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HERE: Chris, Patrick, Jon, Emma, Jessie, Serge, Adam, Leandro, Becca, Jenny, Austin (visiting), Deepali, Zack, Alex, Ben, Skylar, Conor, Justin, Jessie, Abby, Ursula

MISSING: Margaret, Megan

ROSES:Going to dinner at boss's house tonight, finished a class, finally transferred next Game of Thrones book onto tablet, also going to B's tonight, had a good talk with a close friend last night, pw, solo5solo and getting slurpees at 3 in the morning and fun nicknames with Emma, performance, school's almost over, realizations, Ally McBeal, totally smitten with this guy, school's almost over, Jurassic Park, fresh faces, new friends, families at brown are the fucking best, I really like it when everything is in its proper place: a solo show by becca balton/megan estes, nepenthe is blocked and impressed by solo performances, it was just a dream

THORNS: Not having all of the answers, going to really have to go to the bathroom in 35 minutes, someone belting 'wagon wheel' last night, Conor's gross joke, lot of work that's just not going to happen at all, the fear that suffocates me from breathing, am completely fucked, the whole website thing, school's almost over, texts I don't want, lots of people making stupid posters in my living room for a long time last night, really uncomfortable with emotion and he lives far away, organic chemistry, art post Jurassic Park is more complex than any of us could have imagined, moral realism, too little time, dress is kind of wrinkly, interpretation paper, so many works, woke up from worst dream ever


  1. deck is up
  2. figuring out ways to work within the budget
    • they still want to try and get the upspace thing together
    • costumes and props haven't really started spending yet
    • about $75 left in Open Jar, maybe?
    • #TODO: check on that in the budget
  3. also, downspace was unlocked at around 2:30 last night
    • bad bad bad!


  1. Becca is meeting with DLD and Jared after this to sort out stuff for Ordet
  2. they might need audition monitors if they don't have ASMs yet
    • #TODO: Deepali, put in a call for ASMs, asst. designers in the email
    • #TODO: Becca, tell Deepali if they need a set designer
  3. #TODO: Ursula, connect with Kym about Yermedea coordination


  1. only one submission for the lottery so far
  2. push it on Facebook
    • #TODO: move the date to next Wednesday
  3. encourage full productions! email your buddies
  4. some performances happening for Erik's class tomorrow
  5. Keegan's rehearsing in here right after our meeting
    • they don't have to strike the lights they put up
    • they are going to use 6 black chairs, Chris will let them into the hot room
  6. BMC:what's going on with them?
    • #TODO: Deepali, check in with them
  7. Ellie Sywak wants a day in the upspace but won't say for what really
    • she will get the evening of the 17th
  8. btw, the official rules regarding events during reading period is that you can't have events with attendance of over 100 people
    • so upspace events are basically fine
  9. #TODO: Conor, update the upspace calendar
  10. wizards is Thursday
    • at 2 pm
    • #TODO: Deepali, put the time in the email
    • #TODO: Jessie, make the facebook event
    • if Nepenthe doesn't apply for Open Jar, Wizards will
    • #TODO: Ben will email the tech listserv
    • #TODO: Jessie will contact TA25 and TA3
    • #TODO: Alex will email other boards


  1. New Works still has like $70
    • it'll stay where it is


  1. Barbizon got a quote from ETC
    • we have an official quote for the pieces, not labor
    • it is $24,000
    • it'll cost a few thousand dollars to fix the ones that are broken right now
    • should we put in a request to the provost to replace all of them first, and if that doesn't work, fix the ones that are broken right now?
  2. the Provost will probably not get back to us that quickly
    • let's get the information in to him soon
    • and work on fixing them will probably happen over the summer
  3. #TODO: Ben, write the letter to the Provost
    • include historical UFB refusal to fix information
    • #TODO: Jessie, compile information
  4. Jenny ordered the wheels for the runoff table, they were shipped
  5. Jenny and Jessie might make a different spreadsheet not on Google spreadsheet
    • they will put it in the Dropbox


  1. will be on the 22nd at 2 pm
  2. we need to write a declaration of war
    • #TODO: Justin, Zack, Emma will write the declaration of war by Tuesday/Wednesday
  3. Leandro, Abby, Deepali, and Ursula will be capitanos
  4. #TODO: Deepali, put it in next week's email
  5. renish: #TODO: Deepali, email the subcommittee


  1. there is no soap in the girls bathroom
  2. there are never trash cans


  1. Serge
    • runoff table will happen when the wheels arrive
    • Amazon says they will arrive on Thursday but it could be earlier
    • Serge will then weld them on, but 6 people are needed to transport the table from John St to PW
    • just a reminder: new mems don't vote at their first proposal meeting because they're there to learn, this is important, remember it
  2. Jessie
    • work day is next Sunday
    • google doc isn't super updated, it will be
  3. Emma
    • some people are antagonistic about us doing a musical
    • the conversation with Karin and Keegan went fine, says Alex
    • Alex is meeting with Karin Tuesday night
    • we are going to try to make it so that people can do both
    • ultimately, any scheduling shifts are up to Rachel, who is updated on the situation
    • also: conversations like that should go through the exec. Producers
    • what do we do about drunkenness/drug use among casts, etc?
    • we can't police that, but we can make our intolerance of it more explicit
    • #TODO: Jenny, write this up and put it in the show packet/stage manager section of the wiki
    • we should also make an announcement about it at strike
  4. Patrick
    • happy to hear that Becca is washing her hand
  5. Chris
    • silver box boy is happy to be the silver box boy
    • the SAO calendar should be somewhere in the silver box maybe, silver box boy will decide
  6. Justin
    • we had our first PW writer's group, it was a smashing success
    • Ursula will be taking over from here on out
  7. Ben
    • just bought some glow tape
  8. Abby
    • is kicking Serge in the balls
  9. Jenny
    • will send E.P.s updated show packet today
    • #TODO: E.P.s, send the packets!
  10. Becca
    • is ordering some wood, think about if you need some wood

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: #TODO: Abby, schedule our next meeting!

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