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HERE: Patrick, Jenny, Jared (visiting), Justin, Lauren (SA), Helen (Guests), Becca, Zack, Leandro, Deepali, Jon, Ursula, Serge, Jessie, Conor

MISSING: Adam, Megan, Margaret

ROSES: bodies, getting really excited by all the PW stuff, feeling fine feeling good, getting to meet and hang out with TA3ers, last night was really fun and Guests is awesome, dad's birthday, ordering pizza pier at 1:45, Guests, everything else, figured out how to delude self into being happy all the time, accidentally slept for 12 hours last night, sleep, slept more than four and a half hours last night, Mrs. Riseley gave me a plant that was just a bud on Friday but then this morning it was like six inches taller, really good dreams,

THORNS: can't tell if I'm sick or just don't yell well, combo of being sad that Guests is ending on Monday and summer jobs still, huge hangover, having a matinee with a lot of work to do, not enough hours today, dad isn't 95, cold room, all of the laundry, no baked goods today and sore back due to djing, aunt has lung cancer, got the shits to do to day, health, figuring out shit, don't know what kind of plant it is and got unnecessarily wistful, snoooozing and tricks on self not working,


  1. people like it a lot
    • miraculously no one was offended by the nudity!
  2. strike will be at 9:40 tomorrow, be here at 9:30
    • Jessie will run strike next year and will talk to Leandro tomorrow
  3. a lot of the plot is going to stay as is
    • Brette will come to strike at 9:30 tomorrow and talk about what she's keeping


  1. regarding plats
    • teching on Tuesday from 5 pm to 1 am
    • plats will be at 11 on Wednesday
  2. HM times
    • F8-Zack, Ursula
    • S2-Megan, Unknown Helper?
    • S8-Leandro, Becca,
    • Su8-Abby, Jenny
  3. Leandro will help Lauren with the blue room
  4. regarding table saw, whoever is repairing it will email Deepali/Zack and we'll figure out when to have them fix it
  5. strike will be Sunday at 10:30
  6. run tonight in pembroke fieldhouse at 7:30


  1. Jenny met with Gabe Lozada and it was fun
  2. Abby met with Emma Johnson two weeks ago, she'll send a draft sometime this week
  3. Jessie is going to meet with Austin sometime today or tomorrow
  4. Justin met with Skylar on Friday and answered all the questions
  5. Jared and Serge are meeting tomorrow
  6. Becca met with both Anna and Chris, Leandro is going to take Anna
  7. Zack is meeting with Alp this afternoon hopefully
  8. Jon emailed Becca Wolinsky and she isn't applying anymore
  9. Deepali met with Ben who sent her a draft and she will get him edits today
  10. Patrick spoke with Adam at the schmooze and will meet with him soons
  11. New Mems meeting at 9 in Smitty B


  1. Arianna's in here after WITS
  2. four new weeks! woop
  3. we don't know where the soundboard is
    • it was there for TPOC
    • and not there for the schmooze, so it disappeared between Sunday and Wednesday
    • please lock up, people, seeeriously.
  4. Sunday show stuff
    • Poler Bears on March 18, Starla on April 8


  1. started implementing envelopes for house managers thing
  2. now there is a transaction sheet in the safe
    • if you take money, take it from the money in the box not envelopes
    • and record it on the transaction sheet


  1. Becca was supposed to meet with Lori who could give us more money
    • but then nobody could be there because of various bullshit doctors
    • except Joie and Kisa and Jason from UFB and Conor
    • they were not helpful because they hadn't read any of the materials
    • Becca emailed Lori to set up another meeting
    • nobody thinks they should pay for this, even if they did think so it's unclear if the money actually exists
    • we could submit stuff in our next budget request
  2. Joie told Leandro and Adam that Kisa was planning on giving us $2400 for new scaffolding on Friday
    • Becca will email Joie about it
  3. they want to know where our money is intended to go
    • Becca will search for 'appeal' and 'UFB'
  4. event safety sheets are in the box office in the drawer
    • Monday HM's have to mail them out


  1. the light in the sound pile was pretty much fine
  2. we should fix that hole in the wall from the piano
  3. the upspace door is still swinging past its swingpoint and making a hole in the wall


  1. Serge
    • was here on Friday reading proposals
    • issue with borrowing speakers from BMC
    • they knew we were going to borrow them but the BMC guy grilled Serge
    • seemed really stressed out and nervous about it
    • Serge forwarded us the email and the response
    • they're meeting with the SAO to talk about this
    • he keeps on contacting Abby
    • Abby will forward Leandro an email and Leandro will respond to it
  2. Conor
    • Leandro will drop off the 24 keys to new mems today
    • wherever they are
    • at the end of this semester when the seniors give back their keys we're going to give back 5 of them to the SAO, we can always ask for them back
    • should we keep LA keys and give back 24s yes that seems good
  3. Justin
    • theme: love stories
    • sewage, pop rocks, eggshells, an unassuming but dangerous maid, “I should've put it on my Visa”, a short lullaby, a pun, “Slow down, bebe”, pot banana bread, a scene with multiple characters in which only one speaks, a pear/pair/pare, exploding birds, whiskers
  4. Jessie
    • lending forms exist
    • work day leftover stuff needs to be taken care of
    • we will get a chair rack for the metal chairs
    • fundraising meeting happening on wednesday the 14th with a fundraising person and an alumni contact person to make a long term plan
    • we need to talk about renish
    • it will be on Saturday, May 26, paired with a show
    • Leandro will send out the Theatrebridge contract today
    • if post mortems are going to be a thing we need to standardize when it happens
  5. Abby
    • had a conversation with Todd Lipcon about website stuff
    • the issue is that Fiona's not going to put our site on the server and we need to do it
    • we need to find somebody else to do it and get the files from her
    • Todd says he's coming up to do a recruiting thing in a month, would possibly be willing to install the new things on our server, he said don't get a new server, just get the new array, Abby knows what to buy
  6. Jenny
    • prom will be April 7
    • btw Alex and Conor are party trained
    • next party training is April 5
  7. Deepali
    • inish March 15 tentatively
    • we'll confirm at the new mems meeting
  8. Jon
    • we need to order lamps and caps and c clamps
    • will do inventory at strike tomorrow and figure out what we need
    • Jon will do numbers and Serge will figure out how much it costs
  9. Becca
    • we should take down christmas lights in the upspace at strike

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, March 11 at 11 AM

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