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HERE: Alex, Becca, Zack, Ursula, Jenny, Serge, Patrick, Marisa (Sunday), Adam, Deepali, Conor, Chris, Emma, Abby, Justin, Skylar, Jon

MISSING: Leandro, Megan, Margaret, Ben

ROSES: developed early sleep schedule, very fun weekend and drier was fixed, had a CD release concert with a cappella group last night that went very well, all sorts of great things have been happening, Improvidence, did a lot of work on the runoff table yesterday, NBA playoffs have started, two great performances, feeling fine about being busy, SENIOOOOOOORS, SEEENIOOOOORS, did a fun group staffing at the Gate last night, runoff table and this week for the first time of life entertained thought of doing theatre as life, father in town, the season 4 finale of Breaking Bad, watched Spirited Away last night, #quotesfromjonkey, Sunday

THORNS: developed early sleep schedule, not wearing underwear right now, haven't done the things, really need to figure out how to very kindly juggle fewer things, have to finish playwriting play and don't even know where it's going, hate getting hopes up while anticipating them being crushed, two great players tore their ACLs yesterday and are out for the season and been moody the past few days, only three more, woke up feeling sick and not having time to be sick, don't know how to make money and live next year, a very very very sad housemate and all that comes with that, feeling sad feeling sad all semester, can't figure out what size school Brown is, the unknown, feeling not on top of shit and not doing anything to stop it, have to write Portuguese paper that was due last week plus two more due this week, life is hard, the park with George


  1. strike will be at 10:45
  2. they will send out an email to Sunday cast and crew about proper footwear
  3. if painting the floor black doesn't happen tomorrow at strike MF will take care of it
    • it's in their contract!


  1. rehearsals have been happening
  2. no money has really been spent
  3. they are still trying to get that Open Jar thing together
  4. extended housing from the board: due this Saturday
    • right now it's Chris, Skylar, and Emma
    • send it to Becca!


  1. Justin has Gabe and Marlees
    • they are meeting tomorrow
  2. Jenny has Chris
    • they met, Skylar watched, Chris is on the right track
  3. Deepali has Lee
    • things are going well, he'll get in a draft by tonight
  4. Zack has Emma
    • slight problem because SOTG is most likely planning on doing Richard III
  5. Becca has Arianna
    • they met the other day, it's a devised piece based on some Holocaust poetry and other text
    • she can't send us a script but will send other materials
    • although she hasn't responded since they met on Tuesday
  6. Jessie has Rachel
    • they haven't met yet, she is also proposing to MF
  7. Adam has Margaret
    • Margaret has been on the beaches of Spain, we do not know what is up with her


  1. Conor made the Facebook event
    • one submission so far
  2. Ned's week starts tomorrow
    • we need dates/times for the email
    • #TODO: Zack, make him decide and tell Deepali


  1. Keegan is the Sunday Show a week from today
    • they want to borrow 7 black chairs which is fine
    • she will send a blurb for the email
    • she wants to keep Ned's lights up and she'll strike them
  2. when are we implementing the rep plot in the upspace
    • #TODO: fix the frenells during work day and put them up here
    • the ones that are working, #TODO: Put up during strike


  1. Megan was hoping to do May 10
    • that date works
    • #TODO: Megan, send Deepali a blurb. Jessie, ask Megan to send Deepali a blurb


  1. Jessie finally made the New Works grant sheet yayyyy!!!
    • we still have $70
    • Jessie will eventually contact the Benefactor
  2. Justin will send an Open Jar end of the year report
    • all end of year reports due by jobs barbecue!


  1. we are being safe
  2. runoff table will make things a lot safer


  1. Jenny sorted out the Barbizon thing
  2. some things being bought for the runoff table on Tuesday
  3. we spent all the budget money
    • although we might have $100 that we should spend on stuff for work day
    • we still obviously have reserved funds


  1. sink in the downstairs men's room is stopped up
  2. #TODO: Deepali, forge fire safety worksheets during strike


  1. Serge
    • has Andrew Evans on skype!
    • he can't see any of us but it's okay
    • will be in Providence on May 20
    • in this program that teaches design thinking
    • is going to reinvigorate theatre and young people seeing theatre in San Francisco
    • a ton of money is being thrown at this thing and the donor wants summer interns
    • interns would get paid to come to San Francisco and do wacky shit no safe shit allowed
    • application will go live tomorrow, Andrew will send it to us tomorrow
    • also, runoff table is going well
    • they will need about 6 people to help get it in the shop
    • #TODO: cut apart old table and trash it right before getting the new table in
  2. Conor
    • Young O 440 has two white tables and a black one (from Rep Project)
    • Becca has a white one and a black one
  3. Jessie
    • renish people met
    • Abby will do a little state of PW
    • #TODO: Deepali, make an online invitation
    • something that you don't sign up for and that you can see who else is going
    • Becca is gathering photos, as high resolution as possible works, she can send them over Sendspace
  4. Ursula
    • access has been granted to the mammoth account
    • we need to give the other groups two dates to look at
    • they were thinking May 20 or 21
    • #TODO: Ursula, look at the Senior Week schedule
  5. Zack
    • retroactive business: doesn't feel comfortable with board members borrowing money from the safe for personal expenses
    • let's not do that, and if it comes up we 'll address it
  6. Abby
    • the files for the website are on the server somewhere
    • we should send out an email to alumni with possible expertise
    • if not, we could also have it built professionally through a company
    • which might be worth it as a resource for maintenance, etc
    • it would be around $1000 maybe, according to Serge
    • Adam will check in with the people he knows in CS
    • Alex will do the same, anybody talk to anybody
  7. Chris
    • wishes he had business
  8. Becca
    • work day!
    • last time, Adam and Becca did a walk through, whoever wants to can do it this week
    • #TODO: Go to your room, open the door, think about it this week
    • Abby and Jessie will organize it again
    • #TODO: Adam, share the excel sheet again
  9. Jenny
    • when can we get UFB the dimmers quote
    • Austin is working on it
    • history: it has been 10 years since they were replaced, it got paid for by the University
    • we need proof of them having paid for it
    • we need a quote
    • #TODO: Serge will call Barbizon, other people, and ask them to email a quote
    • #TODO: Adam, send out the history
    • Jenny, Jessie, Adam, Serge, Becca, Ben (and Austin) will meet on Thursday. #TODO: Jessie, send out an email to get that started
  10. Justin
    • first PW Writer's Group Tuesday at 10 pm in the box office
    • #TODO: Deepali, put it in the email
  11. Adam
    • people moving their stuff into PW—move it to DR2
  12. Deepali
    • BMC can be in the space on the 12th

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, May 6 at 11 AM

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