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HERE: Jenny, Jon, Ursula, Skylar, Leandro, Jessie, Serge, Abby, Adam, Justin, Emma, Alex, Becca, Ben, Deepali, Chris, Patrick, Marissa (MF)


ROSES: have computer and it wasn't stolen, roommate got laid last night, breakfast this morning with parents and Jessie, design run Friday night, sunshine, great egg sandwich and yesterday, Rufus Gupta, sunday morning sex, beautiful weather, playing basketball today at the Gano street courts, talking to a nihilist who said she was too lazy to kill herself, PW, preposterously lucky when it comes to injuries, prose, feeling good gross, family is at Brown (that means us too awwwww), have had a great weekend after a shitty week, parents were here this week, last bathroom shift was really fun

THORNS: Drunkenly stumbling around campus looking for computer that ended up in Serge's bag, it's going to be really beautiful today but won't be outside, having to wake up for breakfast this morning, getting very sick last night, sunburns, Zack, Poopus Gupta, prefer sleeping, not knowing how to help a friend, still haven't figured out substances, guilt and shame are similar but different and hard to differentiate sometimes, feeling incapable of change, Alex and Chris did not do the house manager speech with helium voices and being sad, can't think of a word that isn't porn, feeling unaware of what I have to do in the coming days and Zack, shit, not doing any homework, have been prone to tears lately but the good kind, have 2 and a half hours to write an essay today


  1. everything's going just fine with them
  2. Leandro explained strike to Marissa
  3. Adam emailed Blake about the hot room


  1. we have a show!
    • keep pushing for it on Facebook, audiences have not been full
  2. the show is over budget
    • this means Sam won't be reimbursed for some extra purchases he made
    • unless they get the Dean's grant
  3. strike is at 9:30 on Monday
    • Deepali will teach Chris the ways of the paint room
    • Emma will be Abby's costuming apprentice
    • Jon will help Skylar go electrics
  4. sotg wants to borrow a mattress, we'll tell them to come by at strike


  1. they pushed the readthrough back
    • it'll be next (not upcoming) Wednesday from probably 7-9
  2. still looking for ASMs
  3. Skylar and Jessie are figuring out money stuff
  4. Becca emailed Marianne about housing stuff


  1. Chris needs a buddy, no one else has emailed
    • Jenny will buddy him, Skylar will shadow
    • also Emma, Zack and Ben will buddy her
  2. apps are due May 2
  3. we should say it in the house manager speech


  1. we had $1263 in the box, we're working on figuring out how much we made
    • there's some leftover liquor and stuff
  2. nobody got hurt but there is a loose step outside the butt, the GHM guy is doing a maintenance report so it'll have to get fixed


  1. Ned signed his contract
  2. Remy is in here this week, his showtimes are
    • W8-Jon, Zack
    • W10-Abby
    • Th8-Leandro
    • Th10-Ursula
    • the show is about half an hour long, there is a robot!
  3. upspace lottery will be May 9
    • #TODO: Conor, update the wiki page and make a facebook event


  1. Brownbrokers isn't doing the same event because the University is being a bitch
    • the festival is either not happening or postponed
    • Jessie thinks they're going to return it, so New Works has $70 left


  1. Becca has scaffolding training on Wednesday
    • Diane and Stephanie are figuring out payment stuff
    • anyone can put together or take apart the scaffolding as long as Becca says they can
  2. we got a new hose and Bessie didn't steal it!


  1. budget appeal meeting Tuesday night at 8
    • Jessie, Jenny, and Becca are going
  2. Spencer, our UFB representative, told the Provost we need help with our safety spending
    • any support we can get on paper is great
    • #TODO: Leandro, email Joie today about that


  1. those steps
  2. there's a new maintenance guy named Jeff
    • he's fussing with electrical stuff
  3. Austin looked at our dimmers, he can fix most the stuff
    • there's some stuff we will need to purchase
    • we could pay him from the safe
    • Ben will watch and learn, Austin will only fix the things he can


  1. Serge
    • sent Adam and Becca steel requirement
    • we need to figure out how we're going to build and move it
  2. Jessie
    • can renish subcommittee sit down and talk soon?
    • Deepali emailed the alumni events lady about getting onto the Reunion schedule, is not sure what will come of that
  3. Leandro
    • talked to SAO with Adam about BMC
    • we're allowed to have a show during reading period
    • so now we don't have a Sunday show next week
    • Alex will ask Miles if he wants to do something random
    • #TODO: Deepali, email BMC and offer them whatever day in reading period
    • #TODO: Jessie, if you want, you should try and get Nepenthe on the Commencement calendar
    • we should start planning capture the mammoth, Emma and Ursula will be the point people
  4. Becca
    • there are ants in the box office again
    • let's kill them
    • there are somehow only two rolls of gaff tape
    • #TODO: Jenny, use the SAO card to order gaff tape from the online ATR store
    • #TODO: Adam, email her the link and let her know how much stuff
  5. Alex
    • workday will be Sunday, May 13 10-whenever
    • that's mother's day, everybody
    • #TODO: Abby, find a good way to reschedule the meeting that morning
    • Adam will plan work day
  6. Abby
    • will talk to Todd about the website stuff
    • PWAQ needs to be sent out, we have a list that we have and will continue to maintain our own alumni list separate from the Alumni Office's, Skylar is in charge of that list now
    • #TODO: Abby, send out the PWAQ!
  7. Zack
    • we should still do the open meeting reminder in HM speech
    • ADOCH activities fair is on Tuesday afternoon from 12-1:30
    • Jenny will help out Zack and Justin
    • there are promotional materials in the box office
    • we can change the flyers from the regular activites fair to apply to the barbecue
    • #TODO: Liaisons, EMAIL your groups about this barbecue and INVITE them

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, April 22 at 11 AM

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