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HERE: Patrick, Justin, Megan, Leandro, Zack, Adam, Becca, Serge, Margaret, Abby, David (The Visit), Simon (visiting), Deepali, Jon, Jenny

MISSING: Jessie (drinking margaritas)

ROSES: blankets, serendipitous night, went to GCB for the first time, delicious potato salad, beautiful concert, awesome weekend, improv as therapy, improv, knowing classes, Becca Balton who is the most fabulous nicest person ever, new beginnings and a cappella, Emma Rodbro and complimentary skateboard kid, laundry and drunk arch sings, off meal plan eating life, PW (esp. Megan)

THORNS: loneliness, 9/11, shopping, 7 page paper already, going to be overwhelmed in a week, already feeling crazy stressed, time difference, not sitting next to Deepali, loneliness, feeling sad or something, goodbyes, the events of last night, arch sings, dishes, saying goodbye to an awesome dog

INTERJECTION: “Jon Key as a therapist: Oh SHIT. YOUR PARENTS.”


  1. just had first design run last week
    • another one today at 4:30
  2. rights stuff
    • Diane didn't send the form for some reason, but then she did
    • we should be okay, but we will check and make sure Richard got it
    • Megan will call Diane and see when it comes out of our account
    • For the future: Megan does purchase rights, but you have to tell her what needs to be purchased
  3. light hang is supposed to be tonight but has been pushed back to tomorrow
  4. they are doing a teaser campaign
    • will distribute those on Friday
    • full color posters Tuesday night/Wednesday morning
  5. David has not collected cast/crew reserves yet but will
    • Abby will show him how to use the blueroom
  6. let's set HM times next week


  1. staff totally fleshed out
    • four new assistants, zowie
    • the lovely Jenny Gorelick is slated to manage the stage
    • Patrick will bozo with Jon
  2. first production meeting tonight at 11
  3. auditions are next week
    • we want monitors for at least the first day
    • T 7-8:30 Justin 8:30-10 Becca
    • W 5:30-7 Megan, Th we'll be fine
  4. callbacks will be hard to schedule around people from The Visit
    • we can potentially set aside an hour on Friday
    • let's work out the schedule Thursday night
  5. Abby tried to print teaser posters and was not sly enough
    • she will be sneakier next time


  1. awarded a total of $180 to the current shows, which is half of what we have
    • $100 to Leber, $40 to Ben Freeman, $40 to Leandro and Margaret
    • Justin has informed them it's a receipt system


  1. the $1000 deposited was from The Benefactor
    • Deepali will put the grant in the email
    • we're going to need more people on the committee soon


  1. someone needs to produce it
    • Megan will partially take it on
    • Leandro will take it on based on other potential commitments
  2. we need to get people to work on it
    • Leandro will go to the SM class and find a sound designer
    • Jon and Megan will find someone to do lights
  3. goes up 28th of October
    • submissions will be due the 27th
    • subcommittee: Jon, Jenny, Becca, Deepali, Megan and whoever else is around
    • director apps will be due the 1st
    • auditions will be the 5th and 6th


  1. Zack needs to meet with Ben
    • there is a spare key in the drawer
  2. the floor looks shitty
    • Ben doesn't mind
    • MF hasn't emailed Abby back about painting, she will mention it again


  1. closed minutes


  1. Leandro and Zack will clean out the fridge


  1. Megan
    • what is our stance on Actors Equity, specifically re: rehearsal hours/breaks?
    • we will talk about this at Visions, and put our decision in the show packet
    • also, we have a lot of money and should buy things we need like a projector and another speaker or two, everybody make a wishlist!
    • our UFB rep doesn't exist anymore
  2. Abby
    • she is meeting with Fiona at 2 (note: by this time she has presumably already met with Fiona, how was that?)
    • also going to next meeting of BLUG (something about Linux) to find somebody to help us with server updates
    • we should wait until after The Visit, and pay them like, 60 bucks
    • the front page should be updated
  3. Becca
    • there are ants in the box office
    • we will poison them
  4. Adam
    • goal for the year is to fix the TD system
    • right now it's too hard to set design, you have to know too much
    • wants to change it so that there is a set designer and master carpenter for every show, then Adam/somebody else from PW will be the TD, who knows what we have at PW, how to best approach things, generally making it easier to work here if you haven't before
  5. Patrick
    • wants to know what Simon's ideal breakfast is
  6. Simon
    • a muffin and some yogurt with fruit (Continental)
  7. Jon
    • is going to reach out to tech listserv with Megan and figure out the best way to use all the new people
    • we should think of a way to give people the lowdown on design at Brown
    • the wizards team will meet!
  8. Zack
    • we should start getting on our shit with fundraising
    • Abby has been talking to the office of Alumni Affairs about how to better tag our alumni as ours
    • immediate future: let's get the ol' subcommittee back together
    • will email James
  9. Justin
    • needs a blurb for Open Jar, will get recipients to give him blurbs
    • will talk to James about the email he sent last time

MINUTES: Deepali

NEXT MEETING: Sunday 9/18 at 11 AM

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