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HERE: Ursula, Alex, Emma, Jenny, Becca, Jessie, Serge, Adam, Zack, Ben, Katie (friend of Ben), Patrick, Chris, Justin, Abby, Conor, Skylar

MISSING: Leandro, Jon

ROSES: the runoff table and being done with school and making the first round of interviews, finished with this year, had a lovely time yesterday evening and had a healthy conversation with ex-girlfriend, got to go home over the weekend, hadn't seen Ben in like a year, went home for mother's day, sending all the emails today, in a really good mood despite some unproductive hours, done with school and been done for a while, spending a nice time with my sister, music today, next year, so close, getting really excited for Italy, rehearsal for Nepenthe, went to grocery store and had a heart to heart with grandmother, getting to know new people, this ice cream is delicious

THORNS: being done with school, professor lied and said exam was going to be easy/straightforward and it was neither, stupid business plan project, still have a final tomorrow, seeing him now, made mom a gift and left it here, wearing sunglasses in the rain is sometimes cool and sometimes not, not done and everyone else who is done is having a great time, being done is actually not that much better than being in school, we were really sad the whole time, unrequited love, this year, still far, empty room is sad, saying goodbye to suitemates also shit got so real, rain, very lost and confused and upset and confused, it's probably my dinner,


  1. rehearsal is going well
  2. things on the design side are concerning, finals are making things stressful
    • having trouble coordinating time in the space for designers
    • schedules didn't work out and lights is angry about denish happening Wednesday night
  3. Skylar's moving forward solution:
    • we need bodies, unskilled labor to help lift things and stuff like that
    • Adam set up the rigging for the ceiling, which needs to be up before dry tech
    • canvas that was ordered on the 12th needs to come in and be put up
    • Ursula is on track with sound, but could use a sound mentor, Zack will do it
  4. we need a list from Brette of what lights she's hanging, what other people can do
    • Skylar will make sure after their warehouse trip that Brette figures some stuff out and tells us
    • people will hang stuff at 10 pm tomorrow
  5. Jared might take over light design, it's unclear whether things will be less overwhelming soon
    • Ben will talk to Brette and generally mentor the stuff that's happening
  6. EPs and Skylar will jump in and help Jessie with scheduling
  7. poster and teaser poster are happening


  1. had auditions and callbacks
    • waiting for Kym to cast Yermedea
    • should they ask people if they were cast in both which one they would prefer?
    • would that influence casting decisions? Would it help at all?
    • okay we're just going to wait
  2. Becca should send an email to Lowry, Kym, and Rebecca explaining the stress and conflict that this is causing us
    • we've been waiting to do something about this, and it's hurting PW but there is no standard so Kym's not breaking any rules
    • #TODO: Write the email after Wednesday, send it to the board, and then we will send it from the PW email to S&B
  3. still looking for TD, ASM, and assistant set and costumes
    • #TODO: Deepali, put it in the email!


  1. they already had a production meeting, everything is going well
  2. they are looking for a rehearsal pianist
  3. when can they get their music scores?
    • we need to purchase the rights
    • we can't buy them right now because our money doesn't come in until classes start
    • they maybe have it in Orwig
    • stuff won't be shipped early enough if we do it next year though
    • so, we will buy the rights now. #TODO: Conor, put in a formal quote request


  1. we decided we want to switch MF and December slot
    • Alex, Karin, and Abby talked and it seemed to make the most sense
    • it benefits us and them, especially us
    • if we make it so that MF doesn't conflict with us, we can also borrow their stuff
    • we have a lot more pull over Kiss of a Spider Woman that way as well
  2. our decision meeting for Winter Season is currently October 6
    • November slot would hypothetically be 16-19
    • which is enough time
  3. the original weekend of Company needs to be changed because of the orchestra concert
  4. 3C2C would be September 28-October 1, right after The Word
    • this plan is what we are going for
  5. #TODO: EPs for 3C2C should be selected next meeting


  1. doing good with submissions, we have 5 or 6
    • they all seem pretty thoughtful and big
  2. no problems, #TODO: Conor, reorder the weeks and get people to send you their preferences


  1. Justin needs a blurb from Ned, and from the Nepenthe people


  1. nothing new, really
  2. buying rights for Company means other big things should wait until next semester
  3. reimburse yourselves for purchases
  4. Sam Barasch wrote us a check in case Blasted doesn't get the Dean's grant, Jenny will give it to Jessie


  1. Capture the Mammoth
    • everybody should invite their friends to the Facebook event
    • deadline is Sunday night, even all of us should email the thing
  2. renish
    • Becca has most of the photos, is working on the rest
    • Deepali will check out RSVPs
    • #TODO: we will talk about putting lobby photos back up next week


  1. mens bathroom upstairs smells gross
    • we should talk to Jeff about it


  1. Adam
    • we should finish stuff from work day
    • read the email, consider it
  2. Zack
    • jobs barbecue is at 5 tomorrow, Zack will buy us food
    • we should get more coal, lighter fluid, although there is some in furniture…?
  3. Conor
    • Gillian Michaelson wants to borrow a ladder, we can lend it to her
    • let's set monitors for Ellie's thing—Ben can handle it, Conor/Adam will help
  4. Chris
    • won't be here next Sunday, will be back for Commencement so can help for stuff
  5. Jenny
    • looking for a 3C2C program from this year, will look in the bathroom or Ursula will give hers to her
  6. Patrick
    • can we do the fundraising with chairs thing again? Recognize contributions in some way?
  7. Jessie
    • think about jobs before the barbecue tomorrow
    • Adam will email Margaret
  8. Serge
    • missing one, potentially two 24 keys
    • we had 5 earlier in the semester, three for Downspace, one for Upspace and one extra
    • gave one to Chris, so we're missing one
    • Serge will check with Eliza
    • Adam is making a key inventory for the SAO after this spring

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, May 18 at 11 AM

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