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HERE: Alex, Deepali, Justin, Helen (Guests), Leandro, Sami (SA), Lauren (SA), Emily (SA), Conor, Becca, Zack, Jessie

MISSING: Adam, Margaret, Jenny, Abby, Serge, Patrick, Megan

ROSES: TPOC in the upspace and Starla, making fun of him and discovering own Bob Dylan impression, Marcel Proust and some very wholesome donuts, TPOC and the afterparty that followed, Friday night, being here, bagel sandwich from ABP, Spring Awakening photo shoot, sake bombing for the first time last night, went to New York to see best friend,

THORNS: fucking everything up, housemate's boyfriend butchering Tangled Up In Blue, no time to write these days, students from other schools, lack of wanting to be social, haven't gotten work done or gone out, did zero work yesterday, run out of shows to watch, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf rights not being available, feeling invisible,


  1. is in tech right now
  2. HM times
    • F8
    • S8 Justin, Conor
    • S11 Alex, Jessie
    • Su8 Leandro, Zack
    • M8 Deepali, Becca
  3. plats will be at 11:20 tomorrow
  4. Leandro, order a dumpster for strike
  5. Helen will talk to Ari about where to warn people about the adult content
  6. they need a soundboard operator
    • Deepali, put this in the email!


  1. show times—Friday at 8, Saturday at 2 and 8, Sunday at 8
    • we'll set HM times next week
  2. keeping orientation the same from Guests
    • Brette will reorient the lights a little bit
    • 86 audience seats and 13 actor seats
  3. loading in after Guests strike, tech on Tuesday from 5 pm onwards
  4. boys who are building the set need to be trained by Becca
  5. is it possible for us to put in plats Wednesday during the day
    • we will consider it and let them know next Sunday
  6. they also need a soundboard op and mic operator
  7. Ryan the sound designer will send Leandro an email asking about stuff
  8. they might have a fog machine, they'll let us know
  9. they're ordering lumber tomorrow
    • they will get a PO from Jenny
    • they should check with Gracie about what kind of plats they're planning on constructing in case they can just use ones we have already


  1. buddy check in
    • Leandro is buddying Madeleine, needs to know what she's proposing asap
    • Justin met with Michael, he's looking for staff
    • Deepali met with Alex, she needs all staff but will scan play, etc
    • Becca met with Gabe and Marlees, the script is in the dropbox
    • Zack sent Ellie an email
    • Jenny has Skylar Fox
    • Emma Johnson might propose, she should let us know!
  2. we should tell them the interview schedule once we have it


  1. schmooze on Wednesday at 11
    • set up at 10
    • Justin will order pizza, Leandro will get wine
  2. buddies
    • Deepali has Ben and is meeting with him today
    • Abby has Emma
  3. let's push it on Facebook, and emphasize the need for a buddy


  1. TPOC happened
    • they didn't spend all their Open Jar money so they're giving back $101.70
    • Jessie will make sure their East Asian Studies money came in
    • Helen will give back her key or we will 'get' her
  2. submissions are due on Wednesday for the next lottery


  1. no receipts yet from Olivia
    • Leandro will harass her


  1. Jessie is becoming signatory tomorrow
  2. financial information on the website will be updated
  3. also new rules re: PO's and reimbursements


  1. Becca
    • has anyone seen the connection hose for the dust collection system?
    • it is a ten foot-ish box, hopefully it'll show up
    • meeting with SAO people tomorrow at 11 with Megan, if anybody else ends up being able to go they should
    • Trigger Hand post mortem will happen after the meeting next week
  2. Conor
    • keys?
    • they'll be here by Tuesday
    • no more impotence
  3. Jessie
    • wizards? Megan wants to put together three design workshops
    • could we offer space in March/April
    • yes we are so into that, Jessie and Alex will help coordinate it
    • let's try and make new members more efficient

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, 2/26 at 11 AM

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