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HERE: Deepali, Alex, Becca, Abby, Sam (visiting), Jenny, Zack, Adam, Leandro, Emma, Justin, Jon, Patrick, Ben, Megan

MISSING: Conor, Skylar, Jessie, Serge, Margaret, Chris (where are you Chris?)

ROSES: exciting summer planning and chocolate covered graham crackers, Sensuality Party, Solo, had an ideal night last night and Adam's sideburns, Sensuality Party, also Sensuality Party, Improvidence shows were great this weekend, communication, outside and white trees, X-files is fun, theatre is often thankless but feeling appreciated right now, feeling independent, past four days have been really great celebrating friend's birthday, impending arrival of Rufus Gupta, anonymous suitemate has been taking care of friend's tiny pig,

THORNS: being subsumed by work and theatre and therefore being a bad friend, being a dumbass, broken glasses and bad dreams, nowhere to get coffee yesterday, screaming loudly at a party led to a swollen throat, love life, being sexiled and therefore smelly, surveillance, really sick and the trees smell like jizz, X-files is scary, totally the problem child of the suite, feeling alone, woke up this morning extremely homesick, feeling passive aggressive about cleaning, anonymous suitemate has been taking care of friend's tiny pig

TREATS: Espresso chip ice cream


  1. Ian's lines need to be cut up, choosing takes needs to happen
    • hoping to be able to use those cues tonight
  2. they're not going to use the puppet
  3. dry tech is tomorrow during the day
    • starting at 10 am and lasting probably all day
  4. Alex looked at qlab, Leandro/Zack will send him some old cues to look at
  5. in terms of run crew, the show will figure out whether they're needed by the end of tonight
    • if they do, the board will distribute the different shows and people will learn how to do the lung-dissembling thing before they do it in the show
    • Sam and others will test it out at 5:45 tonight
  6. wet tech will be monday night
    • with a production meeting at midnight-ish
  7. 10 pm dress rehearsals all week
  8. seating plats will be wednesday
    • house count is 78
  9. HM times (also Jenny needs reserves by Monday)
    • F8 Becca, Alex
    • S8 Leandro, Emma
    • Su2 Adam Ben
    • Su8 Deepali, Jenny
    • M8 Zack, Abby
  10. Leandro will order fitted sheets on Amazon for cheaps
  11. Jared is feeling a little unsure of what to write down and what not to
    • Jenny will call him and see how he's doing
  12. strike will be Monday at 10


  1. it has a cast!
  2. pushed back first reading until after Perfect Wedding
  3. everything is chill and going just fine
  4. commencement housing is the same as past years
    • Becca will set it up through PW for the cast
  5. they need assistant designers for everything
    • Deepali will put it in the email


  1. we should ask them to start coming to the meetings next week
  2. we should have a quasi-bozo
    • Adam will do that
    • he will email Blake to establish their future relationship


  1. facebook event will be created today
  2. put it in the email, Deepali
  3. we should go to classes this week
    • someone excavate the former email Jenny sent


  1. nothing here this week
  2. contracts for stuff after Remy need to happen
  3. Serge and Zack will set dates for the fall
  4. in general, upspace monitors should be at the door 20-30 minutes before to monitor people bringing in alcohol


  1. Justin and Patrick will hang a few more lights if they exist
    • they will use safety cables
  2. Jenny will monitor
  3. BMC is doing April 22
    • Leandro will send Deepali their email address


  1. we should check the budget spreadsheet
    • Jenny will update it today
  2. the committee will meet about the Brownbrokers proposal, we will email


  1. technically Chris can't be on the staff list
    • he will make an effort to be useful
  2. Jenny is using our memories to advertise
  3. Justin and Zack will buy alcohol
  4. Deepali and Jenny will get decorations


  1. also Visions is this Saturday at 208 Power
    • Leandro will start a Google Doc with stuff to talk about


  1. closing ceremonies are from 4:15-5:15
    • we will tell people to meet us after closing ceremonies to be walked over to PW
  2. it won't/doesn't have to be big
  3. we should split cost/tasks three ways maybe?

INTERJECTION: “What is MF responsible for?” -Alex “Sausages” -Emma


  1. we'll figure out mammoth next week
  2. renish committee should get on it


  1. some of the dimmers are broken in a way that needs to be seen by someone
    • dimmer rack is digital control, even when the light/pack is off the plug is still hot
    • Austin told Megan a lot about the dimmers, we should get him to help us fix them
  2. breaker panel in the downspace booth, one of the boxes with switches you can just pull out
    • which is a very big fire hazard
    • Leandro will talk to Joie about it and try to get it fixed for free
    • he will do this after Blasted
  3. Ben will spearhead talking to Austin
  4. trash cans in the bathrooms would be great
  5. Leandro, email McGarty about borrowing his trash cans! (!!)


  1. Justin
    • bakeoff theme: rebirth
    • ingredients: 'do it or Grandma's gone forever', Chinese finger cuffs, the 19th century, a satanic ritual, bubbles, a character that speaks only in limericks, 'can I hold the baby', a swordfight, hands covered in laundry detergent, big padded shipping envelope, padded walls, formally the play must represent a piece of furniture, a character named Wittgenstein who only speaks in 'v' sounds, a page-long description of a dance
  2. Jenny
    • it's all been show spending lately
    • we bought gel with PW money the other day
    • receipts for things like tie line and black paint don't matter if there was a PO
  3. Abby
    • PWAQ will be sent out today in batches of 25-30 from the pw email address
    • someone will put it on the website
    • Fiona won't give us the files, they might be on the server already?
  4. Becca
    • we got our new scaffolding on Monday, it's really yellow
    • it takes three people to put it up, or two people and a wall, very slowly
  5. Alex
    • we are still waiting to hear back from MF about workday stuff
    • they're going to send many of their non-seniors to our training thing as possible
  6. Adam
    • waivers?
    • it's happening
    • we have a liquor license it went very smoothly
  7. Leandro
    • email dates and times for Blasted to BMC

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, 4/15 at 11 AM

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