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HERE: Zack, Patrick, Serge, Jessie, Jenny, Helen (Guests), Abby, Jon, Adam, Becca, Alex, Conor, Deepali, Joey (our new SAO person!)

MISSING: Justin, Margaret, Leandro, Megan, Ursula

ROSES: Perfect Wedding, taking care of myself, Oona Curley and cool to see PW people doing a show in New York, having fun feeling good, getting into a routine, turning twenty tomorrow, great donuts no regrets, after today football will be over, getting started on Guests, snowflake ball last night, money girl time and feelings, awesome cast for Guests, getting started on Guests and loving being here, seeing a sad friend have a really good night last night and feeling productive yesterday,

THORNS: signed up to present in two seminars this week, moodiness, vivid disturbing bus dream, random anxiety at having had fun and felt good, zero-sum games, everything is awful on the second season of Friday Night Lights, being stupid and getting hurt again, went to bed at ten thirty tonight, in the future, upcoming rest of the month, anxiety about all of those things, money, applying to summer things, still feeling behind


  1. started at Brown about ten days ago
    • has a little bit of house managing experience at RIC where she worked at ResLife
  2. SAO restructure so that Joey is advising any student group that may use this space
    • coordination is going to be much easier!
  3. her office is 235 in the Campus Center


  1. wet tech right now, dry tech ended last night around 10
  2. plats tomorrow night at 11
    • Repertory project is striking tonight
    • they'll put the plats either in the space or the lobby
  3. HM
    • F8 Becca, Jessie,
    • S8 Jon, Conor
    • Su2 Jenny, Abby
    • Su8, Serge, Deepali
    • M8 Zack, Alex
  4. give Jessie your reserves today


  1. rehearsal starts today, meeting the cast at noon
  2. Helen will send us information about grants they're applying for soon


  1. yay Repertory Project great job
    • we're going to move some tables in after the meeting
  2. Goblin Market is next week
    • Jon showed Arik the space
  3. Taiko is practicing T/Th 8-10, Su 6-8
    • if an Upspace Show has a schedule that conflicts with this we should confer with them through the SAO, although apparently these scheduling issues shouldn't happen
    • we will schedule a meeting with them and Joey to talk about scheduling!
    • this would all be easier if we actually marked out show times on our gcal
    • we should also email them, but this would be good
  4. Sunday Show
    • Deepali has been talking to Fermata vaguely
    • Ellie may be interested, Deepali will email her
    • Abby talked to MF, they want to do a musical theatre song night on the 26th


  1. we're having a New Works meeting after this meeting
    • Jenny will check tomorrow and see if there's any money left from last semester
  2. we got the Open Jar money


  1. some unofficial contact re: third and Commencement slot
  2. Zack will be the contact person for WITS, will give people buddies
    • he will also put something in Morning Mail
    • applications are due Wednesday the 15th
    • Abby will make a Facebook event
  3. to get people to apply for things, Jenny will make a list of relevant classes
    • we will all sign up
  4. Patrick will also make a Facebook event for proposals


  1. applications will be due for New Mems Wednesday March 7th
    • Jenny, Serge, and Jon are the people, Jon and Jenny will be the email contacts
  2. decision meeting on the 10th
  3. schmooze will be Wednesday the 29th, 11-12


  1. the lights in the elbow are still out
  2. the special curtains seem to work quite well
    • unless it's the placebo effect!


  1. Jenny
    • Jessie, Becca, Megan, and Jenny had a finance meeting, now they know how the money works
    • they mostly realized that it actually won't be that helpful to know the minutiae of how people are spending the money we give them
    • if there are big purchases or weird things they will update us
    • Writing is Live tickets are available, Guests auditions already happened #frontpageupdates
  2. Abby
    • vows to be better about updating the calendar
    • had a meeting with BMC that was fine but now they want to talk more
    • somebody should generally be emailing them about showtimes not Abby
    • emailed Fiona and then ran into her and basically Abby thinks we should host our website on a remote server?
    • the long term thing is that we eventually need to get a new server, but Fiona knows how to transfer things to a remote server, so we should do that for a year, it'll be like $40
  3. Jon
    • Arik asked if the furniture room had a rocking chair/toy chest, it doesn't
    • Olivia's going to talk to Leandro about using the space during the day next weekend
  4. Adam
    • thinks we should set up a timeline with important purchases/new things started
    • it would help us keep track of the dimmers, other long-term things
    • Deepali and Abby will go through old minutes and find stuff, Alex will look into how to make the timeline itself
    • we also need a runoff table, especially for stuff after Guests
  5. Becca
    • let's talk about Theatrebridge job soon
    • Abby and Jessie will tag-team do work day scheduling magic
    • Becca will send out the list, people will look at their rooms and check up on things, think about ways to make them better
    • work day is this Saturday at 10 am
    • we should try and get the dumpster by the work day
    • Justin and Patrick should coordinate with Conor about the furniture room because they won't be there
    • Home Depot should happen today, tomorrow, or Friday
  6. Patrick
    • furniture boys will write up furniture inventory, mark things that should go away

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, 2/12/12 at 11 AM

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