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HERE: Patrick, Becca, Abby, Deepali, Justin, Zack, Helen (Guests), Jenny, Abby, Jessie, Leandro, Serge, Ursula, Conor

MISSING: Alex, Jon, Adam, Margaret, Megan

ROSES: Guests, waffle crisp, woke up feeling very overwhelmed by happiness, frikkin four day weekends are awesome, people coming to visit, seeing little brother be the Dentist in Little Shop next Tuesday, kickboxing started this week, Zack and Patrick, long weekend, guy from a blocked number wanting to be on the phone while he jacks off and getting upset about it, grass, long weekend, Guests and TPOC in the Upspace,

THORNS: shoes have holes in them, every day can't be game day, not feeling like a writer, picking color, scary dream last night and becoming someone who wears sweatpants, summer jobs, weirdly sick since Thursday, didn't get a lot of sleep last night, impatience, figured out how emotions work and it's upsetting, Becca not answering calls anymore, Deepali doesn't skateboard, sick,

TREATS: winky face ice cream cake


  1. set is happening
  2. Jon Key has a light plot
    • building/hanging should be done this week
  3. applying to DOC grant, CAC if that doesn't work out
  4. run on Friday was great
  5. we never set a bozo!
    • Leandro and Justin will do it
  6. Becca is painting after the meeting if anybody wants to help


  1. PW presents…Spring Awakening
  2. Deepali and Zack will be the bozos
    • we'll check in about what they need from us
  3. they still need a lighting designer


  1. we have four proposals
  2. we should redouble visiting, Facebook efforts
  3. Becca is buddying Gabe and Marlice (sp?)
    • proposing Proof, looking for staff
  4. Abby is buddying Michelle
    • proposing either Passing Strange or Hedwig
  5. Deepali is buddying Alex Bernson
    • probably proposing The Graduate, meeting next Friday
  6. Justin is buddying Michael Goodman
    • original play
  7. we need to nail down plays asap so Abby can check for rights


  1. submissions will be due next Monday
    • they can ask for money as long as it's in a chill way
    • we should make a larger decision about that kind of thing in general
  3. they need to strike the plats today
    • Jenny will be here all day to let them into the hot room
  4. Leandro, Adam, Taiko, and the SAO met about scheduling
    • they're also meeting on Friday
    • basically, if an upspace show wants them to be quiet, we have to let them know a month in advance
    • this information should go in bold in the application


  1. Improvidence open practice today at 8!
  2. MF is moving their thing earlier in the day
  3. also, Poler Bears!
  4. also, Alex Keegan!
  5. also, possibly Fermata!


  1. corner of the piano is fine
  2. Leandro, put a service request for the shop and the sound pile because the light is flickering


  1. Becca met with Shelley and Joie and put together a spreadsheet of things bought, things needed, and money sources
    • is meeting with all the people sometime this week
    • Shelley thinks we should try and give $2000 (a third of the costs) rather than $1200
    • we can't really do that because when our dimmer rack dies we will need $27,000+ and that's what we've been saving up for
  2. we need to fundraise
    • Abby thinks we should do a postcard this summer just to establish contact and then phone banking in January, Jessie and Zack will jump on that with Abby
  3. when we do our spring budget we should put blades and brakes for the table saw
    • also scaffolding pieces if we don't get the money for them now


  1. we received $1000 in January
    • this is probably New Works money for this semester
    • we will verify that
    • we're also trying to figure out if there's any money left unspent from last semester
  2. there will now be a thing on the reimbursement form asking what show things are from/if it's from a grant
  3. Open Jar
    • Justin will remind people about receipts


  1. Becca
    • card access conversation happened with Joie
    • we'll just leave that the way it is, which is unclear
    • there should be a baked good for hooking up with someone on MF
  2. Conor
    • will be Abby's shadow buddy
    • Ursula will be Justin's shadow buddy
  3. Zack
    • Arik still has 23 and 24 keys
  4. Abby
    • still talking to Fiona gar gar gar
    • we have this new web hosting thing, how should we pay for that?
    • with a P.O., SAO credit card boo yah
  5. Jenny
    • will make a Facebook event for the schmooze/New Mems
  6. Jessie
    • finance people are trying to figure out better ways to do most things
    • wants to settle Theaterbridge—Adam and Jessie will do it
  7. Justin
    • not a lot of bakeoff submissions
    • Deepali will push that in the email
  8. Leandro
    • we should start planning prom
    • how would April 7th be?
    • Leandro and Jenny will plan it

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, 2/26 at 11 AM

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