TODO: Conor, check up on PM situation asap
  3. Auditions will happen Tuesday and Wednesday of next week


  1. Benches can be used in the set
  2. #TODO: Jon, get in touch with the light designer to talk about the space (ask Brette)
  3. They are going to use 2 area mics instead of extra mics
    • possibly buying two more area mics?
  4. #TODO: Jessie, go over blueroom stuff and ticket process with Brette
  5. They are applying for grants
  6. #TODO: Emma, update the board on EP stuff in the next few days


  1. Mean boys is this week
  2. Monitors:
    • F8: Jessie, Becca
    • Sa8: Emma, Skylar
  3. Upspace lottery will be soon
    • we should try to advertise the upspace outside of the theatre community


  1. BMC happened this weekend
  2. Next Sunday Show is Nudity
    • again: we need to check in bags
    • put disclaimer in event
  3. monitors:
    • Su2: Becca, Conor
    • Su8: Ben, Jessie


  1. open jar
    • mean boys got 50 $
  2. new works
    • haven’t given out any money this semester
  3. #TODO: EPs for The Golem, encourage her to apply
  4. Colella/Gupta
    • Weird Guy contacted them to make sure it is real


  1. DJs
    • Miles and Tristan
  2. Jenny will write up event management plan this weekend
  3. Ben dropped off form at City Hall
  4. Do we want a costume theme?
  5. #TODO: Jenny and Skylar, find a time to talk


  1. maybe we need to schedule a different workday?
  2. Can MF choose two people who can help plan workday?
  3. #TODO: Alex, contact MF and find two people to plan workday
  4. #TODO: Jessie, begin working out workday schedule


  1. #TODO: Ben, pick the lightboard back from Barbizon
  2. the upspace light board is missing a slider


  1. Conor
    • might miss homecoming and part of new mems meeting
  2. New mems
    • #TODO: Emma, make a facebook event
  3. Adam
    • Laser tag? We need to figure out dates soonish, probably the week of the 10th of December
  4. Ben
    • won’t be at visions
    • approximately 500$ are needed for our lights
  5. Jessie
    • fundraising needs to happen
    • #TODO: Skylar, research fundraising
  6. Emma
    • we are having the MF thing on Friday at 11 pm
    • #TODO: Emma, invite MF


NEXT MEETING: Sunday October 14th at 11 am

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