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HERE: Jenny, Emma, Patrick, Chris, Zack, Conor, Alex, Deepali, Abby, Justin, Leandro, Megan, Becca, Jon, Adam, Skylar, Serge, Jessie

MISSING: Ben, Ursula

ROSES: The Hunger Games and shamelessness, saw Sleep No More, sensuality party, surprise visit from Russia friend, the coming weeks, just came from only/very productive rehearsal, back on the market so ladies that's what's up, collaboration, visited Uchicago and loved it in a big way and got dean of admissions to agree to going to law school in one year and being PAID and Deepali and Serge for looking at Faustus spaces and finding a potentially perfect one, went to New Orleans and saw my play and bought PW many new masks and fellowship with Albee foundation, had a great time in Kansas, done May 8th and cool new haircut (the coolest!), the lung in the Downspace isn't broken and lists, was really secretly drunk, really excited that Faustus is happening again this summer, yesterday ate mac and cheese twice and tomorrow = Nepenthe auditions, Jessie is back, spent spring break doing arts and crafts,

THORNS: hating people, accidental major haircut and ponytail, being a scheduler who doesn't keep a schedule, news feature due that was forgotten about, the coming months, missed the joke, broke up with girlfriend, isolation, big decisions bigger decisions, love life is barf, Solo5Solo, don't really know what I'm doing with Blasted, dad played mean April Fools joke which led to crying, took a bite of 7-11 pizza and got sick, been wanting to drink beer at 2 pm and that is unsustainable, thought I would go home and do work but really just watched How I Met Your Mother and starring doppelganger, lethargic lately, didn't get nearly enough done,


  1. design run on Thursday except not anymore
    • Sam thinks it's more useful to use rehearsal time to stage the rest of the play
    • because run wouldn't even be half the play
    • but he should check in with the other designers and make sure that they're all okay with it
    • production meeting will happen regardless
  2. Alex sent in a check-in email about various issues like the following:
    • are there portions of the play that are not going to be happening?
    • we don't need to be worried about rights technically
    • Abby and Alex are going to meet with Sam and talk specifics on this stuff
    • speakers have to be moved tomorrow
  3. rights stuff continued
    • we may have to call it 'Scenes from Blasted' 'inspired by Blasted' etc
    • that will be okay, maybe take the pressure off
  4. what can board besides bozos do to help the production?
    • speakers stuff: happening at 9 o clock
    • props: Jared sent out a list and we as a board will make sure we find everything on it
  5. showtimes will be set before next Sunday
  6. Jon will design the poster if Sean doesn't get on it
  7. looking for 3 run crew people
    • put that in the email


  1. still looking for ASMs but otherwise staff is filled
  2. commencement housing seems weird now
    • Jessie will email and clarify about that
  3. schedule has been roughly worked out
  4. they are going to apply for money from places
    • they might go some weaselly route in which case they will inform us of their intentions
    • ninja assassin in a hotel


  1. proposals are due in about 4 weeks
    • do the going around to classes thing that we did last time
    • anybody who was a buddy last time should remind their buddies about the next round or proposals
  2. Patrick has got it under controllll


  1. Remy and Sensuality Party will be in here this week because the Viewpoints thing dropped out
    • Sensuality Party happening Saturday at 8, everybody will monitor
  2. Zack and Serge and Conor will meet and have a talk about future procedure soon
  3. Nepenthe callbacks happening Friday 3-6:30


  1. April 8 equals Starla
  2. 22 equals BMC


  1. race for grants between Jessie and Leandro
    • someone will make this into a movie


  1. there is a jobs list that will be emailed out
    • there is some fiddling so working has to happen less
    • prom on April 14
  2. hearing for liquor license this Wednesday at 1
    • Chris will help with it
  3. party training
    • Emma will email the trainees from PW and SAO to figure out special time stuff


  1. pwaq is done, needs to be sent out
  2. updated contact list is circulating


  1. Megan
    • first wizards during MF second during May
  2. Becca
    • how do we pay for something like scaffolding training?
    • there is a specific rule re: services rendered, Jessie will figure it out and relay that info to Becca
    • that doesn't apply to literal payment though
    • Becca will look into contacting the scaffolding training service directly and seeing how they like to be paid
    • our brand new scaffolding will be arriving sometime tomorrow probably
    • Bessie and Becca talked, nothing was resolved, we ordered a new hose
    • brand new outlet in the shop was not working, Becca called facilities
  3. Jon
    • pwaq is done, he will email it to people tonight
    • also put pictures on pw website
  4. Adam
    • we should finish waivers
    • can we do learning basic things day on Tuesday April 17?
    • adoch barbecue is then, but barbecue is at 5 and learning will be at 4
    • we should invite MF to the learning
    • Adam will email Sam Kusnetz and cc the wizards people
    • Adam. Serge. Runoff table.
  5. Jessie
    • sent out the calendar
    • we need to all look at it and make some decisions
    • we should set the fall because there are no problems there, and then we can talk about other stuff at visions
  6. Jenny
    • the cover photo on PW's Facebook is of Jenny
    • Spencer Jaffee is on our side regarding funding safety things
  7. Patrick
    • Kryger might attack the furniture room everybody watch out
  8. Zack
    • board liaisons should email their boards about the barbecue and invite them to participate in the bbq/plug the bbq at their activities fair tables if they have them
    • website, guys
  9. Alex
    • workday stuff
  10. Deepali
    • read the minutes
    • if you are reading the minutes right now you have already succeeded

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, 4/8/12 at 11 AM

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