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HERE: Conor, Jenny, Margaret, Zack, Ben, Ursula, Brette (visiting), Skylar, Thom, Jessie, Emma, Becca, Adam, Chris, Alex, Conor, Austin

ROSES: The circle dance statue, finalized letter of rec from Brown professor, don’t have class tomorrow, Austin looks goofy, going home earlyish, things that I’m listening to and watching including killer karaoke, St. Louis is still nice – still got the arch, all of the haircuts, went to new york city and say perfect play, played with three different puppies and puppies are fun to cry on, thought I lost my scarf but it was just in my house, you guys, proposed to MF and it feels good, cats.

THORNS: waiting for news hoping it’s good, a professor promised letter in England and hasn’t responded, no idea of what I’m doing for my future or how to make any money at all, in a bad mood and I hate everyone, a little cramped in here, bad news about a friend, still a student, unbelievable amount of things to get done, twiddled my thumbs, travelling for 14+ hours and still not knowing what I’m doing next year, no more musicals – my head will fall off, worst thanksgiving ever third year in a row, just circle dance statue and that I didn’t make it, home was rough and United kicked me off a flight – overbooked by one person: me, rest of semester will be really bad, no cats here.


  1. everything seems to be going according to plan
  2. Jenny will oversee plats


  1. auditions are happening this week
  2. looking for one more ASM


  1. The Old Queen
  2. HM
    • TH8: Zack
    • F8: Conor
    • Sa2: Adam
    • Sa8: Thom
  3. HM will do ticketing, it will be prepared but you have to give out tickets
  4. Runtime is about an hour, HMs should show up half an hour before
  5. Upspace lottery will happen later this semester, after TWITS
  6. going forward, we could offer upspace shows to have events made by pw


  1. we should set monitors for ImproviClue
    • Su8: Becca
    • Su10: Skylemma
    • Margaret and Conor
  2. monitors are doing ticketing, half hour before
  3. the week after, adam is doing a devised work
  4. margaret is figuring out Sunday show dates for next semester


  1. open jar is good and empty, will be filled next semester
  2. new works still has some money, still rolls over to next semester
    • Margaret will beging collecting pictures and info about events


  1. Jessie is in contact with UFB and figuring out difficulties
  2. fundraising: the application is in, Jessie is hoping to hear back from them this week


  1. one of the scaffolding things hook is bent
  2. speakers have to move, too close to a platform
  3. otherwise we are safe.


  1. apps are due Saturday at 5pm and should
  2. the decision meeting: at the D&B after the meeting this Sunday


  1. they did something to the red walls.
  2. the walls are now not the same color red


  1. should there be a ‘facebook’ job?
  2. christmas party will be on the 11th of December at 9pm
    • we can’t have it in the upspace
    • it will be in the downspace.
  3. the jobs meeting: December 2nd at 10am (normal meeting first, then jobs)
  4. workday is on December 8th
  5. WIL
    • they will have shows when Equus goes into tech, shows fri, sat, sun
    • then we will have pw writer’s week at the end of February (many can be accommodated)
    • they can start it during winter break
  6. website committee should meet and front page should include calendar of deadlines
  7. new idea:
    • pw midnight smackdown: combo variety show, gameshow with live participation, weird competitions and will happen at midnight in the upspace
  8. pw wikipedia: everyone is tiny.
  9. tomorrow is the lighting wizards from 4-5pm
    • everyone should push it on facebook, remind people that it’s happening
  10. Austin:
    • bought a lot of tools on sale for the shop
    • we should get more tools in the spring and look out for sales
  11. dramaturgy wizards with katrin
  12. pwaq is nearly done
    • should be bcc


  1. #TODO: Margaret, follow up about Golem money
  2. #TODO: Adam, check in with what is happening with the mold, the walls
  3. #TODO: Buddies for TWITS, make sure they are set to get their proposals in at 5pm
  4. #TODO: Website committee should meet
  5. #TODO: Alex, send out calendar of deadlines
  6. #TODO: Conor, contact Katrin about dramaturgy wizards
  7. #TODO: come to wizards if you can
  8. #TODO: Adam, send out golem post mortem
  9. #TODO: wizards committee meet about next semester
  10. #TODO: Skylar, send alex thing about pw writers’ group


NEXT MEETING: Sunday December 2nd at 11 am

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