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HERE: Thom, Brette (visiting), Vanessa Gilbert (visiting), Austin, Jessie, Margaret, Alex, Becca, Emma, Jenny, Ursula, Conor, Zack, Skylar, Adam, Ben, Chris

ROSES: Next to normal, passion, captain festen, gorgeous walk and a Japanese maple, beautiful day, listening to voices, slept for nine hours, after final and presentation – Christmas party, I know who owes donuts and it makes me happy, but projects are actually going to be done, this week is over.

THORNS: kind of next to normal, toothpaste on shirt, papers due, twisty feet shoes, next week sucks, more voices, no one brought me donuts and a humorous number of pages to write, my back feels stiff because of stress and projects that are never done.


  1. Everything included, the festival extends from January 31st to March 2nd
  2. Extends across spaces on campus
  3. How do we add people to give them swipe access to TF Green?
  4. #TODO: Adam, look into how to get swipe access
  5. In general, it is more about conceiving of how to use the space than actually designing
  6. we will use the blueroom for ticketing


  1. Strike is at 10.30 pm on monday

-we should bring some chairs to the upspace instead of putting them away

  1. strike jobs
    • zack: chairs and furniture
    • skylar: set/space
    • adam: set
    • ben: electrics
    • chris: misc
    • thom: misc
    • Austin: strike lights
    • Jessie: running strike
    • Margaret: organize lights
    • alex: shop
    • becca: scaffolding
    • emma: costumes and pizza
    • jenny: box office and props
    • Ursula: misc
    • conor: chairs and furniture


  1. read through on the 14th at 7pm at Ben’s house on Friday


  1. first production meeting happened
  2. New weird America, Phaedra, Straight White Men: can’t audition
  3. if you know someone who wants to AD, tell Jenny and she’ll think about it


  1. monitors for Tempest
    • Th8: conor
    • Fr8: Ben
    • Sa2: Margaret
    • Sa8: Becca
  2. Conor will be the Thursday monitor, figuring out with laser tag
  3. can upspace lottery be due after break or during?
    • it will be due at the beginning of next semester
  4. upspace twice in a semester?
    • things will stay like they have been, we should talk about it at visions
  5. We will make the upspace lottery open, making it happen at Sunday meetings


  1. one more Sunday show this semester – for the fanciest person only


  1. margaret still needs photos from Improviclue and FTFPO


  1. UFB, SAO, PW trying to have a meeting next semester


  1. our curtains were destroyed in storm
  2. we now have a lot of duv and also curtains


  1. we’ll leave from pw at 8.30pm
  2. #TODO: Alex, inform MF about this fact. And tell them they need a car.
  3. #TODO: Jessie, get an enormous zip car.
  4. #TODO: Margaret, get in touch with DLD about car and game


  1. Tuesday the 11th at 9pm in the downspace
  2. #TODO: make/find/get a present for your secret santa

INTERJECTION “Perfect For You” was performed perfectly during this meeting.


  1. mini bozo for TWITS: conor and emma
  2. BOPS want to rent seating platforms and would pay to do so
    • lending or renting?
  3. Jessie will give WIL keys
  4. taking minutes next week: adam
  5. writing week: thom, emma, skylar, Ursula, conor, Margaret – get in touch via email


  1. #TODO: Adam, look into how to get swipe access
  2. #TODO: 2nd EP for Goose and Tomtom: everybody think about it
  3. #TODO: Conor, update facebook event for upspace lottery with due date after break
  4. #TODO: Jenny, send pictures of Improviclue to Margaret
  5. #TODO: Alex, inform MF that we are leaving from pw at 8.30pm and that they have to figure out transportation
  6. #TODO: Jessie, get an enormous zip car.
  7. #TODO: Margaret, get in touch with DLD about car and game
  8. #TODO: make/find/get a present for your secret santa
  9. #TODO: emma and conor: ‘mini EP’ twits
  10. #TODO: Conor, give upspace keys that Rebecca has to Jessie (for WIL)
  11. #TODO: Becca, bcc alumni when sending out pwaq


NEXT MEETING: Sunday December 16th at 11am

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