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HERE: Becca, Justin, Zack, Adam, Patrick, Leandro, Ursula, Skylar (!!!!!), Jessie, Amanda (visiting), Emma (!!!!!), Conor, Jenny, Jon, Abby, Alex, Ben (!!!!!), Chris (!!!!!), Deepali

MISSING: Margaret, Megan, Serge

ROSES: nice sleepover with Conor last night, still drunk and starbucks download and got a weird bread for free and new members, thought Abby was a Poler Bear, BOP set is done, parents are visiting after spring break, spring break is on Friday, with a little bit of sleep and a little bit of protein you can always keep it being fresh and boredom is a choice, trying to stop doing that started yesterday, two housemates got laid in a big way last night, big crush on this girl, game where you throw the ball into the bo window, Becca predicted own fate with game and singing all the time, beautiful day outside, good week this week, linear algebra, new mems and inish and summer Faustus and visiting Dan next week, slept in yesterday for the first time in like 7 weeks, Amanda is here to visit, being here and on spring break

THORNS: still have anxiety about summer, not thinking about papers, Abby is not a Poler Bear, essay due at 5 today, no spring break plans, next three days are hell and relationships are really hard, you can't do all the things, making work harder than it needs to be, every sunday realizing ball dropped on the pwaq, no clue what's happening, diagnosed with a love addiction and don't want to do anything about it, sometimes my tummy hurts, tend to make mountains out of molehills, midterms coming back, being mean to the new mems, mired in the most dreadful taxing academic experience of life, relationship anxiety and always being busy, Serge is real sick, midterms didn't go so well last week


  1. we have them!
    • everybody is all set with the email
    • new mems, put in phone numbers and bios on the wiki


  1. puppet designer and first draft puppet have been obtained
    • Marisa Valenza (RISD)
  2. Michelle Migliori is going to assistant direct
  3. is cutting lines okay?
    • not in broad swaths, but little bits here and there is fine
    • bozos will check that out
  4. design stumble-through on Wednesday at 9
  5. not seeking any outside money or grants
  6. not looking for any designers


  1. bozos are Becca and Ursula
  2. will hopefully have a production meeting after spring break
  3. needs a stage manager
    • Deepali, put that in the email!


  1. decision meeting will be on May 5
    • this is Justin's birthday but we'll deal
    • proposals due on May 2
    • plays due on April 30
  2. visions will be April 14 at 10 am
    • at 208 power
  3. work day will be either May 12 or May 13
  4. jobs barbecue will be May 16
  5. renish is May 26


  1. signing contract with Celeste after the meeting
  2. play readings are from 7-8 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
    • it's called 'Words with Friends: a Playdate with Playwriting I'
    • series of play readings in the upspace
    • tuesday monitor: Zack, Alex
    • wednesday monitor: Leandro, Justin
    • thursday monitor: Ursula, Becca


  1. April 22 for BMC
  2. Poler Bears happening in the space today
  3. Deepali will link to general Sunday Show page when putting poler bears in the email


  1. Open Jar
    • application from Jillian Jetton
    • committee will meet quickly after this meeting
  2. New Works
    • no apps right now, Jessie might submit one for Brownbrokers


  1. budget is due on Tuesday
  2. Jenny and Jessie are on that shit
    • Jessie will draft a budget this week
    • they are meeting with our UFB representative soon
  3. if people have things they think we need to ask for more money for, email Jessie and Jenny


  1. it is on April 14
  2. Jenny has a jobs list, it will be distributed to us soon
  3. Leandro will do the liquor license sometime this week
  4. party training is on April 5 at noon or 5
    • Chris can't make it but we will figure something out
  5. prom will start at 10, set up at 9
  6. decorations committee: Deepali, Chris, Jenny, Ben


  1. scaffolding will arrive over spring break, Becca will be here to pick it up
  2. scaffolding training is April 11 at 8:30 am boo
    • it costs $140, Becca is doing it
  3. Becca triggered the sawstop
    • it works!
    • we will get three new brakes
    • we will be secretive about this
    • Becca made us a pushstick


  1. wall downstairs, lights up here
  2. ceiling…?


  1. Adam
    • new mems guide is not a good guide
    • Adam wants to do a basic guideline event, go over stuff in person
  2. Zack
    • pwaq shit will be sent to Jon
  3. Justin
    • ideas for the bakeoff, generate!
  4. Becca
    • what do people think about putting the chop saw in the downspace?
    • it's not a big deal, even though they might trip the breaker
  5. Deepali
    • other theatre on campus section of the email
    • suggestions thing is still happening
  6. Alex
    • Megan will get back to us about wizards after spring break
  7. Abby
    • will meet with Alex and Fiona and bring an external hard drive and get all of our files and never talk to her again
    • fundraising committee met with alumni relations people, it wasn't particularly enlightening but it got the ball rolling, they gave us the go ahead to include people who have participated in shows/weren't necessarily on the board in our fundraising requests
    • they're going to give us their list yay
  8. Jenny
    • Margaret was going to be reimbursed for Eurydice but couldn't sign for her check, Jenny ended up just canceling it, Jenny will tell Diane she's abroad and then pass it on to somebody else
  9. Conor
    • Serge updated upspace contract so that room usage is clarified, thank you Serge
  10. Leandro
    • if you build in the shop there is a waiver you have to sign, sign it!
    • we will probably need to do an event safety checklist for tonight

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Unsure, after Spring Break!

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