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HERE: Skylar, Brette (visiting), Thom, Becca, Jenny, Conor, Cheno (visiting), Ben, Chris, Jessie, Alex, Margaret, Austin, Adam, Ursula, Zack, Emma

ROSES: Good things.

THORNS: Bad things.


  1. money stuff is good
  2. facebook will be up when the poster is done
  3. new costume designer – costumes are done but not fitted
  4. the set is not yet done
    • there is no actual design for the set
    • Skylar will figure out what needs to happen for the set to be done
  5. there will be 2 runs each night: 7.45 and 9.30 pm
    • #TODO: everybody go to design runs when you can
  6. the audiences will be smaller, and they will have two performances per night
    • approximately 40 people a night
  7. test audiences for the last shows?
  8. strike: 9 pm on Monday
  9. HM speech: will happen in the lobby, will be specifically written for this show
    • Margaret will be in touch with Phoebe about it
  10. HMs:
    • F8: Emma, Austin
    • F11: Ben,
    • Sa8: Becca, Adam
    • Sa11: Thom, Jessie
    • Su8: Alex, Jenny
    • Su11: Skylar, Margaret
    • M8: Chris, Zack
  11. toast after show: midnight on Friday, sparkling cider
    • #TODO: Ben, get cider


  1. First meeting went well
  2. #TODO: Margaret and Becca, figure out audition poster design
  3. Auditions are coming up
    • Facebook event tomorrow
    • we will set board auditions managers over email
  4. housing
    • we’ll have to deal with it after the show is cast
  5. grant money would go to puppets


  1. tempest/next to normal
    • tempest can be in the upspace when next to normal is not in the downspace
  2. #TODO: Conor, get in touch with Rebecca


  1. #TODO: Margaret be in touch with Natasha, figure out December 2nd


  1. New Works
    • we have two applications
  2. open jar
    • Rebecca sent in an app


  1. Jenny got receipts for phone repair in Chinese
    • #TODO: Jenny, translate and deal with reimbursement
  2. #TODO: Conor, Jenny: buy rights for Equus and Goose and Tom Tom
  3. #TODO: Jenny, deposit money from Homecoming


  1. we are safe.
  2. safety training happened
  3. Adam is meeting with EHS about fire safety at 11.15 on Thursday


  1. front door
    • front door is not a door
    • front door sometimes opens, didn’t before
    • it is good that we have a sign saying: ”this is not a door” when front door is not a door
    • #ragtag


  1. Emma
    • postmortem happened for Ordet and Company
  2. #TODO: Emma, send out spreadsheet with details from post mortem
  3. #TODO: Emma, make a sign ‘do not disturb’ for meetings in the box office
  4. TWITS
    • keep pushing facebook event
    • applicants will have buddies
  5. Visions Part 2 is on Thursday, Nov 15th at 6:45pm at Emma’s house
  6. Workday: December 8th
  7. Laser tag: December 13th
  8. Skylar
    • Wizards went well, it might be a good idea to have another soon
    • maybe figure out what people are interested in learning?
    • #TODO: Skylar, clear with MF whether it’s okay to have a wizards in relation to next to normal
  9. Becca
    • figuring out a way to make sure designers on proposals follow through
  10. Jenny
    • we need to schedule Christmas party and Winter Jobs BBQ
    • BOPS are interested in modeling organization after PW
  11. #TODO: Yermedea people, email your dates of availability and when you’re leaving by next meeting
    • Second EP for G&TT, we’ll officially set it after December auditions
  12. Jessie
    • #TODO: Austin, get in touch with Greg at the CAC about the ion
    • #TODO: Emma/Jessie – get in touch with Vanessa from WIL
    • WIL: table the discussion till Thursday – we want to know the extent of undergraduate involvement
  13. fundraising: if we get permission to fundraise it will happen in January or February
    • Jessie is in touch with them, will keep us posted
  14. #TODO: Skylar, write up about Writers’ Group
  15. #TODO: Margaret: make facebook event


NEXT MEETING: Sunday November 18th at 11 am

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