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HERE: Zack, Deepali, Ben, Emma, Justin, Becca, Allison, Abby, Adam, Jon, Conor, Megan

MISSING: Ursula (Nepenthe tech), Skylar (“), Chris, Jenny, Margaret

ROSES: delicious food, am in Italy, nice to be able to do nothing, PW, being back at Brown, boys, found four necessary things in 5 minutes, the strange freedom that comes from having nothing to lose, the weather in New York this past weekend, pretty sure about having a dingle, I'm having fun, still being done, playing settlers of Catan, the flag, Faustus rehearsal and hearing people sing through the new music,

THORNS: the moment when you realize you are bloated, 2 am in head 8 am in real world, can't go to the beach today because of this fucking class project, nothing, moving out of apartment in 3 days, myself, moving stuff and refusing father's help, having nothing to lose, could not find an apartment in New York, 3 rehearsals today, Jon Jon Key is sad, time is limited, people getting resources wrong in settlers of Catan, really awful dreams last night, stuff in giant pile, when something you've been dreading for a while is finally just going to happen,


  1. dry tech yesterday
    • wet tech happening now
  2. Jared seems super chill/excited about the lights which is great
    • everything is cool with lights now
  3. Paula is slightly confused about plats/house count
    • Adam will talk to her
    • plats will be tomorrow at 4 pm if that's cool with the show
  4. HM times
    • W8 Zack
    • Th7 Becca,
    • Th10 Ben, Chris
    • F2 Alex,
    • S6 Adam, Emma
  5. strike will be Saturday night at 8


  1. most of the cast has gone home
    • Becca will send an email to the rest about strike
  2. still need TD, ASM, asst set and costumes
  3. what's the policy about box office use for our shows
    • there isn't really one


  1. they're happy about the changes to the schedule
    • #TODO: put something about the schedule in the email


  1. EPs will be Ben and Adam


  1. Conor did the upspace lottery
    • Becca Wolinsky, Cheno Pinter, Tristan and somebody, Margaret
    • #TODO: Justin, forward the Open Jar email to Becca
    • #TODO: Becca, send the Open Jar email to them
  2. the speakers have been buzzing when the lights are on
    • something with the new board maybe?
    • they buzz no matter where the lights are plugged in
    • not pressing, but let's look at it next fall


  1. capture the mammoth is on Tuesday
  2. #TODO: Emma and Ursula, do the picking stuff
    • send last minute ness to facebook, etc
  3. renish
    • #TODO: Deepali, invite the board to renish
    • we have 10 people coming
    • #TODO: Justin, send Becca/Jessie Open Jar blurbs for the walls


  1. New Works still has $70, we can either let it roll over or use it for photo paper
    • or swallow it up!
  2. Open Jar still has $30 ish
    • at the end of the day, these are both approximations
  3. Ben will do a reimbursement form for some dimmery thing, connectors?
  4. #TODO: Jessie, figure out how much money both the grants actually have left


  1. SOTG has two of our ladders
    • it's cool
  2. ends of cable with yellow tape on them still need to be fixed
    • they are usable but not perrrrfect
  3. do we still want Austin to fix the dimmers over the summer?
    • yes, after the shelves are in and the tails are done
    • let's have him talk to Megan and work things out


  1. Jessie's going to put together a new spreadsheet over the summer
  2. we shouldn't be making any large purchases right now that aren't dimmer related
  3. #TODO: Conor, send Jessie an email with stuff about rights


  1. Jessie
    • is going to put together the Benefactor email soon
    • Adam and Jessie need to sign their Theatrebridge contract
    • #TODO: Adam, call Leandro
    • it would be helpful if we had a summer todo list
    • keep updating the work day list forever!
  2. Emma
    • will talk with Adam about postmortem
    • undertakerrrrrrrrs
  3. Adam
    • has to collect keys from the seniors at some point
    • has a fun little ceremony planned
  4. Megan
    • loves us
  5. Conor
    • Yermedea Yermedea Yermedea
    • Emma and Zack and Conor have to write that email
    • let's keep trying to toast our shows
    • Emma and Conor are toast captains

MINUTES: Deepali


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