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HERE: Conor, Patrick, Justin, Zack, Abby, Alex, Jenny, Jon, Leandro, Skylar (visiting), Jessie, Becca, Serge, Ursula, Deepali

MISSING: Margaret (changing the guard), Adam

ROSES: belly button piercing and boys and little kisses and life and being calm, Becca's text messages at 3:30 in the morning, stuff moving and happening upstairs, yesterday, yesterday, knowing this semester is going to be really great, really enjoyed that cake and it's nice to be back, nice schedule and no classes on Wednesday, coffee, remembering dreams, mah body, Becca's laugh, making bacon last night, great possibilities, all the Chinese people from yesterday,

THORNS: people being seniors, lots of reading to do for tomorrow, recruit in the room this weekend, tomorrow, all of the stuff being avoided, alcohol leading to honesty, not totally pumped about classes which is disappointing for one's last semester, trying not to get into bad habits, bad decisions, dreams are terrifying, not one of those aliens from men in black that has a 36 hour day, shouldn't have put sweater through dryer, bad dreams because of bacon, not being sure of making the most of them, might have to show someone around campus today,


  1. things are going reasonably well upstairs!
  2. tech-ing today and using the new board
    • ”Christen that child.” -Conor Kane
  3. dates and times
    • speed the plow TH8, F11, S7
    • opus F8, S3, S9:30
  4. they have been great about shutting and turning off things
  5. seating capacity is about 75 right now
    • if they add another row it's about 90
    • they're doing ticket reserves in a chill manner online


  1. spending money
    • got $200 from writing is live, hopefully that's a precedent
  2. striking lights today so ben can hang tomorrow
    • we should organize them by barrel size
  3. eliza's going to do some more building after rehearsal tonight
    • things are coming along!
  4. design run at 9 on wednesday


  1. production meeting happened yesterday, it was fun
    • all positions filled
  2. auditions this week
    • they might need a board monitor for like, 2 hours
  3. adam brought in an awesome model
    • tiny tree tiny tree
    • tiny tree
  4. let's give it a facebook bump
    • btw next sunday is the super bowl


  1. we heard from Skylar
  2. other contracts need to be signed
  3. we're trying to reach out to groups
    • Deepali will email Leandro something to email to Body and Sole
  4. publicity stuff is like normal
  5. Deepali will announce the show in the email
    • Alex will make a website page for it that she can link to
  6. dates are February 19 (Improvidence), February 26, March 18, April 8, April 22, May 6


  1. gave $150 to Helen, $80 to Olivia
  2. Justin will email to remind them about receipts
    • and remind them to use po's whenever possible
    • check from Gelfand is in our pw mailbox
    • Jenny will deposit it


  1. meeting after this meeting about Trigger Hand and Zach Rufa's application
  2. Margaret emailed Jessie all recent communication with the Benefactor
    • it's confirmed that money for this semester will exist but it hasn't arrived yet


  1. ATR basically came in and did nothing
    • the problem might be that each of the dimmer packs is four dimmers per each feed of electricity stuff, either that or internal architecture
    • they can't really do anything without taking our dimmer packs away, which we can't do until after the show
    • we will be positive about everything


  1. Becca applied for the campus life fund
    • which is $500 out of the about $5060 we still need
    • Becca was going to email Shelley saying that she had applied for this, what other opportunities are there
  2. we could get Tim Reilly to write a letter saying this needs to happen


  1. Serge
    • wants to make a new runoff table with adam
    • it could even have wheels!
  2. Conor
    • how's the duv working as soundproofing?
    • Leandro wants to get these curtains, he will, we'll see how they work!
  3. Justin
    • bakeoff plays will be due wednesday, feb 22
    • ingredients: an electronic candle, an electronic cigarette, 'this feels plushy', 'wait, this is a burn', chocolate cake, a microscope, beef stroganoff, second guessing, space-(you fill in the blank), secret agent, a scene that only has two distinct lines, a flashback, tickling the ivories
    • theme is 'loss'
    • how do we make this experience better?
    • having actors read the plays—maybe get a company of actors for each bakeoff
    • Justin will email playwriting classes, and give a blurb for Conor to email to the acting classes
    • Justin will put it in Morning Mail and make a Facebook group
  4. Zack
    • Drew Madden is at the gcb hey drew
    • it is generally effective to visit classes
    • we'll sign up for stuff like that via email
  5. Alex
    • it's happening Trigger Hand saturday
    • adam and becca and maybe serge will make a list this week
    • neither patrick nor justin will be there because of improvisation
  6. Jenny
    • Ari is looking for a group of 7 actors to create an ensemble with the director and designers to create a movement based piece exploring the themes of social norms and what it is to be inside/outside of them and what the line is between uncomfortable/comfortable, no script or text, although there may end up being some dialogue that's found in rehearsals, it is what they make it
  7. Jessie
    • Ben Chesler has a key now
    • hide your kids hide your wife
  8. Becca
    • found out stuff about potential projectors
    • doesn't really understand projector language, and these ones seem super cheap and therefore sketchy
    • Becca will send out links

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, 2/5/12 at 11 AM

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