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HERE: Ursula, Emma, Justin, Adam, Becca, Deepali, Patrick, Ben, Conor, Blake (Sunday), Jenny, Abby, Alex, Leandro, Chris, Skylar, Serge, Jessie, Jon

MISSING: Megan, Margaret

ROSES: sex drugs and rock and roll, unexpectedly restorative weekend, Perfect Wedding is ending, had fun with genuine leather props this weekend, not going to stop putting money in the karma box!, Perfect Wedding will be over so free time, this donut plus Perfect Wedding being over, got some friends in the space and had a little fun, a nice weekend, good fun casual donuts, high for 12 hours yesterday, sometimes people are really cute, Perfect Wedding and talented friends, appreciating health so much right now while being sick, you know what she's boring, 3 day 4/20, ?, Perfect Wedding, expectations balanced out, being relaxed the entire weekend

THORNS: vomiting people all over, that guy who djed on Friday night did a really bad job, Perfect Wedding is ending, been in the Strasberg at 7 am for the past couple days for a horrible scene, this past week and this weekend and that life is not a karma box, Perfect Wedding will be over, kind of rainy this morning, where did this year go, feeling randomly sad this morning, that Deepali is sad, 2 hours of that consisted of lying on floor in fetal position twitching, screwed for school because too much fun, Sunday, still need someone to make me do the things I want to do, things have ended, feeling unsafe, ?, missing being in love or being in a show, 8 am wakeup today for filming, liver hurts,


  1. there definitely is a Monday show
  2. #TODO: Adam, email Blake tonight with the reserves
  3. two projectors rented from Media Services are in the box office
    • be careful of them, don't fuck around with them
  4. plats on Monday at 11
    • Adam will be there
  5. hm monitoring
    • F8 Serge
    • S8 Emma
    • Su3 Leandro
    • Su8 Skylar
    • M8 Justin, Deepali
    • #TODO: Leandro, put this in the Wednesday agenda


  1. nothing new has happened, really
  2. Ava Langford is assistant PM
    • maybe she will come to meetings!
  3. Jessie is going to put it on the events calendar and then email the guy Adam told her about
  4. money wise, they haven't done anything
  5. first readthrough on Wednesday
    • Skylar will give us exact deets later
  6. still working out housing
    • they will talk about it during the read through when everyone's there


  1. they are due next Wednesday
  2. push push push
    • #TODO: make it your facebook status!
  3. buddy check in
    • Jessie emailed Chris, they will meet this week
    • Zack emailed Emma, same story
    • Adam emailed Margaret, she is currently directing a show
    • Becca is meeting with Arianna on Tuesday, she's doing a devised piece
    • Deepali emailed Lee Dallas, they will hopefully meet face to face


  1. nothing in here this week
  2. Ned in here the following week
  3. Remy's show was great
  4. we clarified the exclusion policy
  5. Deepali will offer BMC May 7-12


  1. New Works still has 70 dollars
  2. #TODO: Jessie, do the grants sheet
  3. Skylar will figure out his thing for Open Jar
  4. people who see Ned will let him know that there is money available


  1. what's the deal with the Provost
    • we did budget appeals, technically got the same amount of money as last year but allotted differently
    • more money towards show budget/rights, but none towards capital improvement
    • we did get money towards operating costs, tape!
  2. the Provost is concerned about our dimmer rack, and it seems like he would be into getting the University involved
    • UFB said that if we can get more concrete information to them, they can take it to the Provost and get the ball rolling
  3. we should email sam kuznetz and ask about the dimmers and their history
    • #TODO: Adam, email sam and collect information and estimate whenabouts we're going to need to replace
  4. we need to know more about how much it would cost
    • unfortunately it costs $1000 to get an estimate at all
    • 35,000/40,000 was a hypothetical estimate Becca asked for, not an actual quote
    • we need to get a quote for equipment online, then we can estimate labor
    • #TODO: Ben, get a new quote
  5. we should actually increase the show budgets
    • we will bump it to $750 as was discussed at previous visions
    • #TODO: Patrick, put that on facebook. Jenny, put it in the show packet. Deepali, put it in the email this week.
  6. Jenny filled out the UFB survey and gave scathing reviews
  7. #TODO: Jenny, figure out the Barbizon thing and call them?


  1. the building still exists
  2. the hole by the door still exists too


  1. Emma
    • workshop with Fiasco theatre?
  2. Ursula
    • talked about Monday the 21st, will check with MF
    • #TODO: Adam, reopen access to the twitter account
  3. Becca
    • blasted reimbursements? Still happening
    • had unsuccessful call with steel place
    • renish should meet, #TODO: meet!
  4. Serge
  5. Jessie
    • got wizards email from Megan that had date possibilities
    • #TODO: Alex, call Megan about dates and tell Jessie/Deepali what they are
    • #TODO: Abby and Skylar, meet about alumni list stuff
  6. Conor
    • knows how to log in to pwacebook now
    • hey guys, don't like a pw post AS pw
    • #TODO: Abby and Conor, do rights together when rights become a thing
  7. Justin
    • we reeled in some fishies for the pw writer's group

MINUTES: Deepali

**NEXT MEETING: Sunday 4/29/12 at 11 AM

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