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HERE: Becco, Alex, Zack, Helen (Guests), Leandro, Jon, Jenny, Abby, Matt (visiting), Drew (visiting), Conor, Ursula, Jessie, Serge

MISSING: Adam, Margaret, Justin, Patrick, Megan

ROSES: standing on two feet, has been sleeping and passing out and losing periods of life and becoming a different person, one week until February vacation, being back at Brown, options, good Improvidence show, unasked for extension, Trigger Hand and party afterwards, default emotion is happy these days, progress, interesting dreams, feeling good, loving everyone a lot and feeling affection for all, cereal and Guests rehearsal, car got found and the perpetrator really likes Justin O'Neill's mix CDs

THORNS: one shoe really broken, plot for WCRH, multitude of work between now and Friday, not ravenously attracted to donuts, choices and rehearsal time today, crackdown on comedy groups, Whitney Houston is dead, catching up on the past two weeks of work, finger still hurts from work day injury, memory loss, right eye irritation, mental calendars not enough, not really doing 'school', trying to be two places at once, wanting a sleep in day soon


  1. yay it's been going wonderfully
  2. strike will be at 10:30
    • people will beā€¦late
  3. photocall happening tomorrow at 5:30
  4. windows fell over and were put back up
  5. strike stuff
    • Adam and Eliza figured out something about painting
    • strike jobs: downspace booth, hot room, sorting cable as it comes in tomorrow


  1. rehearsals have been happening
  2. Ari has some ideas and maybe characters
    • but don't get excited about the characters
  3. they're having a production meeting today
  4. Helen is applying to grants


  1. one proposal so far
    • we should start pumping that up


  1. we should pump up WITS even more
  2. Jessie will take Phoebe Neel
  3. everybody with a buddy should be on the WITS subcommittee


  1. Olivia doesn't have her keys yet
    • the keys are in the safe!
  2. Goblin market, goblin market!
  3. we should figure out what to do with all of the clothing in the Upspace
  4. hey Drew do you see me typing???
  5. Skylar will come in during strike and paint
  6. Serge and Zack will set a date for the next round next week


  1. nicked the left side of the doorframe of the main entrance while moving piano whoops
  2. a light was broken in the shop, don't go barefooted in there if you do?
  3. let's all be careful in general
  4. we should buy another 20 lamps, Serge will send Jenny a new link
  5. we are now out of connectors, and we need source 4 c-clamps
    • also there are some source 4s that are missing caps?


  1. Becco is meeting with Shelley and Joie tomorrow at 11
    • Shelley is confident that we can get more money
    • we have money back for everything we've bought
    • which is the table saw and dust collection system, which was about $2500
    • we still need scaffolding parts and extra saw blades
  2. dust collection system was built!


  1. there's no way to find out whether we have leftover New Works money from the budget
    • because it isn't a separate line item
    • we'll ask people who received money last semester how much they spent? Is there another way to figure this out?


  1. we gave away most of the money
  2. we need to check with the Benefactor if we got the money or not


  1. Drew gave us some money! Thxxxxx
    • he will also take us out to dinner
    • he is the best teacher in the world, also
    • he still loves Paragon but has kind of moved on
  2. Leandro will send Matt bank heist videos
  3. as Open Jar expands, what else could they do
    • they have another $200 grant type thing that we could apply for additional funds from if necessary
    • so we can safely err on the side of giving away more Open Jar funds


  1. Megan
    • Hi!
  2. Becco
    • let's keep things beautiful and clean!
    • how's the lending system going to work?
    • people will email the person whose room it is to set up a time to meet
    • she will make the leg boxes sometime this week
  3. Conor
    • that piano is still in the butt
    • nobody will buy it let's just throw it out
    • Deepali will put the new emails on the listserv before sending the email tonight
    • UCS/UFB thing: Conor and Jessie are going to the meeting, Deepali will put something in the email about it
  4. Abby
    • the website still doesn't exist but Fiona did do some work on it
    • we need to make new door signs, especially since 'things are no longer what they were'
    • there are places that will pick up the clothes, probably not tomorrow
    • we can put the bags in DR2
    • mischief key is back in the safe
    • Zack, Jon, and Alex need to do the PWAQ-do it!
  5. Jenny
    • wants to do prom
    • she and Leandro will talk
  6. Leandro
    • would like to have a post-mortem for Trigger Hand
    • wants it to be the board, him, Megan, any designers who want to come
    • wants to meet for about an hour, a week after the show closes or so
  7. Jessie
    • Theaterbridge stuff?
    • we should discuss this over email

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday 2/19 at 11 AM

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