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HERE: Serge, Alex, Helen (Guests), Becca, Jon, Leandro, Jessie (!), Patrick, Deepali, Jenny, Conor, Ursula

MISSING: Justin, Adam, Margaret, Megan

ROSES: feeling real good about this semester, pillows on school bed better than pillow on home bed, awesome party, rehearsals for WCRH, being back, Power, alcohol and Young O 4 440 and being here, none of the stress is about Trigger Hand, fucking 21 and Angela Davis, everything and new underwear and a crush on a guy who isn't an ex-boyfriend, saw Angela Davis who is radical and awesome, good to be back at home and new glasses and straightened out room totally, met Obama last week and shook his hand

THORNS: digging up graves, mattress worse, had to leave party, all the inconsistencies in WCRH, not as exciting to unpack, the casualties of cooperation, two more boxes in the mail, stressed out and the semester hasn't even started, been at school for three weeks, read the Marriage Plot and feeling manic, may have pissed off a professor, wish it was snowing instead of raining


  1. design run and production meeting on Wednesday
  2. lots of unspent money
  3. PW shows now get wood for free!?
    • Eliza found a company that is excited about giving slightly shitty wood to student theatre
    • Eliza is a BAMF
  4. the Downspace is now white
    • black paint for the Downspace would be $100
    • Trigger Hand is asking if PW would donate the money in exchange for doing the labor painting it
    • it would be a favor from PW, but sort of as a thank you for Eliza getting us free wood
    • Adam doesn't know yet what is happening with paint for Guests
    • Trigger Hand can have the money for paint
  5. we need spike tape
    • therefore we need to order it if we don't have any in the building
    • there might be some in the electrics room or the shop
  6. ATR needs a light attached to every dimmer in order to fix our dimmers
    • that's 96 lights in the next two days
    • 1-6 is free for hanging lights, whoever can be there should be there
    • we should all be there to move all the lights, but not everybody can be using the ladders/scaffolding, etc.
    • we should gam-check lights as we put them up
    • we need to buy lamps, Serge will look into it
  7. re: soundproofing the elbow
    • Leandro and Megan did some research and found sound absorption curtains
    • we could get 5 for $250 and they would stop reverberation, absorb sound
    • Adam said once that most of the sound was coming through the foundation, so would curtains help enough
    • Leandro is going to hang duv and see if that makes any difference, if it does we should at least try the curtains even if we end up returning them
  8. performances at 8 every night, and additionally 2 on Sunday
  9. they want to have a talk back after the matinee show
    • maybe with SSDP
  10. they need two more keys


  1. auditions next week, Deepali, put that in the email
    • audition posters going up tomorrow
  2. they still need a sound designer and an ASM
  3. PW monitor at auditions would be nice
    • we'll figure out our schedules and see if we have time


  1. due date for third and Commencement slot
    • decision meeting will be March 3rd at 9 AM
    • proposals will be due on Wednesday, February 29th, scripts due Monday the 27th
  2. WITS due date is in an email that Zack sent


  1. the Repertory Project is in there now
  2. contracts still need to be signed with everybody
    • Zack will get Skylar to sign his tomorrow
  3. Josh Wallace wants to borrow costumes for Emily Oliviera's show, Abby will let him in
  4. Olivia Harding's Upspace show is starting a theatre company and they want to put their name on the show
    • we will let them do that
  5. we need to coordinate Skylar using the shop with Eliza using it
    • we need to find out if he's been trained by EHS/John Street
    • Zack will ask, if not, he needs to talk to Becca


  1. we figured out the dates
  2. Sunday Show people will meet tomorrow at 12:30


  1. there's an application, the committee minus Jessie will meet
    • we'll talk about it after next Sunday's meeting


  1. we have a tablesaw
    • it's not 100% put together, but power will run to it asap
    • we should put the old one on Craigslist
  2. we need to get somebody to work with Becca on safety funding
    • Jenny and Megan will talk about how to continue with that
  3. safety committee will meet to talk options


  1. everybody keep an eye out for that drain outside
  2. we need to clean the upspace butt
  3. we have a work day coming up soon
  4. the heat was broken in the Downspace the other day


  1. Leandro
    • Megan has the new lightboard in her school mailbox
    • Becca will go pick it up
  2. Abby
    • Alex and Abby emailed MF about workday
    • Karin is the new MF chairperson
    • we need to do one at the beginning and end of the semester
    • we need to come up with three dates
    • we could do this Saturday or Trigger Hand performance Saturday
    • we should ask Megan and Adam if one/both of them could do a planning walkthrough this week
    • Fiona hasn't done the website yet, we don't know her deal
  3. Becca
    • we should take the Christmas lights down
  4. Conor
    • sock and buskin would be useful for playboy (our library of plays)
    • Ursula, Conor and Justin are up on that, Conor will email Patrick (all in the FAMBLY)
    • we need to clarify upspace projects' use of rooms in the contract
    • SAO is being bitches about the 24s
  5. Jenny
    • front page should say Sam Barasch '12 not Sam Baraschl
    • Guests auditions should be on the front page
    • we should get showtimes from the repertory project
  6. Patrick
    • Zack and Patrick are the proposals people
  7. Jessie
    • we should all know a little more about PW's finances
    • it should be part of the meeting
    • this is a lot of important information that needs to be handed down really soon
    • it will be a line item in the agenda
    • we can see all our finances on MyGroups, explaining it is another matter
    • links to email addresses on the website are frequently inaccurate
    • everybody look at the email links for their jobs and rooms and fix errors!

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday 1/29/12 at 11 AM

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