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HERE: Ursula, Patrick, Deepali, Zack, Jon, Lauren (Sprang A'reckonin), Adam, Leandro, Serge, Jessie, Jason (visiting), Conor, Jenny, Alex, Max (Jenny's best friend ever)

MISSING: Abby, Megan, Margaret

ROSES: last night in all of its forms, got frosted toast crunch last week and the box has lasted longer than expected, last night in its general trajectory, disney world, realizing that is half the battle, had a fun time last night, partying with PW, meeting Jessie's friend, Jason being here this weekend, being less hungover than I thought I would be, having a really fun weekend and drinking too much, Max, Radiohead tickets yesterday, got to see brother Friday night, last night and wonderful conversation with Ursula on porch, conversation with Leandro on porch also being really happy, it's sunny,

THORNS: haven't thought about presentation due tomorrow and can't find jacket, can't put them back like I used to and being responsible for the experience of those I love, WCRH ending and probably feeling a little purposeless after that, haven't bought groceries in like a month and a half, haven't learned a goddamn thing these past four years, battle with laundry room yesterday and clothes are miraculously still wet, feeling like a fuckup, 14 hour train ride tomorrow, still feeling drunk, going grocery shopping like once this semester, need to read a lot before going back to school tomorrow, lots of work to do today, life beyond this building, ignoring people and being a stupid shoeless bitch, have to write a paper today and see WCRH, feeling pretty sick, daylight savings time,

INTERJECTION: “You know what movie isn't as gruesome as its title would have you think? Honey, I Blew Up The Kids” -Patrick McGowan


  1. 75 percent done with performances
    • people are clamoring all up on this show
  2. strike tonight at 10:30
    • Jessie will be co-running strike, woooooooo
  3. the cast should clean up the bathroom attached to the dressing room
    • it is grody


  1. had to add another day of auditions
    • from 1-4
    • text all of your male friends, email them, harass them
  2. production meeting today at 4
  3. still need a sound designer and props designer
  4. we should talk about April slot at Visions


  1. Ursula and Becca will bozo


  1. Serge will meet with people next week
  2. Arianna's in the space this week
    • showtimes are in last week's email
  3. we should take down the cables in the upspace during strike
  4. we need to clarify upspace contract room usage
  5. Sunday Show: belly dancing or BMC for April 22


  1. New Works
    • we still have a little money left
    • Jessie will start putting together the look what we did packet
    • we should have a little info packet to send recipients with the financial stuff, etc.
  2. Open Jar
    • apps are due Wednesday
    • Justin emailed the upspace recipients
    • Olivia hasn't given receipts or photos
    • Justin will ask Matt if Sunday Shows qualify for the Open Jar


  1. nothing major happened this week
  2. Jenny ordered the lamps and had them sent to Leandro and Serge's house
    • Jon forgot about the caps, he will get on that shit
  3. Guests is weird because Adam spent a lot of money both for PW and Guests
    • he kept a nice chart though


  1. Kisa has found $2400 for us
    • unclear from where, perhaps another Benefactor ooooooo
    • she said it was for covering the rest of what the shop outlet upgrade would cost and to cover part of the scaffolding
    • $608 is what PW fronted and hasn't gotten reimbursed
    • including the downspace outlet we still need about $2000, we're not going to get it from SAO or UFB so we should petition the UFB next year for it
    • Becca will call the scaffolding person and ask Jenny to get a PO on Tuesday for about $1900
  2. Shelley and Joie have mentioned that when we go to UFB we should get the dimmer rack situation on their radar, so they know why we have money that we don't want to use for other stuff
  3. regarding the hose, it was delivered and apparently signed for by someone named Bessie who is not Jessie
    • we will check in with Orwig to see if they dropped it there accidentally
    • why has no one given us the hose?
  4. fire safety sheets are happening yay
  5. Leandro will bring waivers for people on the board to strike tonight


  1. when we came in this morning the door to the butt was open and unlocked
  2. on Friday night around 11 the door to the downspace was unlocked
    • how do we combat this in general
  3. Becca will make signs for the inside of the doors that say to lock the doors


  1. Conor
    • lemon bars are owed us
  2. Jenny
    • prom was originally set for April 7
    • it might be better April 14, in terms of Blasted and Perfect Wedding tech
    • if people aren't cool with April 14 let Leandro know
    • Jenny will start making a spreadsheet for people's jobs
    • party will be from 10-2, bar closes at 1:45
    • we need Djs—Leandro wants to ask Remy, Alex will ask Miles
    • three dollars at the door, dollar for drinx
  3. Becca
    • runoff table needs to be welded
    • Adam and Serge will work out distribution of responsibilities and let Leandro know when they're ordering steel
  4. Jessie
    • we should set a date for visions next week, everybody look at your calendars and think of potential dates
    • we also need to set a date for for our next decision meeting, round of proposals next week
    • fundraising meeting is Wednesday at 1 in faunce
  5. Alex
    • sent Jon the pwaq text but to his defunct brown address
    • Zack will resend it, we will have pwaq by end of today
  6. Jon
    • bop borrowed props they filled out a form
  7. Zack
    • we should make a performance in progress sign for the lobby
    • we should add a thing to the house manager speech asking people to work with us/email us/plugging sunday meetings, we did that yesterday and it was great
    • Deepali will start adding a suggestions tag to the bottom of the email
    • also reminder about bakeoff in email

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, 3/18 at 11 AM

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